The Almighty Martial Arts System 121

By | December 28, 2019

Jiang Fei came out behind Lin Moli and the little nurse. He saw the situation here from afar. In addition to his excellent hearing, he could hear clearly the quarrel between the strong man with braids on his head and Liu Zhihong, Wang Xueyi’s explanation to Lin Moli, and even the weak old man talking with his younger son Sang Zhu. clear.

So after this incident, he also understood what the so-called “trouble” was about.

At the same time, Jiang Fei also observed the old man’s face from afar, and applied the “look” and “smell” in the “look, smell and question” of traditional Chinese medicine to the old man’s condition.

Now, Jiang Fei’s medical skill has been upgraded to level 7. Although he is not the best doctor in the world, he has surpassed the famous doctor like Qin Zhengming. It is not necessary for him to know how to treat others.

Just look at it, you can see some doorways.

“Are you Dr. Jiang?” The braided young man stared, snorted coldly, and broke away from the other patients who were holding him. But maybe he saw Jiang Fei with the a smile and a kind face, so he didn’t speak up or even fight.

“Um. I am Jiang Fei. ” Jiang Fei nodded. Then he didn’t talk much nonsense, and once again he looked at the old man and went straight to him and said, “is the old man here to see a doctor? Come here and sit down. I’ll feel your pulse. “

Jiang Fei did not even frown or show displeasure when he came to the old man’s face, just as he did not smell the stink of the old man’s Indescribability and vomit. Always keep a light smile.

You know, even if there was a fight just now, the old man and his little son, Sang Zhu, were also separated by the people for two or three meters. No one wants to be near him!

Jiang Fei’s words shocked everyone.

The eldest son of the old man, Dunzhu, also had a slight change in his face. The anger on his face slightly subsided and he did not go to Liu Zhihong’s trouble for the time being. He turned to listen to Jiang Fei and helped the old man to sit down with his younger brother.

The reason why they came to Jiang’s Medical Center today is that they heard of the title of Jiang Fei, the great doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and the king of acupuncture. They will choose to come here to try their luck and see, if their father’s disease still has hope to be cured.

But they didn’t see Jiang Fei. Liu Zhihong announced the death penalty directly. And the other side ‘s speech attitude is also very bad, let both sides directly upset, almost did cause a vicious war.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry, come slowly. ” Jiang Fei said in a gentle voice.

Said. And reaching for help. I moved the chair for the old man to make it easier for him to sit down. Because the old man’s movement is really inconvenient and weak.

Jiang Fei’s small move is nothing more normal than normal. As long as a person with a slightly better heart will do so.

It can be seen that Jiang Fei’s move just now was immensely magnificent, just like Dunzhu and sangzhu, two strong men with angry eyes, but their hearts were sore. Even the eyes are moist.

It’s not that they are too easily moved, too emotional. It has received too much blame and dizziness. He was ridiculed and insulted too much, and was treated as a beggar. He understood that people were warm and cold.

Jiang Fei’s simple action and a common greeting make them feel like tears.

These days, they have not met Liu Zhihong, a doctor like him, for several times. Every time because of their own identity will make people treat each other differently, coupled with the stench of their father’s body will cause strong resentment from others.

Both of them even went to the capital with his father. After spending all these years’ savings, they still didn’t get much attention and a good face. They were casually perfunctory.

This kind of treatment makes them feel extremely angry and ashamed at the same time. If the two brothers were not reluctant to let their father die like this, they would never want to bear such treatment.

Even the old man himself sighed in his heart.

“This doctor Jiang seems to be different from other doctors? He saw me as a normal ordinary patient and didn’t have any dislike for himself. ” The old man thought in his heart that it took a lot of effort to sit down.

After the old man sat down, Jiang Fei put his finger on the old man’s wrist pulse and began to diagnose the disease for the old man.

This time, Jiang Fei is face to face with the old man. His body is still in contact. The smell of the old man directly covers Jiang Fei. This scene fell in the eyes of other people. Whether it was the staff of Jiang’s medical center or the patients who came to cure the disease, they couldn’t help but admire him very much. The image of Jiang Fei suddenly became tall again in their hearts, and they were ashamed of themselves.

Just now, they all regarded the old man as a beggar who didn’t bathe and love hygiene for many years. Everyone would like to stay away from him for fear that his dirty things will be passed on to him. Everyone’s thoughts are similar to Liu Zhihong’s.

Now Jiang Fei, the famous doctor, has no hesitation and dislikes the stink and stain of the old man. He sits beside him and reaches out to feel his pulse for him.

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Such a doctor is so rare!

The old man does look dirty on his wrist. It looks like he is greasy. It’s like the stench on his body. It seems that he hasn’t bathed for a long time. But this is not the case.

Jiang Fei felt a pulse for a while, his eyes became a little serious, but he still smiled and asked: “the old man has not eaten for two days, right? Not even drinking water? “

“Yes. A few days ago, father was able to eat something, but two days ago, he couldn’t even drink water. No matter what he ate, he would vomit all of it! ” The little son Sang Zhu hears speech to answer quickly way, and his eyes also is a little red.

At this time, the two strong men were worried and looked at the doctor Jiang who made them feel very kind for the first time with great expectation.

Jiang Fei nodded, smiled and said to the old man, “old man, show me your tongue.”

“The tongue is red and greasy, the pulse is floating and promoting, the fur particles are fine and dense, even and in pieces, close to the tongue surface, medium thick and thin. Plus puffiness on the face, a big belly like a pregnant woman …. It’s a bit of a hassle. ” Jiang Fei’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly after observing.

After a while, he told the two strong men, “lift his clothes.”

The two strong men gave some hesitation on the face, They knew what was happening to their father now. That’s too scary.

If you take off your clothes, I’m afraid that many people in the presence will be more unbearable to the taste. If you see that horrible skin condition again, I’m afraid that many people will be scared to vomit.

“Don’t worry, don’t hesitate, no one will say anything. I need to see your father’s real condition to know how to treat him! ” Jiang Fei saw their thoughts and comforted them.

Hearing Jiang Fei say that there is hope for medical treatment, the two men felt embarrassed, but their eyes also brightened. They could not care so much. They unbuttoned the old man’s black long sleeved shirt and exposed their front chest and back.


When the old man’s big belly and back are exposed to the air and are seen by all people, they can’t help but scream. Let alone the ordinary patients watching. Even the doctors Wang Xueyi and Gu Hao, who were present, often dealt with various corpses during their college life, but they could not bear to see the situation in front of them.

Only the skin of the old man’s chest and back is covered with thousands of red blood rashes at this time. Not to mention the horrible color and shape, this dense distribution alone will make many people with dense phobia dizzy.

And these blood rashes also burst and festered a lot, and the yellow and red liquid flowed out of them, as if they had been splashed and corroded by sulfuric acid. This scene is almost the same as the skin of a zombie just crawled out of a graveyard in a zombie movie!

The stench of the old man also came from these festering blood rashes.

So, the reason why there is smell on the old man is not because he doesn’t bathe, but because he can’t wash it off at all!

Hearing the voice of everyone’s surprise and some people’s retching voice covering their mouths, the two sons of the old man couldn’t care about their face at this time. They all looked forward to Jiang Fei and asked in their distinctive Mandarin: “Doctor Jiang … my dad … can there be any help? “

Jiang Fei didn’t answer. He just looked at the one standing far away. He didn’t dare to look at the nurse. He said, “go and get me a box of silver needles.”

Lin Moli is different from other people. Although she is a little scared of the situation of the elderly, she can’t get used to the stench – as long as it’s a person, she can’t get used to it.

But she is not like other people. She is still close, standing next to Jiang Fei.

“I’ll get it for you.” Lin Moli said at the moment. She used to be a nurse for Jiang Fei. Even if she is now a major shareholder of the hospital, she can’t do the work of a nurse at ordinary times. But when Jiang Fei did, she was the exception.

Besides, in this case, I’m afraid it’s difficult to ask others to help Jiang Fei. These little nurses, one by one, were frightened and could not stand the look of the old man.

“Two eight inch needles, sterilized.” Lin Moli will get the silver needle soon, Jiang Fei said.

At this time, Jiang Fei’s actions seemed even more inconceivable in the eyes of the public. The two tough Tibetan Men nearby were really moved to their eyes at this time. The tears rolled around in their eyes, but they did not stay.

Even the old man was choking.

Because Jiang Fei was massaging several acupoints on the chest and stomach of the old man, which were swollen and full of blood rash and smelly liquid.

Without gloves, just touch it with your finger skin!

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