The Almighty Martial Arts System 106

By | December 13, 2019

Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi washed the soil on their hands by the pond. They picked a few pumpkin leaves in the nearby field and washed the roots of the chicken fir.

Talking and laughing, just back to the villa, there are two cars coming from afar before they come and open the door.

In the front was Jiang Fei’s Jeep guide, and in the back was a white BMW driven by Qiao Yiyi’s agent.

“Lin Moli and I happened to meet on the way back, so coincidentally?” Jiang Fei thought a little surprised.

In fact, it’s not that Mei Yi happened to meet Lin Moli on the way back, but Mei Yi went to Jiang’s medical center to take medicine for Qiao Yiyi, and also talked with Lin Moli about Qiao Yiyi’s endorsement for Jiang’s medical center.

She has made an agreement with Jiang Fei about this, but now in this society, everything is done without justification and only when a contract is signed.

Otherwise, there would be no law.

Lin Moli stopped the car, got out of the car, looked at Jiang Fei’s bamboo basket full of wild vegetables, and Qiao Yiyi’s chicken fir, and said in surprise, “did you go up the mountain to pick wild vegetables?”

Mei Yi, a female agent, also came to Qiao Yiyi’s side and looked at the strange chicken fir in Qiao Yiyi’s hands. She had never seen this before and asked in surprise, “did you go up the mountain with him?”

Qiao Yiyi replied with a smile, “yes. This afternoon, Jiang Fei said that he would go up the mountain to pick wild vegetables and find chicken fir. I thought it was fun, so I went up the mountain with him. “

Lin Moli gives Jiang Fei a white look. He leaned over his head and whispered in Jiang Fei’s ear, “just one afternoon after I met you, the big star just called you by name. And then we went sightseeing together Your relationship is progressing very fast. What about? It’s nice to be in touch with beautiful stars, isn’t it? “

Jiang Fei glanced back at the woman.

Women are animals that like to catch the wind and shadow!

“You don’t know. I didn’t know this so-called next star at all before. She is almost as good as ordinary people in my eyes?” Jiang Fei also explained in a low voice that he was not guilty at all.

Lin Moli snorted, too lazy to tell Jiang Fei apart. But she also knew that Jiang Fei did not know Qiao Yiyi before. Last time, Jiang Fei came back from his alma mater, Jincheng Medical University. I asked her about it.

“The mountain is so steep. Do you have any climbing equipment? How can you go up the mountain casually! What to do if you fall down accidentally, or you are bitten by a poisonous snake, or you are scratched by a branch! ” Qiao Yiyi’s face is relaxed and indifferent. Mei Yi hears that she is angry and afraid. In the voice of caring, the strong breath on her body comes out involuntarily.

Qiao Yiyi quickly put her hands on her shoulders and said with a smile, “OK. Aunt Mei, I’m not as delicate as you said. Isn’t this a good return for me? Nothing, nothing unexpected. It didn’t happen! “

See Aunt Mei still have to continue to nag. Qiao Yiyi quickly changed the topic and said: “Aunt Mei, where are my daily necessities, clothes and guitar? You brought it to me, you didn’t leave anything behind? “

“Do you think I am you? I always have the habit of leaving things behind. It’s all for you! ” With that, they went to the back seat and trunk of BMW to pick up things.

There are two big boxes, one guitar box. It seems that there are many things in it.

Lin Moli opens the door. Jiang Fei puts the bamboo basket back in the villa. I came out to help me with my things and said, “it’s only a few days. You don’t need much, do you? How do I feel like you’re moving? “

Qiao Yiyi was a little embarrassed, Mei explained: “stars are different from ordinary people. Clothes are a little more important than ordinary people. “

“Well, I’ll mention it.” Jiang Fei shrugged.

I think it’s really good to be a star. It’s more luxurious than the owner of a clothing store. Wearing clothes is like asking for no money. I never saw them wear the same clothes, and each one is not a bargain.

After entering the villa, Lin Moli greets Qiao Yiyi and Mei Yi to sit down. She looks like the hostess of the villa. Mei Yi’s uneasiness is slightly relieved when she hears that Lin Moli will basically live in the villa.

At least, this villa is not where Jiang Fei lives with their family’s Qiao Yiyi. There are others here. Even if you want to come to Jiang Fei, even if there is a real character problem, you will restrain a lot and do n’t dare to mess up.

When Jiang Fei got the traditional Chinese medicine, he put the wild vegetables, mushrooms and chicken firs aside. He was going to boil the traditional Chinese medicine and let Qiao Yiyi take it. He would give her acupuncture first.

Let her and her agent see the effect of acupuncture, also let them have a little bottom in mind.

The time of decocting medicine is not long. soak it in cold water for 20 minutes, and then boil for more than half an hour, adding up to less than an hour.

When the temperature of traditional Chinese medicine becomes mild, Jiang Fei let Qiao Yiyi swallow the medicine. But she didn’t swallow to her stomach. She just kept the medicine in her throat. About three minutes later, Jiang Fei began to use acupuncture.

The damage of vocal cord paralysis is due to the fact that the Yang Qi in the throat is not extended and it attack on the laryngeal collaterals. Therefore, the method of warming, dredging and supervising Yang should be adopted. This method is not too difficult. It can be done by famous doctors.

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But the key is the length of time.

If you want to finish it within ten days as required by Qiao Yiyi, it’s not what ordinary famous doctors can do. Even Jiang Fei has to rely on additional traditional Chinese medicine recipes and cooperate with the two major techniques in the “Shenzhen Eight Methods” to be sure.

This is why Jiang Fei is sure that few people in Jincheng can treat Qiao Yiyi except him.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Fei automatically entered a state of calm and concentration.

Lin Moli has been Jiang Fei for a long time. Naturally, she knows Jiang Fei’s rules. She helps Jiang Fei and disinfects silver needles.

Mei Yi, Qiao Yi’s agent, is full of anxieties and warm expectations in her eyes, holding her hands together and putting them in her heart. It’s like praying for God’s blessing.


Under Jiang Fei’s operation, the silver needle could hardly be seen. In a blink of an eye, it went into Qiao Yiyi’s body.

Jiang Fei’s Wenyin needle first used the “Qi method” of the “eight Shenzhen methods” to guide the properties of Yang bias in traditional Chinese medicine at three Du meridian points of naohu, Fengfu and Yamen in Qiaoyi. The Yangqi in the throat was not extended, and then the “Zhongqi method” in the “eight Shenzhen methods” was used to fill the deficiency for Qiao Yiyi.

Although the process is not too complicated, it will be finished in a few minutes. Compared with Jiang Fei’s treatment of paralyzed legs for ye Zhennan. It’s a piece of cake, but the specification is too high.

The key is that it is too difficult for ordinary people to learn the eight methods of Shenzhen. Moreover, Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord is damaged, unlike Ye Zhennan’s three-day treatment, she is at least five or six times a day!

Therefore, it cost Jiang Fei a lot of energy to treat the damaged vocal cords for Qiao Yiyi. Only let her be the spokesman of Jiang’s hospital. It’s cheap for her

Jiang Fei pulled out the needle and gave it to Lin Moli for disinfection. He handed it to Qiao Yiyi overnight and said, “OK, spit out the medicine. How do you feel now?”

Qiao Yiyi gently spits out the bitter and astringent traditional Chinese medicine in her throat. After waiting for a while, she frowns and says hoarsely: “I feel a bit numb and uncomfortable in my throat.”

“Sore throat?” Mei immediately jumped and stared at Jiang Fei anxiously. “How can it be uncomfortable? Did something go wrong during the acupuncture just now? “

Jiang Fei waved his hand angrily. “Be patient, wait five minutes before you speak” he said

Five minutes passed in a flash.

Qiao Yiyi’s frown eased, and her voice was still hoarse: “The throat is now warm. There seems to be heat gathering in the throat. It’s very comfortable. “

It’s very comfortable to hear that Qiao Yiyi is not paralyzed. Mei Yi, the female agent, is a little more stable.

After another ten minutes, the heat gradually subsided. At this time, Qiao Yiyi spoke again and found that her hoarseness seemed to be a little better, and her speech was obviously not as hard as before!

This change may seem insignificant to outsiders, almost indistinguishable. But it’s Qiao Yiyi who specializes in music. But She can feel it clearly.

“Dr. Jiang, your acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine really work! I can feel a little improvement in my throat vocal cords now! ” Qiao Yiyi’s eyes are wide open. Looking at Jiang Fei in surprise, she could not help but look adored.

Women like to worship men with ability.

Even though it is adored by thousands of men and women, Qiao Yiyi, who is regarded as an idol in his heart, is no exception.

Jiang Fei smiled lightly: “it’s good to have an effect. It seems that my method works well. I can restore your vocal cords in seven days. “

At last, Aunt Mei’s heart fell to the ground. Without any hesitation, Lin Moli followed her upstairs to tidy up Qiao Yiyi’s bedroom for the next few days.

It’s just that at this time, Lin Moli has some problems in her heart.

She looked at the gorgeous Qiao Yiyi, frowned and thought, “is this a good move for me, or is it to lead the wolf into the house?”

But she soon shook her head again. Even if Jiang Fei’s position is not firm and can’t stand the temptation and confusion, Qiao Yiyi, as a leading female star, can still walk the line of jade girl, and nothing can happen with Jiang Fei

Uh huh.

Should not!

Jiang Fei didn’t go upstairs to work with three women. He stayed downstairs to make dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow.

Jiang Fei’s zongzi leaves are special. They are not corn leaves used by ordinary people in Jincheng, but Indocalamus leaves used in Daocun. Ruo bamboo is also called zongruo. It’s better to wrap zongzi. This kind of zongzi wrapped with zongzi leaves is not only not easy to become rancid, but also most importantly, it will give zongzi a fragrance.

All kinds of materials are ready, and the wrapping speed is naturally fast.

In a short time, egg yolk dumplings, lotus dumplings, ham dumplings

Soon five plates were filled with five different kinds of zongzi.

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