The Almighty Martial Arts System 117

By | December 24, 2019

Although Qiao Yiyi was wearing big sunglasses, was so concealed that he could hardly see his true colors.

But as sleeping with her

Oh, no!

Jiang Fei, who lived under the same roof for several days, can still recognize her.

She didn’t change her clothes. She still wore the one she left in the morning. And he also knew Qiao Yiyi’s agent, Mei Yi, a middle-aged woman with a bad personality.

Hearing Jiang Fei’s voice, Qiao Yiyi, who was just about to turn her head and go upstairs, stopped at once, turned her head and saw Jiang Fei, who was smiling and coming, and said in surprise, “yes, what a coincidence!”

Seeing Jiang Fei, Qiao Yiyi’s anger when facing Li Jirong just now will not be brought in, so there is no coldness in his voice, but he is quite happy.

Just now, she refused to take off the big sunglasses in front of Li Jirong. When Jiang Fei came over, she quickly took off the sunglasses, revealing her delicate face that thousands of fans regarded as the most beautiful and moving face in Asia.

In fact, a few days ago, there was an online voting activity for the most beautiful female star in Asia. Although Qiao Yiyi didn’t get the title of the first beauty, she was still in the top five. Even in South Korea, most Internet Names accept Qiao Yiyi as an foreign star.

And according to this country’s sex, even many people have found out all kinds of basis, in fact, Qiao Yiyi is Korean offspring! Now go to South Korea, it’s considered that you have come back to Simida

“Isn’t there any discomfort in your throat?” Asked Jiang Fei.

Qiao Yiyi shook her head and smiled. “It’s OK. There’s nothing wrong.”

Since watching Jiang Fei’s guitar performance last night, Qiao Yiyi no longer only respects Jiang Fei, but also adores him.

I used to know that Jiang Fei was skilled in medicine and cooking. As a patient, Qiao Yiyi naturally respects Jiang Fei, but his worship is not good. After all, she is a singer. Instead of being a doctor or chef, there is no need to worship Jiang Fei.

But Jiang Fei’s attainments in piano art. It’s totally different. It’s in her field. The other side is so beyond her and has to worship!

When a woman starts to worship a man, her eyes will naturally change, and when she sees a man, she will bring a little star.

Qiao Yiyi is like this now.

She had been thinking about when to see how good Jiang Fei was at piano, Violin and even erhu besides guitar. It won’t be easy!

I don’t know what theory to infer. Qiao Yiyi subconsciously thinks that Jiang Fei is an all-around talent, who knows medicine, can cook, and can grow vegetables and fruits. So in terms of musical instruments, it’s not just guitar.

If Jiang feizhen can play other instruments, Qiao Yiyi has to find a way to invite her “Idol” to her concert and invite him to be a guest. At that time, her concert will be perfect and become an incredible performance. Bring shocking hearing effect to fans!

Although Qiao Yiyi is only a pop singer, his pursuit and appreciation of musical instruments are far beyond the standard of ordinary singers. That’s why she worships Jiang Fei so much.

“That’s good.” Jiang Fei nodded, glanced curiously at Li Jirong and frowned slightly.

He didn’t look at physiognomy. He couldn’t judge a person’s character by his looks. But he is good at medicine. It can be seen from this man’s complexion that this man is definitely an old hand in the flowers. He has kidney deficiency and is hollowed out by wine.

Take a look at the red Ferrari behind the BMW, some of the results are self-evident.

Such people. What are you doing with Qiao Yiyi?

Of course, Jiang Fei just thought about it in his mind. Didn’t say it. After all, he and Qiao Yiyi are just doctor patient relationships, or cooperative relationships. He is not qualified to take care of Qiao Yiyi’s private affairs.

“Let’s go upstairs. I’ll give you acupuncture right away.” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

Qiao Yiyi nods and goes upstairs with Jiang Fei.

As for Li Jirong, who worked hard to prepare a big killing move and was confident to subdue Qiao Yiyi in one fell swoop, he was ignored by such gorgeousness!

When he is full of faith, he brings out the great slaughter, but he doesn’t even make a bubble! On the contrary, the little white face, who didn’t know where to come from, easily took Qiao Yiyi down, and casually said two words to let Qiao Yiyi take the sunglasses and greet him with a smile.

 It’s almost …

Li Jirong’s eyes wanted to kill people. His face was livid. He rushed to the front of Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi and stopped them. He stared at Jiang Fei fiercely and asked, “who are you?”

Jiang Fei looked at the vain man in surprise. I didn’t expect that his physical fitness was poor, he was almost hollowed out, and his speed was so fast, just like he had practiced lightness skill. It seems that this guy is very angry now. Only anger can bring out such powerful energy.

“Li Jirong, what do you want to do? I’ve said that I’m not interested in you and your movies, so please don’t pester me again! ” Qiao Yiyi said in a sullen voice, with willowy eyebrows and wide apricot eyes.

She does not give Li Jirong face at all now, and no matter what his identity is, a word can make many domestic stars not get a job, which is equivalent to being banned.

After the big event, she didn’t seek other directions of development, just singing at ease. Now Qiao Yiyi has laid a foundation in the entertainment circle and has her own fans. No one can say that she can be banned if he wants to.

And Qiao Yiyi’s brokerage company is not the “Huaying entertainment” company behind Li Jirong.

Hearing Qiao Yiyi say so, the expression on Li Jirong’s face is more angry and unacceptable. He was so angry that he didn’t fire at Qiao Yiyi. He knew that he would never have a chance to take this woman down if he had only fired at Qiao Yiyi.

So he pointed to Jiang Fei, his voice was full of unwillingness and pathetic: “Yiyi, I have done so much to you in silence and paid so much. I don’t ask you how to repay me, nor do I expect you to accept me immediately. I can continue to wait until you are interested in me. But! Now I can’t stand you! “

“How is it?” Asked Qiao Yiyi.

“I can’t accept you …. Like him …. Such a man! ” Li Jirong pointed to Jiang Fei and said angrily.

He calmed down in his mind. From the conversation between Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei just now, I have roughly guessed that Jiang Fei’s identity should be the doctor in charge of Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords.

Although he didn’t know what happened. I don’t know who Jiang Fei is and why he can cure Qiao Yiyi’s voice. But he knows very well. The relationship between Qiao Yiyi and the man is not simply between the doctor and the patient!

Think about it. How long has he been chasing Qiao Yiyi? But in addition to the beginning, Qiao Yiyi did not know him, did not understand, politely smiled at him. Later, when he officially launched the offensive, he never got Qiao Yiyi’s good face!

It can be seen that Qiao Yiyi is a very clear person. A woman of principle. It is quite different from most of the entertainers in today’s entertainment circle, far from the female stars and models he usually plays.

But now, Qiao Yiyi not only smiles at the doctor, but also has the eyes of adoration and adoration!

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What kind of signal does this look represent? Li Jirong, as a veteran of Huacong, knows better than that!

“I don’t know what kind of doctor this man is, what kind of method he can use to cure your voice. But Yiyi, you must not be cheated by such a man! I don’t think he’s a good man at first sight. I’m sure he’s harbouring misfortune for you and trying to plot against you! “

Li Jirong’s face is livid and full of sarcasm. Full of disdain to look at Jiang Fei: “if you like a better man than me, I have recognized!! But you don’t like this kind of rubbish, OK? You make me feel insulted! I’m Li Jirong. Can’t even compare with such rubbish? “

Hearing this, Jiang Fei drew at the corner of his mouth.

What is Qiao Yiyi’s love for a man like him? This kid will be insulted?

This time, it’s not Qiao Yiyi’s time to be angry, but he’s time to be angry!

This bitch should speak ill of him in front of his face and belittle him. Can such a thing be done by people?

Even a hypocrite can’t do it, OK! It’s only true little people without brains who do this.

PA! The sound is harsh.

Jiang Fei clenched his fist slightly. He felt that his arm was about to break out! He’s going to be rude.

As a result, Qiao Yiyi, who was well bred and always polite, turned livid. Trembling with rage, he reached out his hand decisively first. A slap in the face of Li Jirong.

This Playboy pesters her. She can’t be bored any more. He would only embarrass Li Jilong in words.

But this guy insulted Jiang Fei now! Qiao Yiyi can’t stand it.

How dare this Playboy compete with Jiang Fei, the master of Qin art?

This loud slap shocked everyone, and everyone was stunned at this moment.

Jiang Fei’s clenched fist hasn’t hit Li Jirong’s face. Li Jirong didn’t expect Qiao Yiyi would slap him in the face, Aunt Mei

Meiyi was the first one to respond to her shock. She grabbed Joey in a hurry and exclaimed, “God! Yi, what are you doing! “

Can not give Li Jirong a good face, do not cooperate with Li Jirong in the future. But But we can’t slap each other!

Let alone how much trouble there will be in the future. Even now, it’s against the law to hit people! If Li Jirong calls the police, then let this matter out

Do you want the image of Qiao Yiyi’s jade girl? Do you want to sing in the future?

Li Jirong finally regained his mind from the shock. He immediately covered his face and growled: “you don’t know how many old men have already grass you and installed a pure green tea bitch! Black fungus! How dare you hit me! “

Qiao Yiyi’s slap may not be heavy, it’s not very destructive.

But to be slapped in the face of a man, the biggest thing is not pain, but humiliation!

So Li Jilong could not care about anything any more. His face was extremely ferocious and twisted: “I want to kill you! Call for renlun. Traitor… “


A fist with a big sandbag hit Li Jirong’s face quickly when he couldn’t react.

All of a sudden, Li Jirong’s nose was bleeding and his mouth skin was cracked. He didn’t know whether his teeth were loose or missing. He blocked his words before he could finish ../

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