The Almighty Martial Arts System 113

By | December 20, 2019

Every time Jiang Fei went to the sanatorium to treat Ye Zhennan’s father, he asked Ye Yuanyuan to pick him up in person.

Because the sanatorium is too far away and the route is absolutely confidential, it can’t be found on any navigator. As a poor sense of direction, Jiang Fei, a bit of a idiot, is not easy to drive himself from Jincheng to sanatorium.

Moreover, there are many barriers to the sanatorium. Ordinary vehicles and people can’t get through. Only with the escort of Ye Yuanyuan can they get in and out.

The SUV drove so fast that it arrived at the sanatorium two hours later.

“Is your new rice wine not ready yet?” After getting off, ye Yuanyuan and Jiang Fei asked aloud as they walked together into the small yard. After that, she added with a cold face: “well, my grandfather asked me to help him. The last time you gave it to me, it’s finished drinking. “

As a very intelligent man, Jiang Fei can distinguish the truth and falsehood in a word. So the second half of Ye Yuanyuan’s sentence was automatically ignored by him.

“The effect of my rice wine is pretty good, right?” Jiang Fei asked with a smile, and as he spoke, his eyes also unconsciously left Ye Yuanyuan’s chest.

Seems to have some effect?

It seems to be a little more bloated than before.

Of course, the rise is not obvious. This woman is still only a traditional Princess of peace.

“Look at it again, I’ll dig out your eyes!” Ye Yuanyuan is very sensitive. Jiang Fei’s eyes make her cheeks red and she says viciously.

This bastard is really shameless to the extreme, even if he guessed the real purpose of his rice wine. But when he saw that he had made excuses on purpose, couldn’t he cooperate with himself?

I have to expose her veil like this. I’m just retaliating for her!

“I didn’t look at it anymore. Besides ….. There’s nothing to see. ” Jiang Fei curled his mouth. Turn your eyes away. A look of great righteousness and contempt.


See Jiang Fei’s appearance. Ye Yuanyuan couldn’t help it at the moment. She was on one side of her body quickly, and her fist was merciless towards Jiang Fei, and she roared in the direction of thunder.

Long fists are fast and straight, and the goal is Jiang Fei’s face.

She knows Jiang Fei’s strength, and she is also a very powerful “Trainer”. So ye Yuanyuan is going all out and doesn’t leave half a point behind.

She’s not Jiang Fei’s opponent without a back hand. If you still have a back hand …. Isn’t that flirting?

Ye Yuanyuan can’t do such a woman’s affectation.

Jiang Fei had long expected that this violent woman with a bad temper would fight and fight when she didn’t agree with each other, so he was on guard. Step back slightly with your left foot. Then the body slightly tilted. Although it was extremely simple and looked very slow, it was like an old woman walking, but there was a kind of inexplicable meaning in it. Qiao Yiyi’s ferocious fist failed and wiped it against Jiang Fei’s body.

Jiang Fei put his left hand out again. Instead of grasping it, he wrapped it around Ye Yuanyuan’s arm with softness and strength, and then drew a circle.

Tai Chi Chuan!

Cloud hands!


A crisp sound. Ye Yuanyuan even stumbled. She couldn’t stand with steady footwork. Jiang Fei seemed to be floating. The circle with no power was driven, and even the man rushed forward with his fist and punched on the nearby Huangguoshu.

When all this power is released, ye Yuanyuan stands on her feet in some embarrassment, looks at Jiang Fei in surprise and anger, widens her already big eyes, and asks, “Tai Chi? How can you Taiji? It’s so powerful! “

The first time she went to “invite” Jiang Fei, she had a simple hand with Jiang Fei. Later, Jiang Fei often stimulated Ye Yuanyuan because of his words. The two men have tried several times.

But before, ye Yuanyuan never saw Jiang Fei perform Taijiquan. Jiang Fei only relies on a strange set of body styles.

How can Jiang Fei suddenly master Taijiquan?

And so powerful, so profound. She was played with clapping in a light way.

In Ye Yuanyuan’s opinion, this kind of Taijiquan, even if it is not a master of Taijiquan, is definitely a master of Taijiquan. It’s not comparable to some of the world-renowned Taijiquan masters now!

Jiang Fei clapped his hands in an expert manner, then walked straight ahead with his hands on his back.

As he walked, he did not return his head and said: “how can I not master Taijiquan? Am I the 18th generation of Zhang Sanfeng, and I want to tell you this secret thing? “

Ye Yuanyuan was amused by Jiang Fei’s forced appearance. She forgot the painful things just now. Muttering: “it’s a mysterious bastard. Medicine, cooking, wine making and martial arts are just like everything! What else can’t this bastard do? “

One by one, they went upstairs and came to the ward of Ye Zhennan.

However, the situation in this ward is different from that in the last few times.

Because in the ward, a man in a robe is sitting at this time. He looks very retro and very drafty. After all, in today’s society, men wear much less robes than women wear cheongsam, which is really a little different.

Besides, this man looks young, not a pedant. He looks like Jiang Fei, in his mid twenties and sixties. At such a young age, it seems that his temperament does not contradict the gray robe in any way, and he is totally held. This shows that this young man didn’t put on a long gown to pretend to be forced today, but he was used to wearing a long gown in daily life, so he would have such a natural momentum.

“Is there anyone else in modern society who has been wearing robes since childhood? It’s rare. ” Jiang Fei looked at each other and thought with envy.

This man is not handsome. His facial features belong to ordinary people, very ordinary. At most, the skin color is better and the face is cleaner. It’s estimated that there is a good way to keep healthy and maintain a good health. Just like Jiang Fei.

But this ordinary looking man, after wearing such a special and rare robe, has some charm. The atmosphere of literature and art is very strong, just like the intellectuals in the period of the people and the state.

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Jiang Fei also noticed. The left chest of the man’s robe is also marked with a very special fire red color.

This sign Kind of like a dragon?

A fire dragon?

Anyway, it’s made of pure artificial embroidery. It looks like it’s a bit fashionable and a little high-end.

Jiang Fei thought that if he put on such a robe, he would increase his charm and become more handsome?

“And. This man is very proud! ” Jiang Fei and the man’s vision collided in the air for a few seconds, and then came to a conclusion.

Not only is this a proud man. It seems that he is still hostile to him. It seems that he is not good at coming.

“Grandpa, who is this man?” Ye Yuanyuan frowned and asked first.

She was not interested in these strange men, just as she had been to see Jiang Fei for the first time. Later, she became interested after she became familiar with him.

“Are you Jiang Fei?” Before ye Zhennan could answer, the young man in robe spoke first. But instead of answering Ye Yuanyuan’s questions, she continued to stare at Jiang Fei.

“It’s me.” Jiang Fei nodded. “You are?”

Jiang Fei is more interested in this man’s dress and feel that as a traditional Chinese medicine, he may be able to get a set of such equipment in the future.

But for the man himself, he is not interested at all.

“I heard that you are called ‘the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine'” Asked the robed man in a defiant cold voice. He didn’t look like Qin Zhengming or Yu Qingsong. Directly slander Jiang Fei’s self proclaimed ‘king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine’. However, his attitude was almost the same. His eyes were not good, which immediately turned into language and momentum. overbearing.

“Yes.” Jiang Fei replied simply and clearly.

He’s getting more and more upset about this kid.

Because, he roughly guessed the purpose and identity of this boy.

It’s just the person of the Chinese medicine society. It’s just that he’s called “the king of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine”. He’s not happy to ask for trouble.

But this kid is young. After Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming have broken their halberds in his hands, he dare to come. He must have something to rely on. Only when his medical skills are very good can he be confident to do so.

“Do you think you have enough weight?” The robed man stared at Jiang Fei and asked.

“I don’t know if I have enough weight. I don’t need to know if I’m heavy enough. This is the name. It’s just from the patient, so I care. But if it wasn’t for the patient. But some people give it to me on behalf of what a mess of ‘learning’, which in my opinion is a piece of shit! ” Jiang Fei said with a sneer.

“You…” The man in the robe turned red when he was angry with Jiang Fei. The momentum just now disappeared.

Jiang Fei’s words are actually too powerful and irritating.

The so-called messy society, although he did not name, but as long as the brain people know that he is referring to the Chinese medicine society. He said this sentence, which is equivalent to directly hit the face of the Chinese medicine society!

“All right!” Ye Zhennan, the old man watching from one side, finally spoke, his voice full of majesty. “Jiang Fei, I’ll introduce it to you. This is the grandson of Cui Lao Clinic Dr. Xiu Ping. The Cui Lao Clinic will stay in the country for a longer time this time and will not be able to return to the country for a while. He specifically instructed his grandson to come and diagnose my legs. “

“The grandson of the old doctor Cui?” Jiang Fei was quite surprised.

Although he didn’t know the old doctor Cui Laohei, he didn’t know the other side’s medical skills. However, from the worship of Qin Zhengming and Yu Qingsong, they were invited by foreign heads of state to win honor for their country. They think they should be a real doctor, more than his current level 7 medical skills.

However, old Cui is better than him.

How old is his grandson?

Is Jiang Fei afraid that he will not succeed as a grandson?

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