The Almighty Martial Arts System 13

By | August 10, 2019

“Xiaozhi, is this your uncle?”

The girl with the black-framed glasses walked in, and took a look at Jiang Fei, she then looked through the glass counter to take a look at Jiang Fei’s legs, and afterwards commented: “Good looks, dressing in a white coat is also another point, moreover he has a pair of long legs. En, he barely hit the 80-point mark.”

Jiang Fei’s head was filled with sinister thoughts.

So this are what Xia Xiaozhi’s schoolmates are like.

Don’t tell me that it isn’t just men incessantly desiring for a woman to have a pair of long legs, but women too desire for a man to have a pair of long legs?

Xia Xiaozhi stared at the female student wearing a black-framed glasses, “Tan Yuan, what is good, is good, right?” She then looked at Jiang Fei, and introduced the two: “Uncle, these two are my classmates and friends, this one is Tan Yuan, you can call her Tangyuan (dumpling), and this one is Xu Jing, you can call her Zhuangzhuang (smooth).

Jiang Fei nodded with a smile, and greeted them: “Hello.”

Although it hasn’t been long since he had graduated, but looking at the faces of these high school girls, he discovered that he indeed wasn’t that young anymore.

The girl with the black-rimmed glasses nicknamed ‘dumpling’ should be based on the homonym of her name Tan Yuan.

As for this person’s looks…..

En, she looks very young, but has a mature chest for a student.

As for this other girl Xu Jing, her nickname ‘Zhuangzhuang’ and her real name, doesn’t have the slightest relation. However, if I have seen her for the first time, I would immediately realize that her nickname describes herself very well, and was definitely suitable for her.

The one seeing a doctor, was this ‘Zhuangzhuang’, the student Xu Jing.

Xu Jing seemed as if she wasn’t a young female delinquent like Xia Xiaozhi and Tan Yuan, as she had a baby face, her two fat cheeks were somewhat red, like when a girl sees a boy that she likes and strangely becomes shy. She also had a long hair, making her look somewhat like a young virtuous woman.

Under Xia Xiaozhi’s arrangement, Xu Jing sat opposite of Jiang Fei, and timidly stretched out her arm. She rolled up her sleeves, revealing a smooth and white arm on the glass counter.

Jiang Fei placed his fingers on her wrist, but he didn’t have to check her pulse as he already knew the condition of the girl.

At this time, Jiang Fei also knew that the girl was somewhat shy, as well as why she was embarrassed.

Ten seconds passed, Jiang Fei quickly pulled back his finger, and without saying anything nodded, muttering: “Good.” And then began to write a prescription.

Xia Xiaozhi and Tan Yuang was curious, but Tan Yuang was somewhat not convinced, and doubted Jiang Fei’s method: “Xiaozhi, is your uncle so fierce, that he’ll know the person’s condition just by checking the person’s pulse? Moreover, doesn’t doctors trained in Chinese medicine take at least a minute or two to check a person’s pulse? Is your uncle an unskilled doctor?”

“How could that be!” Xia Xiaozhi in front of outsiders, would still defend Jiang Fei’s face. Because in the presence of outsiders, Jiang Fei was her uncle, giving Jiang Fei face, was equivalent to giving her  face.

But she was also somewhat disturbed, and thought: isn’t this the time uncle would usually brag?

Even if you don’t take her pulse, even if your medical skill isn’t good, you can’t just handle things so carelessly like this, but should instead put on an act to make it believable. You don’t know her condition, didn’t I point it out and give you a hint?

Xia Xiaozhi hadn’t seen Jiang Fei examine a patient before, so she didn’t know Jiang Fei’s true medical skill. So she could only brace herself to ask him: “Uncle, what illness does Zhuangzhuang have?”

Jiang Fei didn’t reply, and just continued writing the prescription, without raising his head, he said: “You should usually keep yourself warm and avoid getting cold; You should also pay attention to rest, reduce fatigue, improve nutrition, enhance physical fitness; you should also control the violent mood swing you have as much as possible, avoid emotional stimulation, and maintain a good mood….”

Although, as a doctor, he wouldn’t conceal anything about the person’s illness as well as the treatment for it, but facing these three young girl, Jiang Fei still felt somewhat embarrassed. When the system had suggested to him that the best way to treat the illness was with acupuncture, Jiang Fei didn’t immediately implement it. He’s able to treat this kind of ailments such as irregular periods and painful menstruation, but then he would need to insert his acupuncture needle at the girl’s lower abdomen!

Xia Xiaozhi happily looked at Tan Yuan, which meant, isn’t uncle amazing?

Tan Yuan’s eyes shined, showing a look of admiration.

No matter what, no matter what age the woman was, they would always find men who are capable, the most attractive. When Jiang Fei showed his good skills, Tan Yuan had immediately given him charm points.

Tan Yuan secretly thought: This uncle, can possibly hit the 85-point mark!

“And the medicine?” Xu Jing actually blushed, as she read Jiang Fei’s prescription, and a bit reluctantly said.

Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment, thinking that the girl might not want to eat bitter herb.  He then said: “Taking a traditional Chinese medicine is the best choice, and is able to recuperate your health. It’s a bit bitter so bear with it, good medicines tastes bitter.”

Xu Jing didn’t speak.

Xia Xiaozhi said without even a bit of shame: “Uncle, isn’t your acupuncture amazing? Xu Jing heard that acupuncture therapy is very useful against irregular periods, so I brought her here for you. Xu Jing had already taken many chinese medicines, but her great aunt (period) still hasn’t come for two months….”

Jiang Fei understood.

This student Zhuangzhuang came to him for his acupuncture.

“Rest assured, my medicine is different from what other doctors prescribe. Go back and try it first, if it continues not to change for the better, come back to me for acupuncture.” Jiang Fei said.

To be honest, performing acupuncture on Xia Xiaozhi’s bashful classmate who has a huge chest is quite exciting. But, this clinic doesn’t have any isolated rooms, so this really isn’t a place to insert the needle.(ED: nailed), (TL: not s*x, acupunture needle)

He couldn’t just let the little girl here in public, roll up her clothes, right?

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei’s eyes unconsciously looked at Xu Jing and sized her up.

The growth of her chest was massive, but her waistline is very thin, and have a really tender and delicate body!

Xu Jing nodded in agreement, and her somewhat baby fat cheeks turned even redder.

Jiang Fei was somewhat surprised. Xia Xiaozhi and Tan Yuan were rebellious young girls, how can such an obedient woman like Xu Jing become friends with them.

In school, shouldn’t such people be in two different factions, just like well water doesn’t interfere with river water, distinguishing right from wrong?

The medicine cost sixty yuan, but Jiang Fei planned to give Xia Xiaozhi face, and didn’t ask them for money. But the red faced Xu Jing had been taught well, and didn’t like taking advantage of people, insisting on giving him the money. So Jiang Fei somewhat hypocritically continued to refused, but in the end had no choice back to accept it.

The three took the medicine, but in light of this hadn’t actually left, and had instead sat on a bench at the side, chatting in a low voice.

“Xiaozhi, how old is your uncle?”

“25 years old. What is it?”

“Your relationship, how did it develop?”

“Dumpling, you meddling woman, why on earth are you asking about this?”

“Nothing, just curious. Hee hee….”

“Actually….I’m also quite curious.”

Xu Jing inserted.

“It’s a secret. I won’t tell you.”

“Haven’t kissed yet?”

“I choose to remain silent.”

“Silence means yes! Good, Xiaozhi, your first kiss is gone!”

“Xiaozhi, how does kissing feel?”

Xu Jing inserted another sentence.

Sitting at the counter inside, Jiang Fei who was on phone, when hearing these words almost dropped the phone on the ground. He was now generally able to understand why Xia Xiaozhi is able to become friends with Xu Jing and Tan Yuan.

“Xiaozhi, your uncle was able to get his hands on you. But your only 16, and still isn’t an adult yet, how can he send a vicious blow on you? Oh gosh, we need to condemn him….afterwards did you go any further?”

“I heard that first times are very painful. Is this true…..”

Jiang Fei had another sinister thought.

No wonder her chest is so big, as it turns out only Zhuangzhuang’s body matured!

“Cough!” Jiang Fei couldn’t listen to it any longer, and loudly coughed. He then thoughtfully looked at the three girls, and asked: “You three sitting there, aren’t you going home yet?”

Xia Xiaozhi this damn girl.

It’s obvious that there’s nothing between us, but you still chose not to stand up and explain. And instead showed a hint of pride in her eyes, don’t tell me that you’re very happy that this matter broke out?

Even if you feel like this, but I haven’t done that kind of thing to you, so don’t damage my reputation like this!

Jiang Fei thought that he was wronged.

Xia Xiaozhi grinned, and said: “Uncle, we’re waiting for you to get off work.”

“Why are you waiting for me?” Jiang Fei knitted his brow and asked.

“We’re waiting for you to return home, so that you could make us something to eat! I told dumpling and Zhuangzhuang that uncle’s dishes are the best in the world, but they actually didn’t believe and had even thought that I lied to them. Uncle, today, you’ll convinces them both!” Xia Xiaozhi furiously said.

Jiang Fei immediately wanted to scold her.

He wasn’t reluctant on throwing away money. He also didn’t mind inviting the three to eat. It’s just that he was currently tight on time, he really didn’t have time to fool around with these three schoolgirls.

However, saying it like this was rather too mean, so he instead said: “Don’t you have class tomorrow? I’ll be getting off work very late. Later, if I have free time I’ll invite you to eat again.”

“Don’t worry.” Tan Yuan hastily said. “We don’t have school tomorrow. Me and Zhuangzhuang’s parent had already allowed us to sleep at Xiaozhi’s place. Uncle, you can rest assured, you can leave buying the food to us, we just ask uncle to help us make our meal.”

With that, the three girls clasped both of their hands, and pouted their lips, the three acted wretchedly cute.

Afterwards, they turned their shoulder, and threw a tantrum, saying: “We beg you, uncle….”


Jiang Fei knew that he was inevitably slaughtered by these three little girls.

*Source : Martial Dao

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