The Almighty Martial Arts System 108

By | December 15, 2019

The young couple Zeng Tong and He Yuxuan came early.

Jiang Fei had expected that they would arrive at the rice village before lunch. Unexpectedly, just at 10:30, he hear horn sound outside the villa.

“Fei brother! Fei brother! ” As soon as the horn stops, he yelled loudly at the top of his voice for fear that no one knew he was here.

“Here! Don’t yell . and be careful to my dog. I’m not responsible for biting you! ” Jiang Fei, who was busy in the kitchen, heard the voice and shouted back.

“Ah, Jiang Fei, your classmate is here?” Dressed in casual clothes and carrying a mop, Lin Moli appeared at the kitchen door. She seemed to be worried.

Qiao Yiyi, who was cleaning the dust with a rag, came to see Jiang Fei nervously.

“Didn’t I tell you for a long time that I have two college students coming today?” Jiang Fei said speechlessly. “You are … What’s the situation? “

Qiao Yiyi was a little nervous and justified as a big star.

After all, there are not many people in China who don’t know her as before. If someone who knows her knows that she lives in a man’s house and accidentally said it, it may cause a lot of public opinion.

Such a pure line of jade stars as her are most afraid of such negative scandal!.

But Lin Moli, who has evolved from a nurse and real estate salesman to a strong woman, why does she feel nervous?

Lin Moli put down her mop. Hurriedly ran upstairs and said, “I’ll change!”

Just after breakfast, she and Qiao Yiyi were busy cleaning the villa. I’m wearing a casual dress that’s not very nice, and it’s stained.

So is Qiao Yiyi. When she saw Lin Moli go upstairs, she followed her.

When I was with Jiang Fei, it was OK. After all, I knew someone already. But to meet new friends and meet new people, the two women have to pay great attention to their dress and appearance.

Jiang Fei’s mouth was drawn. What virtue are these women? It’s too bad! Jiang Fei used to think that he loved beauty enough, compared with these women. He is still too young.

The two women went up to dress themselves up. Jiang Fei was different. He opened two wet hands casually on the apron, and went out without even untiing it.

Outside the villa, a red Chevrolet New Sail stops beside Jiang Fei’s Jeep guide. After getting off the car with Zeng Tong and He Yuxuan, he is looking at Jiang Fei’s villa, which looks very high-end, and the beautiful scenery around it.

When they got off the highway and arrived at the uneven dirt road of rice village, they had complained for many times. Their new car, one of the cheapest cars in the Chevrolet, also has poor shockproof function, and it’s very bumpy. Both of them even regretted asking for help and came here to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

If it wasn’t for a look. Let’s see what kind of villas Jiang Fei built in the countryside. They all want to go back and call to tell Jiang Fei not to come today!

However, when the car officially entered the three sides of the mountain, just like the isolated rice village, the two people were like Lin Moli for the first time. All the complaints were gone, and the complaints disappeared.

Looking at the scenery, it’s worth the pain!

The blue sky and white clouds. In the distant view of empty mountain, the stream is murmuring. Green vegetable garden is full of flowers. The beautiful villa with European style, Zeng Tong and he Yuxuan feel that their eyes did not seem to be enough, and the literary atmosphere that has disappeared for a long time can not help but emerge. He Yuxuan can not help but say: “Zeng Tong, I have decided! If we don’t go to the seaside to take our wedding photos, we will take them here! “

“Good! It’s right here! ” There was no objection to the same point, and they agreed directly. Even if they have contacted the photography company, they have bought the plane tickets and are going to the island to take wedding photos.

Now when they see the view of Daocun, they think that even though the scenery by the sea is good, it is far less than Daocun.

It’s just like a painting, fairyland on earth!

“Wang… Roar ~ ~ “the noise of the two people really shocked Simba. It saw the stranger running from a distance, standing a few meters away from the two people, with a warning roar.

“Ah! What a big Tibetan mastiff…… ” The two people who are intoxicated are shocked by Simba’s roar. He Yuxuan quickly hides behind Zeng Tong. Even as a man, Zeng Tong was generally not afraid of dogs. At that time, he looked at Simba, who was huge and powerful, like a small lion, and could not help but retreat to the other side of the car.

“Hey. Without my consent, you two decided to come here to take wedding photos. You can’t even see my Simba. ” Jiang Fei came and said with a smile.

After that, Jiang Fei beckoned to Simba, and Simba immediately stopped being hostile to he Yuxuan and ran to Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei bent down and hugged his head. Then he patted his body and said, “let’s play. These two are my friends. Don’t roar any more. “

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Simba obediently wagged his tail and ran away again.

“I depend! Fei ge, when did you raise such a big and powerful Tibetan mastiff. Now life is really going to be a happy death. Do you want to go on a full-time tour of mountains and rivers, fight chickens and walk dogs? ” Once with this just walked to Jiang Fei’s side, and Jiang Fei came to a bear to hug after saying.

He Yuxuan came over and looked at Jiang Fei with little stars in his eyes: “brother Fei, little sister, I really adore you now! I said how can you build a villa in the country? and found such a paradise! I really love this place! Please accept me and Zeng Tong. Let’s take wedding photos here! “

“You didn’t plan to take wedding photos for a long time. Did you get in touch? If you change your mind suddenly like this, you will lose a lot of money, won’t you? ” Jiang Fei asked with a smile.

Naturally, he didn’t mind the two people taking wedding photos here, which would not reduce the view of the rice village by two points, which showed that his vision was too good. The chosen place is too charming.

“I don’t care. It’s just like refunding the plane ticket. It’ll cost hundreds of yuan. I haven’t paid the deposit at the photography company, so it’s easier to change the schedule. ” He Yuxuan said regardless. It’s like eating the weight and heart.

“If you like. Let’s go. Let’s go first. ” Jiang Fei shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He also looked at the fruit he held in his hand and said, “if you come to play with me later, don’t buy fruit. I’m not polite. Look over there… “

Jiang Fei pointed to a fruit forest on the right side of the endorsement that has grown a lot, and said, “this is a fruit forest I planted. In the next year and four seasons, I have fresh, harmless and excellent fruits here, and there, all year round!”

This scene is to let Zeng and he Yuxuan praise for a while. The worship of Jiang Fei is really like the endless river, and the water of the Yellow River is out of control. I wish I could boast Jiang Fei as a flower.

And there is no false ingredient in this flattery. It’s the real idea.

“Yes. You’ll see someone you didn’t expect later. So get ready first, and don’t lose your temper later. Don’t let people think that Feige, my classmate, is the earth bumpkin who hasn’t seen the world. ” Jiang Fei suddenly thought of something, with a strange smile in his eyes, and looked at the two joking.

These two people, especially he Yuxuan, are joyI’s loyal fans. I wanted to go to a Qiao Yiyi concert before I got married! Now that Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord is damaged, there’s no chance.

What if they see Joey later?

Naturally, he Yuxuan could not guess the meaning of Jiang Fei’s words. “How, Fei ge, you are still have a treasure house?” he said with a smile

Jiang Fei smiled and didn’t explain, just said, “you will know later.”

Entering the house, Jiang Fei beckoned the two to sit casually, but they walked around the villa and began to look at the decoration of the villa.

“Feige, how much did you spend on this villa? This style really tickles my heart! ” Said Zeng with envy.

“Not too much. Build, decorate and buy furniture together. Seven hundred thousand. ” Jiang Fei said.

This price, put in the present social house price. It’s not too expensive.

Zeng Tong heard and said regretfully: “as early as I knew, I would not buy a house in Jincheng. Come here to build a villa. It’s a small area. I don’t need to pay off the mortgage every month! “

He Yuxuan didn’t care much about these things, but she was very gossipy and asked, “Feige, you said that people we didn’t expect, why didn’t you see them?”

As soon as his voice came to the ground, there were footsteps on the stairs. Lin Moli went downstairs.

Lin Moli changed her casual suit. Now she is wearing a simple white dress, with a black belt in the middle, and a pair of long and outstanding thighs without silk stockings. Her white skin is exposed in the air. It’s very plain. There’s no extra decoration. It’s a little light makeup, such as eyebrow painting. The hair is just put down at will, but it can give people a kind of amazing beauty.

“It’s really a treasure house!” He once said in a low voice, frowning and winking beside Jiang Fei. “With such a beautiful girl, did you and Bai Ruoxi really break up this time?”

Lin Moli is not as nervous as before. She comes here with a smile on her face and introduces herself: “Hello, my name is Lin Moli, um … Partner of Jiangfei hospital. “

Zeng Tong and he Yuxuan both responded politely, and then both looked at Jiang Fei with meaningful smiles.

They are all smart people. Subconsciously, they think the relationship between Jiang Fei and Lin Moli should not be just a business partner.

But he Yuxuan and Zeng Tong were a little puzzled. They were surprised to see such a beautiful lady in the villa. But why did they lose their temper?

At this time, the stairs again sounded footsteps, changed a suit of clothes, tidy up Joey went downstairs.

This time, he Yuxuan and Zeng Tong finally know why Jiang Fei asked them not to be so rude!

“Feige, this woman Who is it? It looks like Qiao Yiyi too much! Is it Qiao Yiyi’s diehard fan, who went to Tongzi Country to reshape her just like her? ” Zeng Tong swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and a sentence came out after half a sound.

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