The Almighty Martial Arts System 132

By | January 8, 2020

The birthday party officially started.

The host of this banquet, the birthday star of tonight, should be treated by all the stars. But tonight, there’s Qiao Yiyi, the most popular and the most difficult beauty star, who steals a lot of limelight from the Bai Mangguo.

Jiang Fei has been staying with Qiao Yiyi for a long time. He has seen several people calling to say hello to Qiao Yiyi, even asking for contact information, taking photos and asking for signatures.

Ordinary stars are not mysterious to the real rich. As long as you are willing to throw money, if you don’t see the stars, they will come to see you. Now, the price of star accompaniment is not false, most of them are true.

Can give you the right price, you get married, your birthday, can invite a large number of movie queen to send you a blessing, and your birthday party will be an award ceremony in the movie industry!

But Qiao Yiyi is different.

Qiao Yiyi has not been in business for a long time, and she is also a Korean agency company. Although there are many performances and activities in China, it is very difficult for even the local tyrants in China to make an appointment with Qiao Yiyi. This is Qiao Yiyi’s first time to attend a private party like today, which she has never participated in before. Even if it’s a TV entertainment show, Qiao Yiyi has only participated once so far!

The rare things are the most expensive. When I saw Qiao Yiyi tonight, these dandies and rich people couldn’t help it.

Rich people are also human beings, so they will also pursue stars.

Qiao Yiyi smiled and promised to take photos and ask for autographs as much as possible. She would not put on a cold shelf. As for the phone number, contact information and other questions, Qiao Yiyi refused all of them.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, she refuses.

“I didn’t expect that. Your reputation is really high. ” Jiang Fei said with a red wine glass in his hand and a smile.

The smell of these red wines shows that they should be expensive, very good red wines. Actually, the red wine that can appear in club 26. No matter how cheap it is, it won’t go there cheaply. But Jiang Fei didn’t like it very much.

Because before he tasted it. The taste of this red wine is not so good. It’s much worse than his own rice wine! Drinking red wine, Jiang Fei thought about when he should make red wine.

His own grape seedlings will not produce grapes this year, and will have to wait until next year. But other villagers in Daocun also grow many grapes!

He went to see it specially these days. It was almost purple, and they were full and big, and they were very sweet. It’s good for making red wine.

In addition to the technology of winemaker, the source and quality of grape are also very important. If that poor grape, no matter how high the skill of Jiang Fei’s winemaking, it is impossible to make a good red wine.

Qiao Yiyi smiled and joked, “of course. Don’t you know I’m the next queen of the next station? Just because you don’t know me doesn’t mean other people don’t know me. “

“Come on. Strive. Strive to rush out of Asia, conquer Europe and the United States in the future, and bring back eight or ten trophies in the Grammy Music Awards, so as to show our country’s prestige! ” Jiang Fei said.

“Hello, you are encouraging me. Or do you tease me with sarcasm? ” Qiao Yiyi gives Jiang Fei a white look. Grammy is one of the world’s top music awards. It’s usually reserved for whites and blacks in Europe and America. It’s almost as hard for Asian singers to capture Grammy as a domestic movie can beat a Native American movie. It’s the same as getting the best movie Oscar.

Don’t say you can get ten or eight trophies back, even if you can get one of the most partial trophies, it’s impossible. If you get it, it is estimated that it will be blown up by the domestic media and praised by the heaven.

Now, there are not some singers in China who are willing to pay for their own money and go to the advertising time of the awards ceremony abroad and buy a trophy that has nothing to do with the weight and has never been heard of before?

After buying a trophy, it means that we have gone abroad. We have conquered decadent capitalist countries and Europe and the United States.

“Encouragement! Absolute encouragement! In fact, I am also a dung green! I also think about when we can have a big star in China. To be a world-class emperor of heaven! ” Jiang Fei said earnestly.

“Really?” Qiao Yiyi smiled, then shook his head and said, “tell the truth. With my own strength, let alone go to the Grammy to receive awards. Even if I get a nomination and go to an award ceremony, it’s almost impossible. Unless… “

At this point, Qiao Yiyi suddenly pauses, tilts his head and looks at Jiang Fei, who shakes his glass. Under the warm color light, he looks at Jiang Fei with a pair of eyes that are particularly good-looking, like two rounds of crescent moon.

By Qiao Yiyi this kind of look, Jiang Fei suddenly has some hair in his heart.

This kind of eyes, he is familiar with, with desire. Hope and strong purpose, very aggressive! If it is explained from the perspective of zoology, it is a female lion who sees a powerful male lion and wants to go up and breed with it!

Sometimes the woman looks at him like this, and Attack him decisively! For example, the last time in the hospital, this woman kissed him like this.

But of course, although Qiao Yiyi’s vision and purpose of looking at Jiang Fei are also very strong, it is not about emotion and desire, but some other aspects.

“Except for what?” Jiang Fei asked after a sip of red wine.

“Unless you help me!” Qiao Yiyi replied without hesitation. “If you can help me, even if my strength is average and my singing level is average, I can still stand out and win the favor of the judges of the competition! You should know that singing is not only based on the singer’s own singing skills, but also on good songs and arrangements. Even more important than the singer’s own strength! “

Qiao Yiyi looked at Jiang Fei pitifully and said, “in fact, the singers in our country, or the singers in Asia as a whole, are not lack of powerful groups, but they just can’t get the recognition of the judges of European and American competitions. It’s not that our strength is not good, but that there are no good songs, and the style is totally different. If there are good songs. Even a singer of average strength can still become famous! “

Jiang Fei can’t help but be speechless when he hears the words. After a long time, the woman still wants him to help her.

“Let’s talk about it later when we have time. Let’s talk about later. Can you sing the song I chose? ” Asked Jiang Fei.

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There is only one piano on the stage in the center of the hall, and Jiang Fei accompanies Qiao Yiyi alone. Only playing the piano is suitable. So he and Qiao Yiyi discussed and cooperated on a song with only piano accompaniment.

Nowadays, most of the arrangements of pop music are complex. Many musical instruments are needed to increase the soundness of music, and complex music can also be used to cover up the inadequacies of singers’ own singing skills. So there are not many pop songs with piano accompaniment.

In fact, Jiang Fei meant that Qiao Yiyi had to sing a song on stage first, and then he had to play a piano music alone.

However, Qiao Yiyi was so enthusiastic for the big star that he directly led Jiang Fei to let him perform with her.

This… Jiang Fei actually refused.

But in order to estimate Qiao Yiyi’s face. Just agreed to come down.

After all, Qiao Yiyi is out of kindness to help him out, he can’t help but appreciate.

Only if so, he just plays a pop song accompaniment, leaving him no room to perform at all! How hard can pop music accompany? It’s estimated that almost anyone who can play the piano can handle it. In this way, how can Jiang Fei show his amazing piano skills and surprise those who look down on him?

Can you still pretend to face well and happily!

So Jiang Fei thought about whether he would stay on the stage and have a piece of “Symphony of Destiny” or something after he finished a piece of music with Qiao Yiyi. How about putting on a good press?

“Yes, of course. Basically all singers can sing this – like – you song. However. I can’t sing as well as the original. ” Said Qiao Yiyi.

The pop song with pure piano accompaniment, the first thing people think of, must be this – like – you. This song is more than pleasant. Moreover, it has a wide range of performances. It is one of several songs that can become popular songs in China. The melody is also good in all aspects, so they chose this song.

Although the song is a little sad, it’s not suitable for the birthday party. But… Mind him!

This woman called Bai Mangguo is so extravagant that she didn’t sing in public. Touching and so on, even if she can afford it!

Jiang Fei has something on his mind, so he praises him absently: “OK. I think your strength is very strong and your voice is very good. It’s not easy to sing this song. But no problem. “

The difficulty of this song is not small. It can fully show the singer’s skills and strength. But for the accompanist, there is not much room to play. It’s completely green.

But it wasn’t just Jiang Fei who thought about it, it was Qiao Yiyi who also thought about it. So she quickly said, “but we can make an adaptation.”

Jiang Fei was shocked and asked, “how to adapt it?”

Qiao Yiyi thought about it, organized the language, and said, “it’s very simple. It doesn’t take much trouble. We don’t have time to change the song, let alone practice. We just need to do a very simple processing, that is, when I finish the first paragraph, the accompaniment part of the pure piano in the middle, we do not use the piano tune of the original song, Jiang Fei, you can play a separate piano music by yourself. That is your personal piano performance! In this way, they will know how good Jiang Fei is at your piano skill! “

Jiang Fei’s eyes were obviously bright when he heard the words, but he said with some embarrassment, “is this good? Does anyone else think that I’m too much of a fuss to do this? “

Before Qiao Yiyi could say anything, Jiang Fei immediately said again, “OK, do as you say! But what should I put in the middle? “

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