The Almighty Martial Arts System 102

By | December 9, 2019

Jiang Fei thought that when Qiao Yiyi and her agent heard their request, they would probably immediately refuse and bargain with him.

But I didn’t expect that when he asked for it, the two people’s faces showed strange looks, not only without any pressure, but like a sigh of relief!

It seems that Jiang Fei’s request is not too difficult, but simpler!

“Don’t you think I’ve always been wrong, the so-called big stars’ endorsement fees are not expensive?” Jiang Fei murmured in his heart. Of course, he didn’t know that Qiao Yiyi and Mei Yi wanted to be crooked just now. Now they are relieved to hear Jiang Fei’s normal condition.

If Jiang Fei is really a bastard and takes advantage of people’s danger to ask for anything too much, Qiao Yiyi and Mei Yi will definitely turn their heads and never agree.

It’s just… What happened after the face turned?

How can Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord recover?

In contrast, now just asking Qiao Yiyi to be the spokesperson for the hospital. Even if it’s free, it’s amazing for them.

Qiao Yiyi said with a smile, “no problem at all! Dr. Jiang, you are so good at medicine. you can ask me to be an endorser. In this way, I will never be afraid of vocal cord injury or other diseases. I’m the spokesperson of Jiang’s hospital. I’ll see doctor Jiang in the future. Shouldn’t Dr. Jiang charge me money?”

Qiao Yiyi’s big eyes looked at Jiang Fei and blinked, some playful and lovely.

Although her voice is hoarse and very low now, she is gentle and still has a special kind of pleasant listening in it.

“Of course not.” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

People are acting as spokesmen for your hospital. If someone comes to your hospital for treatment later, and you still collect money, it’s too inhuman.

The middle-aged female agent was relieved. After setting her position again, after thinking for a while. Seriously said, “Dr. Jiang, it’s like this. Although I don’t object to Yiyi’s free endorsement for Jiang’s Hospital, but Yiyi’s every commercial performance and brand endorsement, in fact, are not on our own, we have to report to the brokerage company However, as long as you can really cure Yiyi’s vocal cords in ten days, there should be no big problem in the brokerage company! Just teach me that, Dr. Jiang. I can sign a contract with you in two days. “

The cost of Qiao Yiyi’s endorsement, of course, is far more than 100,000 yuan, which is also far more than the upper limit of the medical fee considered before by Aunt Mei.

If Jiang Fei directly proposed and asked Qiao Yiyi to speak for money of equal value, Aunt Mei would definitely bargain. But the exchange terms put forward by Jiang Fei are very clever. Although they are of high value, they do not charge a cent, leaving her no room for bargaining.

She can’t always ask Jiang Fei to give money back, just give a 50% discount or something?

So, after thinking about it for a while, she felt that she had suffered a loss. But it can only be agreed.

“Um. OK. But you don’t have to ask me about signing the contract. I’m not good at it. Just go to find Lin Moli. She is also one of the major shareholders of Jiang’s hospital. ” Jiang Fei said with a smile. “Lin Moli, should you know?”

“I know Miss Lin. I’ve met her today.” Aunt Mei nodded.

It was such a happy resolution.

Jiang Fei promised to treat Qiao Yiyi’s damaged vocal cords to ensure her recovery within ten days. And Qiao Yiyi also promised to be the spokesman of Jiang’s Medical Center for free in the future. She would often mention the name of Jiang’s Medical Center in front of the media, and could even make advertising films for Jiang’s medical center.

However, Jiang Fei felt that he was not worried about advertising for the time being.

They are now a small hospital, not a large hospital. Where do we need such a large scale of publicity. And Qiao Yiyi, the big star, doesn’t have to pay for the commercials. But director, rent equipment and so on, the total money, right?

This money is bound to fly out. We can’t let Qiao Yiyi not only take no money. It’s a discount. No reason!

Then, Qiao Yiyi and Mei Yi, the middle-aged agent, are going to leave Daocun for a while and return to Jincheng to get daily necessities and change clothes for Qiao Yiyi to live in this villa for the next week.

By the way, Jiang Fei wrote another list of traditional Chinese medicine for her. When Mei Yi returned to the city, she also went to the drugstore to buy these medicines.

If you want to treat Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords in a short time, it’s more troublesome. You need acupuncture and moxibustion. After the traditional Chinese medicine is bought, Jiang Fei can take Qiao Yiyi’s acupuncture.

As for the silver needle, Jiang Fei’s villa is ready, but there is no need to buy it specially.

“Yiyi, you don’t have to go back with me. I can go back to Jincheng alone. I know exactly what you need. If you go back to Jincheng, you will be in trouble if you are found by the reporter accidentally. ” Two people stand up, just about to leave the villa door, Mei Yi suddenly suggested.

When she finished saying this, she suddenly leaned back and whispered in Qiao Yiyi’s ear: “you stay in the villa first, get along with Dr. Jiang for a few hours, try to find out whether the person’s character is reliable or not. If it’s not reliable, let me know later. I’ll find a way for you right away. “

Aunt Mei, I still don’t trust Jiang Fei after all

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Qiao Yiyi could not laugh or cry, but nodded to agree.

In fact, from the contact just now, Jiang Fei has a good impression on Qiao Yiyi, and Qiao Yiyi has a good impression on Jiang Fei.

A young doctor with excellent skills must be very skilled.

And most of all, the miracle doctor doesn’t seem to be very keen on fame and wealth!

This can be seen from two aspects.

First, although Jiang Fei was a little surprised after he saw her, he was far from the adoration and excitement of ordinary people when they saw her. Jiang Fei regarded her as an ordinary person, a patient in need of help. Second, instead of buying a house in the city, Jiang Fei chose to build a villa in the beautiful countryside and live the life Living like a peach garden, planting trees, vegetables and fish. Young people who can have this kind of ideal lifestyle. It’s not uncommon in today’s society.

Qiao Yiyi likes both of them.

Qiao Yiyi thinks that people with this mentality will have a good personality. So there’s no need to worry about what Jiang Fei will do.

This is the reason why Qiao Yiyi agreed to live in Daocun without hesitation after hearing about Jiang Fei’s conditions.

“All right. But Aunt Mei. You remember to bring me my guitar, too. ” Said Qiao Yiyi.

Her vocal cords are damaged and she can’t sing, but it’s OK to practice occasionally.

“Um. OK. ” Aunt Mei looked at Qiao Yiyi with deep meaning again. She said it was enough. She looked at Jiang Fei thoughtfully, and then left the villa.

When a white BMW parked on the road outside the villa left, the villa door closed again. Only Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi are left in the huge villa.

“Did miss Yiyi have lunch?” Jiang Fei touched his nose and asked. He just took a bite. Even a salted duck egg was not finished, so the two came.

More than half an hour later, Jiang Fei became more and more hungry. He was ready to continue to fill his stomach.

Just now, I don’t think Jiang Fei will get along with the next day of Zhenghong alone after the powerful female agent leaves. Instead, he feels a little restrained.

Jiang Fei suddenly thought of a question. He Yuxuan and his wife were going to visit him at Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow. It’s estimated that the scenery of Daocun will shock them enough. If they saw Qiao Yiyi, the idol star, in his villa, what would they look like?

Qiao Yiyi is more generous than Jiang Fei. “Don’t call me miss Qiao Yiyi, doctor Jiang,” she said with a smile. “Just call me Yiyi.”

“Well, our grade is almost the same. I call you Yiyi, and later you call me Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei also felt that it was awkward to call each other Miss Qiao Yiyi, and tried to ask, “Yiyi Have you eaten yet? “

This relationship is going a little fast!

Less than an hour after I met him, I called him so kind. It’s very fulfilling.

Qiao Yiyi smiled and shook her head. “No. Did you have lunch just now? Why don’t I help you make something to eat? Although I rarely cook now, before I debuted, I cooked and ate by myself during the period when I was a trainee, and the level was OK. “

“It’s not necessary. I’ve just cooked the food, but some hot dishes are already cold. I can eat it if I heat it up. If you don’t mind, you can eat with me. ” Jiang Fei invited.

He doesn’t know how the woman cooks. But Jiang Fei knew that her cooking skills must be far inferior to his own.

“I don’t mind. I hope you don’t mind Jiang Fei.” Qiao Yiyi said with a smile. She was a little surprised. I didn’t expect Jiang Fei to cook and eat by himself, but I just don’t know how to cook.

They went to the restaurant, and when Qiao Yiyi saw the dishes on the dining table, although they were cold and fragrant, they had not been passive and still had beautiful appearance, he was a little surprised.

In the heart secretly thought, this man is really exquisite, should not be what obsessive-compulsive disorder? Just cook. Why make the dishes so beautiful?

“Sit down and I’ll heat up the dishes.” Jiang Fei asked Qiao Yiyi to sit down, handed over another salted duck egg and asked, “do you like salted duck egg? I just cooked it. “

Qiao Yiyi took the salted duck egg and said politely, “thank you.”

After taking over, of course, she did not immediately peel it off, but stood politely outside the kitchen door watching Jiang Fei busy. Now Jiang Fei is not on the table, she is embarrassed to eat first.

However, the polite appearance of Qiao Yiyi’s lady did not last long. With Jiang Fei heating the dishes, the delicious flavor of the dishes began to flow out of the kitchen again. Qiao Yiyi was a little restless

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