The Almighty Martial Arts System 115

By | December 22, 2019

Then you go to punish me!

Hearing Jiang Fei’s words full of nonsense, ye Yuanyuan, who was very upset at Cui Xiuping with a cold face, was immediately amused. Even ye Zhennan’s father, hearing Jiang Fei’s words in his bed, could not help but smile.

This bastard, this is to die!

The man in the robe reminded Xiuping now that his face was all green.

“Jiang, you don’t want to toast and not eat the fine wine!” Cui Xiuping pointed to Jiang Fei and scolded angrily. He wanted to roll up his sleeves and fight with Jiang Fei for three hundred rounds.

However, as a doctor, he naturally won’t fight with others because of his anger, and his success or failure is based on muscle strength.

It’s too rude. It’s not the doctor’s style.

Doctors, of course, have to be highly skilled in medicine.

As it happens, Cui Xiuping is confident in this aspect. Otherwise, he would not know that there are tigers in the mountain and would like to go to the tiger mountain. He came to Jincheng after hearing about Jiang Fei’s deeds.

“Do you think your medical skills are really high? You have won two old doctors, Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming, but it doesn’t mean that your medical skills are invincible! Since you dare to challenge the authority of the Chinese medicine society, I’d like to see how powerful your eight methods of Shenzhen are today, and whether you can win my thirteen needles of Guimen! ” Cui Xiuping said angrily.

Jiang Fei curled his mouth and said, “listen to you, you want to stand out for those two good guys and compete with me to defeat me?”

Cui Xiuping nodded.

“So what if I win and lose?” Asked Jiang Fei.

Cui Xiuping stared at Jiang Fei with burning eyes, as if to swallow Jiang Fei alive. One word at a time: “if you lose, you should not only apologize. And outside your hospital, in front of all the people, you personally smashed your plaque of “king of traditional Chinese medicine needle”

Cui Xiuping didn’t want to be in charge of Jiang Fei’s acupuncture. But now he can’t help but feel sick.

“And you lost?” Jiang Fei asked again.

“I will quit the field of traditional Chinese medicine!” Cui Xiuping replied without hesitation, confident.

For a child growing up in a family of traditional Chinese medicine. For those who take saving traditional Chinese medicine as their own duty, they really have great confidence to make a bet by quitting the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

Of course, the terms offered by Cui Xiuping didn’t make Jiang Fei better. If Jiang Fei not only apologizes, but also breaks the plaque of the king of traditional Chinese medicine needle in front of the patient, it is estimated that Jiang Fei will not have the cheek to mix up in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

It’s a career bet!

“I promised! How to bet? ” Jiang Fei didn’t talk much nonsense, but his eyes narrowed. Asked a very domineering sentence.

Cui Xiuping immediately snorted coldly. Before he could say anything, the smile on the face of Ye Zhennan, an old general sitting on the hospital bed, subsided. A pair of tiger eyes were slightly angry. In a low voice, he said: “Little Doctor Cui, you don’t seem to take my old man seriously, do you? Didn’t I just let you go? “

“General Ye……” Cui Xiuping’s face changed a little, but he was not afraid enough, so he wanted to explain.

His confidence is not only from his grandfather, Cui old doctor, but also because of Cui family!

The Cui family is a traditional family of doctors, not a family of doctors. Although no one in the Cui family is an official in the imperial court. But there are too many officials in the court who have been saved by their Cui family!

After all, even in office, who hasn’t been born, old or dead? There are these problems. I have to beg Cui’s family sooner or later!

Therefore, although Cui Xiuping respects Ye Zhennan, he doesn’t need to be afraid like Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming.

“I told you to leave!” The old voice in the south of Ye Town was full of power, and it increased its volume and called out: “guard, see off!”

This sentence just fell, when the door of the ward was pushed away, Jiang Fei met the mediocre middle-aged man many times, and ye Yuanyuan’s “Uncle Hu” came in, but he didn’t react in Cui Xiuping. By the middle-aged man does not know what method to use, gently push. “Take” out of the ward.

Ye Zhennan snorts when he sees it.

Cui’s family has a lot of energy. There are many people who can move.

But what about that? As a soldier who has been on the battlefield. All these years, blood and sweat, ye Zhennan will not be afraid of anyone!

If I didn’t read that Cui Xiuping was here to cure him, it was out of kindness. I’m afraid he won’t be quite polite today. I’m afraid he has to be more rude!

Ye Zhennan is now old and retired. He no longer leads the army, and his temper has become much more moderate. But when he gets angry, few people in the whole country dare to challenge him.

Now Cui Xiuping is looking for Jiang Fei’s trouble in front of him. He really thinks he is a transparent person.

Not to mention that Jiang Fei was kind to him and cured his paralyzed legs, and he only agreed to Jiang Fei last time. If Jiang Fei has any problems later, he can report his name. How can he not speak for Jiang Fei in front of him now?

If he doesn’t help Jiang Fei, doesn’t he say ye Zhennan’s words are untrustworthy!

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So Cui Xiuping was invited out like this. He didn’t even finish what he had to say and didn’t vent his anger

When Jiang Fei saw this scene, he was a little surprised at Ye’s domineering manner, but he didn’t stop him. After Cui Xiuping was invited out by Uncle Hu, he said with a little regret, “you don’t have to do this, old man. I’d like to have a competition with him. “

Ye Zhennan smiled at Jiang Fei and didn’t speak.

But ye Yuanyuan could not help but turn her mouth and say, “Jiang Fei, don’t bite LV Dongbin, you don’t know good people. This guy is Cui Xiuping, although I don’t like him. But didn’t you hear him? He is the grandson of Cui, the “ghost hand”. His medical skills are as good as his grandfather’s, and even the thirteen needles of the ghost are completely inherited. Do you think people’s medical skills are very simple, just like those old men for the first time? If you lose in his hand, you’re done. “

Jiang Fei shook his head, his face was very plain, but his mouth came out with a domineering saying: “how about the thirteen needles of the ghost gate? He is not my goal at all, but his grandfather, Dr. Cui. I’m very interested in challenging it later. “

Jiang Fei didn’t know the old doctor Cui, but from all kinds of hearsay, the “ghost hand” should be the Taishan Beidou of the Chinese medicine society. Are you carrying the handle?

If I can challenge him, then I am the king of acupuncture. It should be implemented. Those old men who learned Chinese medicine should not dare to trouble themselves any more.

Ye Yuanyuan’s eyelids jumped and gave Jiang Fei a bad look. She murmured in her heart that this bastard really dare to say anything. She was not afraid of the wind flashing her tongue. No wonder the old men of the traditional Chinese medicine society didn’t see him.

However, Jiang Fei’s domineering manner did not disgust Ye Yuanyuan at all. On the contrary, I think this is what a man should look like

Not long after Cui Xiuping left, Jiang Fei began to formally treat Ye Zhennan with acupuncture. After this period of treatment, ye Zhennan’s condition improved a lot, but Jiang Fei continued to treat him every time, but the workload did not reduce.

Ye Zhennan’s legs had been paralyzed so badly before. He suffered from blood poisoning and infection. His neurons were broken. If he was treated by western medicine, no matter how clever the doctor or how advanced the instrument was. There is no way.

Such a disease, in a general sense, is already incurable. There are only eight methods of magic needle, thirteen methods of Guimen and eight methods of tortoise spirit. There is a possibility of treatment.

After acupuncture, the exhausted Jiang Fei sat aside to rest and let the massage and masseuse to relax the stiff muscles for ye Zhennan. Then the treatment was completed.

This time, Jiang Fei was not escorted by a full-time driver, but by Ye Yuanyuan herself. It seems that this woman happened to go to the downtown of Jincheng, so she was on the way.

“Sir! Where should I take you? ” Ye Yuanyuan said, looking at Jiang Fei badly through the rearview mirror.

She, Miss ye, drives herself. This bastard doesn’t even take the position of copilot. I ran to the back of the car and enjoyed myself. Can’t he? Does this bastard really think of her as a driver?

“Wait until the city.” Jiang Feishu rests comfortably on the car mat. Said squinting. He’s going to call Joey on the way and ask where she is.

A delay of the afternoon. I haven’t recovered the vocal cords for her once in the middle, so I have to turn to her for acupuncture as soon as possible. It’s OK to delay once. If you delay two or three times, the problem will be a bit serious.

After Qiao Yiyi got on the agent Mei Yi’s car, they went straight to a big hospital of grade three, and Mei Yi had already made an appointment.

When I arrived at the hospital, I checked Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord recovery through various advanced equipment. It was much better than three days ago, and Mei Yi was relieved completely.

Then they did not leave the hospital, but in this hospital, using the background of the hospital, let Joey record a video for fans, let fans know how she is, and give businesses a dose of reassurance.

After all, now Qiao Yiyi’s voice can be heard. The vocal cords have been much better and recovered well.

The video is not long, and there is no need to prepare a well-designed manuscript. Qiao Yiyi can chat casually, and the recording is successful three times. Next, Qiao Yiyi is going to consider whether to contact Jiang Fei or Lin Moli. As a result, Jiang Fei’s phone call comes and asks where she is.

As soon as the two discussed, they decided to go to Chiang’s Medical Center for a round.

First, there are silver needles in Jiang’s Medical Center, which is convenient for treatment; second, whether Jiang Fei or Qiao Yiyi, they should go to Jiang’s medical center.

Jiang Fei is going to have a look as the boss, while Qiao Yiyi is going to be the spokesman of the future image.

Qiao Yiyi has negotiated and signed a contract with Lin Moli on the matter of giving Jiang’s hospital a free endorsement. The contract will come into effect only after Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords are fully restored.

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