The Almighty Martial Arts System 137

By | January 13, 2020


When the sun is in the sky, noon is the hottest time of the day.

Inamura is beautiful. If it is exposed to the direct sunlight, it can’t bear it. But under the shade of the tree, it will not feel hot at all.

The sound of frogs in the rice fields, the sound of birds in the woods, and the quiet and peaceful rice village at noon showed the most beautiful nature. At this time, most of the villagers began to take a nap, which is the tradition of rice village in summer. No matter adults or children, they would choose a nap at noon.

At this time, in addition to occasionally seeing a half-year-old child in his teens, he sneaked out of his home while his parents were asleep, summoned several little friends in the village to take a bath in the stream, and basically no one could be seen in the field.

Jiang Fei and Lin Moli are carrying baskets. and the grape racks they picked were from the village head Aunt Liu. Aunt Liu’s family grows many grapes, almost a acre of land! And the variety is excellent, each one is big, full and juicy, very sweet.

Aunt Liu’s family will pick grapes and sell them in the market every year, which can make a lot of money. Jiang Fei and Lin Moli have discussed with Aunt Liu. They go to pick grapes in the field. They will pay Aunt Liu as much as they pick them at the market price of one jin.

Jiang Fei took a picture for Qiao Yiyi. Qiao Yiyi took a mobile phone to look through the album for a while, and deleted some unsatisfied photos. She couldn’t help complaining: “you say that you are powerful, just like omnipotent. But why is it that the photography technology is so bad? “

Jiang Fei, who is busy picking grapes, is too lazy to take care of the woman.

He found that it seems that every woman, no matter the goddess or anything, is almost a selfie mad! Lin Moli is a little better. At least when she eats, she won’t let the camera eat first and then others eat. Only when she meets the beautiful scenery can she have the impulse to take photos.

And now some women take pictures in a car. If you want to take a picture for a meal, even if you eat a spicy hot pot on the street, you can’t help taking a picture. Jiang Fei can’t help it!

You * this is afraid that other people don’t know that you have been invited to eat a six yuan Malatang, right?!

“I’m not a professional in photography. Not even a great photography artist, Mr. Chen. Of course, the photography technology is not good! ” Jiang fei did not reply.

In fact, the scenery here is picturesque. People are more charming than flowers. Even if his photography level is a little poor, there is nothing bad. It’s just that the woman is demanding too much of herself.

“Hooligan!” Lin Moli listened to Jiang Fei’s words. She gave Jiang Fei a white look and said a word of anger.

Then I couldn’t help but take a mobile phone, take many photos of Jiang Fei, send out a circle of friends, which is the end of the matter. Finally put the mobile phone aside.

Jiang Fei picked grapes to make wine. Qiao Yiyi, a woman, hid in the shade and picked a bunch of big and purple grapes. Without washing them, she peeled them and began to eat them.

“Well, it’s sweet! The soil quality of the rice village is so good, no matter what is planted, it is so delicious! ” Said Qiao Yiyi, admiring it.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Fei was speechless and said, “you are also a respected female president in the hospital. You have great prestige. When you get home, you will be even more virtuous as an 18-year-old girl!”

Lin Moli glared at Jiang Fei. “What’s a virtue between me and an 18-year-old girl?” she said? Am I very old? Can’t I be young? “

A woman, even if how strong, how camouflage. It’s also in front of outsiders. What’s the point of wearing that protective shell in front of a man who loves him?

When a strong woman with cold appearance becomes cute and casual in front of you, it means that the woman has ideas for you.

“Twenty five year old people, you see how many of your friends are married, children can go to the street to play soy sauce. I think it’s almost the same as the old girl! ” Jiang Fei said sarcastically.

“You are the old man!” Lin Moli is indignant and goes to Jiang Fei’s side and puts the newly peeled grapes into Jiang Fei’s mouth. feel depressed.

I also want to get married and have children. Who’s the guy who won’t like an elm head?

Jiang Fei tasted the purple grapes that Lin Moli fed him. After spitting out the seeds, he nodded: “it’s really sweet. There’s a lot of juice. But when the grapes I grow mature next year, they must be much sweeter than this! “

The grapes planted by Jiang Fei himself, however, were carefully watered and built by him, which gave the best nutrition and the most suitable nutrition to the vines. In addition to the natural soil and environmental advantages of the rice village, even if the grapes planted could not compare with the top wineries in the world, they would not be much worse!

The grapes were not picked for a long time. They picked four baskets, about 20 jin in weight. They left the ridge and went back to the villa.

The next step is to make wine.

“Wine must be fresh grapes, and the fresher it is, the better. It can’t be used too long after it’s just picked. The grape also should choose the deep purple, the grape skin color deeper brews the wine to be redder. And there should be no spots on the grape skin. Musty and bad grapes should be picked out and thrown away. “

Back at the villa, he put the picked grapes into a big basin with clear water. Jiang Fei explained to Lin Moli.

Lin Moli sat on a small stool and was very excited. She actively offered to help Jiang Fei.

“Hey, you can’t wash it too heavily! The whole string is washed twice in water, and the impurities floating on the surface are cleaned. ” Jiang Fei sees that it’s not gentle at all. It’s like washing clothes for rice. Lin Moli, who wants to wash the grapes completely, should stop it immediately.

“Why? The dirty things on the surface of these grapes can’t be washed clean if they don’t work hard. ” Asked Lin Moli, puzzled.

“What’s white on the grape skin is not dirty. It has a lot of wild yeast on it, which is the main way to make wine. This must not be washed out. If it is washed out, how can we make wine? ” Jiang Fei said with a stare at the woman.

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Lin Moli spits out her tongue playfully, then lowers her head and mutters, “how can there be so many step?”

After cleaning, the two cut off a bunch of grapes one by one, pick out the washed grapes and the ones with the water falling off their stems and put them aside, and leave the rest of the grapes to dry.

Next thing, Lin Moli can’t help. Jiang Fei has to do it all by himself.

There are two important aspects in making wine. One aspect is the quality of the grapes, like some of the famous wineries in Europe, when the grapes just bear fruit. Will be carefully protected by the wine farmers. This time, Jiang Fei made wine from other villagers’ grapes. He didn’t grow it himself. Naturally, he couldn’t do it.

But another very important aspect, brewing, Jiang Fei is now able to do it by himself.

With the skill of his ninth level master of wine making, the facilities and conditions for preparation have been ready for a long time. Crush the grapes one by one, and add sugar according to a certain proportion. Adding sugar is an important step in the fermentation of wine, which must be added. However, it is not difficult for Jiang Fei to control different doses according to the sweetness and greasiness of grapes.

As for the tools for fermentation, Jiang Fei naturally won’t use ordinary glass bottles, let alone clinker bottles. He has already made preparations and made the best tool himself — wooden barrel!

Do all this well, and then wait for fermentation quietly.

When the villa was built, there was no basement. Now it’s too late to build a special cellar. So the place where Jiang Fei stored the red wine was more straightforward and directly built a cellar by himself!

However, in Jiang Fei’s plan, he will wait for free money later. We have to build another cellar.

After that, it’s time to wait for fermentation. According to Jiang Fei’s special design, about a month later, this batch of brewed wine can be taken out and drunk. Of course, if you put it a little longer, the taste of red wine will certainly be more fragrant.

But for a long time now. Jiang Fei will not have too much spare money.

Although the one-day turnover of Jiang’s medical center is very high now, a large number of patients come to see the doctor. But the early investment is not small, still owe a lot of money to the bank!

Not only will the loan be repaid. And Jiang Fei felt that he had to add a car to Lin Moli. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient for them to drive alone. So Jiang Fei recently felt a sense of economic pressure.

He sometimes regretted that day at Bai Mangguo’s birthday party, he shouldn’t refuse the cooperation proposal so quickly. Even if we don’t cooperate in the hospital, we have different ideas and opportunities for cooperation in other convenient areas!

“Or make more wine? Anyway, wine making is not troublesome, the cost is cheaper and the cycle is not long. After a month, I can sell it. It’s possible to make a bottle of red wine that is always brewed by my level 9 wine, and sell it for tens of thousands of yuan, even tens of thousands of yuan. ” Looking at the cask sealed in the cellar, Jiang Fei felt his chin and thought.

As long as he wants, wine making is really a good way to make money. As for sales, Ye Yuanyuan should be able to help.

“What do you think? So fascinated. ” Asked Lin Moli, who had a good meal of grapes.

“Thinking about how to make money.” Jiang Fei replied.

At this time, Jiang Fei suddenly heard a voice in his mind.


Congratulations on the player’s success in brewing a barrel of wine. Experience value + 16, current experience value 2001 / 2000. Do you want to upgrade the character?

Jiang Fei is stunned, unexpectedly in imperceptible, experience value is full again! With the “Gang”, the long experience is really like taking a rocket. It’s going up.

In addition, he has stayed in Daocun for most of the recent time. He has done a lot of things with long experience. In normal times, Jiang Fei has set the system to not prompt any more, only when the experience value is full.

Without much thought, Jiang Fei immediately chose to upgrade.

After the upgrade, Jiang Fei was stunned by another change before he could do anything else.

“Congratulations on the upgrade of the character level to level 3, and the opening of the store system…”

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