The Almighty Martial Arts System 109

By | December 16, 2019

Qiao Yiyi is not a fake fake after someone else’s cosmetic surgery, but the real next day’s God.

After confirming the news, Zeng Tong was stunned, but as a man, he managed to keep his face and didn’t lose his temper too much.

He Yuxuan, a petite woman, can’t calm down. Like a high school girl chasing stars, she has some uncontrollable feelings. She is so excited that she goes to Qiao Yiyi’s side. She first asks for a signature, and then she asks the East and the West like a flower maniac.

For example, how about the damage of Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord, when can she recover? and why does she appear in Jiang Fei’s villa. Even her fiance was a little out of sight, which made her a little more restrained.

Qiao Yiyi didn’t mind. He Yuxuan’s questions were answered as much as she could.

For one thing, he Yuxuan is Jiang Fei’s friend and classmate; for another, she is always friendly to fans, which is one of the reasons why Qiao Yiyi has so many fans on the Internet.

No wonder he Yuxuan is too excited.

As long as it’s a normal person, in the unprepared situation, suddenly in the home of a friend and classmate with deep roots and knowledge, she saw the idol star that can only be seen on the TV network, how can she not be shocked?

When she was at Jincheng Medical University, he Yuxuan heard Jiang Fei say that Qiao Yiyi’s agent called him, and she thought it was impossible. Who could have thought it was true!

“YiYi, I would have liked to go to a concert before I ended my single life before I got married. But it’s a pity that your concert has been postponed indefinitely He Yuxuan also called her by her first name at Qiao Yiyi’s request.

“Don’t worry. There will be opportunities. ” Qiao Yiyi said with a smile. “Now I have Jiang Fei to help me with my voice. The delayed concert should be recovered soon. When the time has been arranged, I will send you two tickets in front row in person.”

“Really?” He Yuxuan was overjoyed. I was so excited.

Lin Moli is also chatting with them. Originally, the relationship between Lin Moli and Qiao Yiyi was a little strange, and there was always a little gap between them. But after he Yuxuan, the brain powder of Qiao Yiyi, joined in. Immediately, the atmosphere was completely integrated.

Then three women made a play, the topic from Tiannan chat to Haibei, clothing to make-up, very able to talk.

Even though he was curious about Qiao Yiyi, he found that he could not get into the conversation with the three women as a man, so she ran to Jiang Fei, who was busy in the kitchen.

“Feige, No. Do you really have to cook for us? It’s not right for you. You might as well greet us with three cans from the canteen? ” Jiang Fei, who had been watching an apron tied to his waist, was busy scattering flour in a basin. Can’t help but say with a bitter face.

In the past four years, Zeng Tong have never heard of Jiang Fei’s cooking skills.

“Why don’t we let three women in the living room come in for lunch?” Zeng Tong went to suggest.

Jiang Fei glanced at the boy and snorted, “let the three women come in and do it? I remember that He Yuxuan in your family is also a lady who doesn’t touch the sun and spring water? As for Qiao Yiyi and Lin Moli, let them go into the kitchen. Do I want the kitchen

I thought about it together. It’s true.

Although men’s cooking skills are not so good now, women are not as thrifty as they were in ancient times.

Even if they cook, they are not as good as the old men!

“Then I’ll help you! In the past few years since I graduated from University, I often cook and eat by myself. It’s a bit of cooking skill, at least. ” He rolled his sleeves together to help after washing his hands.

“Go.” Jiang Fei quickly laughed and scolded. “How did you become such a gods. When did my brother Fei fail in his work? You’ll see Fei ge’s cooking later. Be careful not to swallow it with your tongue because it’s delicious! “

After Jiang Fei finished, the fresh meat in the basin was almost pickled, so he could fry it in the pot and stop.

He washed his hands, then untied the lid of the casserole beside him, and a white smoke rose. A strong fragrance was passed on, which made Zeng Tong almost drool.

He stared straight, changed his attitude at once, and asked in amazement, “what is this. Good smell! “

See this boy finally no longer doubt, directly subdued by fragrance. Jiang Fei can’t help but be quite proud. Stir the spoon and explain, “chicken fir, butter and chicken soup! It can be called the king of bacteria. I can’t bear to stew a rooster growing up in a rice village with chicken soup as the base, and the stewed chicken soup! “

Looking at Zeng Tong’s greedy appearance, Jiang Fei spilled out some newly cooked zongzi from another pot. He said angrily and funny, “this is the zongzi I made yesterday. Take some to the living room. You and the three women will have some to eat first. But first of all, don’t eat too much because zongzi is delicious, and you will be full. Don’t blame me for not having a stomach for other good things later. “

“Zongzi? Feige, did you hand-wrap it yourself? This… “

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After four years of University, I was used to bickering. When I took zongzi, I subconsciously wanted to attack Jiang Fei again. However, when he picked up a warm zongzi and smelled the fragrance and mellow taste overflowing through the zongzi leaves, he immediately shut up and swallowed the general words.

“Why is this zongzi so delicious? Feige, are you really a master cook! ” Zeng said after swallowing again.

Looking at Zeng Tong’s gaping appearance, Jiang Fei’s vanity was immediately greatly satisfied.

Ao Jiao ground cold hum a, “It’s good to know! In the future, I will see Fei Ge cooking, so I won’t talk in front of me, just do worship”

“Lean! Feige, you are still so cheeky! But… ” Having smelled the smell of the kitchen, Zeng gave Jiang Fei a thumbs up and said, “I really kneel down to you, the great God who is deeply hidden! No, I’ll try how delicious the zongzi is! “

The result is conceivable. A dozen Zongzi on the plate were robbed of less than three minutes after they were taken out by their colleagues. Once came back with a pathetic empty plate and said, “brother Fei. My Idol! Give some more zongzi. Just now, I ate two of this dish, which was divided up by the three women! “

Jiang Fei ignored this guy’s “desire and dissatisfaction”. Directly to the words refused.

There are still a lot of zongzi to eat, but you can’t eat too much, otherwise it’s easy to cause indigestion. You have to eat later.

See Jiang feitie heart not to give zongzi, a man is close to the kitchen, once with only a few deep suction of the aroma of the kitchen, chat up to exit the kitchen.

The smell of the kitchen is more and more strong. The small kitchen can’t be closed at all. Spread out. Lin Moli and Qiao Yiyi, who know Jiang Fei’s cooking skills, can’t sit down. Zeng Tong and he Yuxuan, who ate zongzi and tasted the sweetness, can’t sit still.

A few people have no idea to chat. They are absent-minded. They glance at the kitchen from time to time, just like children waiting for good food in the Spring Festival.

Finally, at about 12 o’clock, Jiang Fei, who had been working in the kitchen for a long time, untied his apron and shouted to several people outside, “OK, lunch is ready. Let’s serve!”

Whether it’s Lin Moli, who has already become a powerful woman, or Qiao Yiyi, who is just a big star, or he Yuxuan, who is a woman, who has some old spirits and monsters and some corruption. In addition, he stood up with the old man for a while, and then made a fool of himself. To the kitchen.

There are various kinds of dishes. Although there is no such deliberate pursuit of eight cuisines as last time in Jincheng, they are also from all over the world, including those flying in the sky, climbing on the ground and swimming in the water. There is no shortage of all kinds of vegetables. Cold dishes, hot dishes, soup dishes and even desserts are all ready

Looking at the delicacies arranged all over the table, it’s like attending the yaochi conference, with a good aroma. People can’t help drooling, but they don’t know what to eat. Because everything looks so delicious!

In particular, the middle of a casserole “chicken fir butter chicken soup”, the aroma is fragrant at the same time. There are red tomatoes, green vegetables with embellishment, full of beauty, let people see the appetite.

I’m afraid that even those who suffer from anorexia will have to become gluttonous when they see the delicious food at this table!

Qiao Yiyi decided to stay in Daocun at first. He thought the best thing was the mountains, rivers and beautiful scenery of Daocun, which could give her a good rest.

Now it seems that the biggest advantage is not to rest, but to enjoy the world’s rare top food!

When Jiang Fei said, “don’t be unreasonable. Let’s eat.”.

The chopsticks in everyone’s hands moved quickly, among which Zeng Tong, who just despised Jiang Fei’s cooking skills, ate the most. After all, this product is an old man, who doesn’t need to care about the image at all. The other three women, as women, should be more or less reserved.

“Zeng Tong, can you not be born like a starving ghost? It’s not at home. It’s at Feige’s house!” He Yuxuan reminds Zeng Tong to pay attention to her image, although she is not much better.

“Nothing Fei ge’s family is brother’s family You don’t need to be too outspoken. ” Once with the mouth containing vegetables, burying his head muffled said.

“This cock fight is really delicious! Whether it’s stir fried, cold mixed or soup, it’s delicious! We didn’t go up the mountain in vain. ” Qiao Yiyi praised Jiang Fei.

Lin Moli sat next to Jiang Fei, helped Jiang Fei with vegetables, and stood up to help Jiang feisheng with chicken soup. She said with a smile, “you’ve been busy for a long time today, and we can’t help you. I’ll treat you well if I help you with vegetables.”

After eating, Jiang Fei was exempted from the custom of drinking traditional realgar wine on Dragon Boat Festival.

After all, realgar wine has been proved by medicine for a long time. It is harmful to human body, and contains arsenic.

However, Jiang Fei did not drink the traditional realgar wine, but he used the homemade rice wine and added some special harmless things to make the color of the rice wine a little yellow, which was similar to realgar wine. Five people drank some of it alone, and the dragon boat festival feast was completed.

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