The Almighty Martial Arts System 120

By | December 27, 2019

“No, no! Dean Lin, someone is making trouble! “

The door of the office was suddenly pushed open, and in came a little nurse with a worried face.

“Trouble?” Wearing a professional dress and black silk, Lin Moli stood up from the sofa and said, “take me to have a look.”

After that, she didn’t care about Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi, so she went straight out of the office with the little nurse.

It was 5:30 p.m. by this time, Mei Yi, Qiao Yiyi’s agent, had left. Jiang Fei was going to go home from work with Qiao Yiyi and Lin Moli to end the rare working day. I didn’t expect that at this time, I was still in trouble.

Jiang Fei touched his nose. Lin Moli is really a woman who has become more and more powerful. He was sitting here with a big man, who was also the biggest shareholder of the hospital, but the woman didn’t want him to come out to solve the problem, so she went to battle in person.

“It’s good to do business with such a beautiful woman!” Jiang Fei thought silently in his heart. He is tired and lazy. What he’s afraid of most is that there are many things and he doesn’t have much success. It’s very good for him to have a partner like Lin Moli.

“But who dares to come to my place to ask for trouble?” Jiang Fei immediately thought of it.

Today, he happened to meet Lin Moli. Even though Lin Moli didn’t mean to let him appear, he still had to go out as a man to have a look. He couldn’t really let women handle everything.

Looking at Qiao Yiyi sitting on the sofa beside him, Jiang Fei said: “Yiyi, you stay in the office. I’ll go outside to see the situation. When Moli and I get rid of the troublemakers, we’ll go back to the rice village. “

Qiao Yiyi still has a magazine in her hand and nods.

Her identity can bring her countless glory and make her adored by millions of people. But at the same time, it also brought endless troubles for her, and it is impossible to live like ordinary people. No matter where you go, you can go shopping. You have to be fully armed for a meal. Cover your face with big sunglasses.

Just like when Qiao Yiyi followed Lin Moli to visit the hospital, she was very careful with sunglasses.

“Ordinary patients, should not come to the hospital to make trouble?” After Jiang Fei left the office, he thought. Since the opening of the hospital, there has not been any medical disputes, even for the more serious patients. So there are no patients who suffer losses in the hospital and come to make trouble.

“If it’s not for the patients to make trouble, what’s the opposite, brother?” Jiang Fei thought with a frown.

When you think of someone who might come to trouble him. Jiang Fei subconsciously thought of Gao Hengyuan. The BMW sports car was knocked into scrap iron and kicked away by Ye Yuanyuan.

But this guy probably won’t, dare not come to trouble him again. Last time, ye Yuanyuan taught him a lesson that was deep enough to scare him to pee. He didn’t dare to complain about the scrapping of hundreds of thousands of sports cars. If he comes to trouble again, it’s not trouble, it’s death ….

In addition to Jiang Fei’s independent chief physician’s office, Lin Moli also has a small office. The other five doctors, Wang Xueyi, Gu Hao, Yang Gang, Chen Zhihong and Wang Lingling, graduated from Jincheng Medical University with master’s degree. It’s scattered in two big offices.

Besides, there are special wards and massage rooms. After all, traditional Chinese medicine is not as many as western medicine, it is much simpler.

And five doctors. Then it is simply divided into two groups.

Among them, Wang Xueyi and Chen Zhihong are in one office, which is mainly for internal medicine; Gu Hao, Yang Gang and Wang Lingling are in the other office, which is mainly for surgery.

In trouble this time, it’s Wang Xueyi’s internal medicine department.

However, the so-called disturbances are different from those Jiang Fei imagined.

There are three so-called “troublemakers”. Two of them look very strong and strong. His face is full of flesh. He looks very wicked. The two young men were red in the face. He confronts Chen Zhihong, a male doctor in Jiang’s medical center. He looks angry. If there’s a word that doesn’t match, you have to fight.

Fortunately, there are other people pulling at this time, or there must be a bloody fight.

Beside the two men, there was an old man, about sixty years old, bent, very weak, very thin. But the old man, who was obviously very thin, had a striking stomach, just like a pregnant woman, rising high, which was seriously inconsistent with his thin body.

Moreover, the most important thing is that there really seems to be a bad smell on the old man, which makes people around frown and want to cover their nose and hold their breath.

This smell is very unpleasant. It can’t be said. It’s like rotten taste. It’s worse than rotten taste, and it’s far away. It can be heard two or three meters away.

Except for the old man himself and two young men, almost all of them were struggling with nausea and felt that they were about to vomit.

There is another point, that is, two young men and old people, although they are all dressed in Han costumes, but from their looks, skin color and bridge of nose, we can see that they should not be Han people, but they are ethnic minorities living in plateau areas all the year round.

Nowadays, many people in cities have great vigilance towards people like this. I’m afraid that they will force you to sell houses and cars to buy them, or they will pull out machetes from behind to kill you in minutes

In addition, these two young men also carry a ‘poison gas bomb’ behind them, which is even less popular!

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“You have the ability to say it again!” A young minority strong man with a little braid on his head, who has some artistic flavor, stared at Liu Zhihong with big eyes and a red face. Mandarin also has a strong ethnic flavor.

“I said it! Why? Your father has no cure for this disease, only to go home and die! Next time you come to see a doctor, wash the stink off your body first, or no one will treat you! Doctors don’t smell like you! ” Liu Zhihong also opened his eyes angrily and said without any weakness.

Liu Zhihong is also a one meter eight man. Among the five doctors Jiang Fei recruited, he is the strongest one. But at this time, his white coat was a bit messy, and the buttons in the front row also dropped a few. It seems that just now he had a dispute with the two men.

“Sang zhu, you asked Dunzhu not to quarrel with others. Let’s go. We’re back. Dad doesn’t have much time. I want to die in my hometown. Not here. ” The old man grabbed another young man who was a little “skinny” and said, although his voice was weak. But the tone was firm and dignified.

“Dad. These people are too much! Every time they look down on us like this. We don’t care. A fair deal, too! ” The man who called sang zhu was also full of anger and said angrily.

How can they be looked down upon and insulted so wantonly?

It’s true that they came to seek medical treatment, but they didn’t come to beg!

It’s okay if you don’t heal or if you don’t want to. But please don’t insult people like this!

Although he also knows that some of their compatriots are indeed infamous, barbaric and have done some bad things, it does not mean that all of them are barbaric. Most of them are kind-hearted and hospitable!

They should not suffer from this prejudice!

“Stop it! What happened! ” Lin Moli rushed to the scene before Jiang Fei, rushed into the crowd, stared and asked coldly.

Lin Moli often stayed in Jiang’s Hospital during this period of time. She was basically involved in the hospital’s affairs and managed them well. So the whole hospital went up and down. No matter how many doctors, nurses or cleaners. They all admire this beautiful and temperament landlady very much, and Lin Molly’s words are also very effective.

Seeing this, Wang Xueyi hurriedly came over and said anxiously, “this old man has pancreatic cancer. After consultation and discussion by experts from a large hospital, the cancer has reached an advanced stage. It has spread so much that even surgery can’t be carried out. Just now, Liu Zhihong and I diagnosed the old man. He can live for one to three months at most. It was nothing. But Liu Zhihong is a bit tricky because of his improper use of words. It has angered the old man’s two sons, so it has now reached this point. “

Lin Moli frowned. “So it’s not these three people who make trouble, but Liu Zhihong’s mishandling that causes trouble,” he said

“Um… It’s about that. ” Wang Xueyi looks embarrassed. It’s true that Liu Zhihong talks too much. She, as a bystander, doesn’t think it’s good to hear it. It can be imagined that the two sons of the old man as the party concerned will have some feelings after listening.

My father has no hope of healing. He is going to die soon. Don’t you say something exciting to make him feel more sad!

Of course, Wang Xueyi felt that Liu Zhihong was not lying, just telling the truth in his heart. The smell on the old man is so bad that no one can stand it.

However, although some words are true, they cannot be said. As a doctor, you have to worry about the patient’s ideas.

“Are you Dr. Jiang fei, the director of this hospital?” The big man with a pigtail on his head was full of anger and looked at Lin Moli.

These people have only heard of the famous doctor Jiang, the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, but have never seen Jiang Fei, so they don’t know whether Jiang Fei is a man or a woman.

Lin Moli’s face was serious. She was about to speak when a big hand reached out from behind and patted her on the shoulder. She pulled her to the back and said in a gentle voice, “I see this in my eyes. Let me deal with it.”

Then Jiang Fei came to the two men and said with a smile, “hello. I am Jiang Fei, the director of this hospital… “

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