The Almighty Martial Arts System 101

By | December 8, 2019

When Qiao Yiyi came to Daocun just now, she was really fascinated by the scenery of Daocun, though she had to travel hard.

The scenery here is so beautiful!

Now it’s summer. The scenery of rice village is different from that of Jiang Fei when he first arrived. There are many unknown wild flowers in the green grassland. The reeds on the edge of the clear lake float with the wind. The summer waterfall becomes bigger. It’s already a bit magnificent. The three sides are surrounded by mountains, making it like a fairyland on earth.

It’s true that some famous scenic spots are not much worse than that of Daocun, but Daocun is not comparable to any other scenic spots.

That is to say, Daocun is too peaceful and harmonious to be disturbed by the outside world. Nowadays, many scenic spots are beautiful, but no matter when you go, they are crowded with people. It makes people feel like they are not going to see the scenery, but to see people!

From this point of view, Daocun is definitely the best place for leisure and relaxation.

Moreover, the weather in Daocun is even more peculiar. Although it has not yet entered San Futian, it’s still a hot summer day, but there is no heat wave rolling in the city in Daocun. Qiao Yiyi got out of the car without any air conditioning, and she didn’t feel hot in the sun, just like Jiang Fei’s villa, which was equipped with air conditioning but never used it.

At the beginning, I got the young and promising doctor Jiang Fei. Why didn’t he live in the city, instead, he hid in a remote mountain village. Qiao Yiyi didn’t understand. She thought Jiang Fei was a legendary man who didn’t like living in the city and preferred to be anonymous.

Now it seems. That’s not the case. It’s just because the scenery of Daocun is so beautiful, even if Qiao Yiyi herself. After seeing the view of Daocun, I also came up with the same idea as Jiang Fei. I want to build a villa here, and I will live here forever!

Of course, this idea can only be thought in her heart. She is not as free and easy as Jiang Fei. She can do whatever she wants.

So we can only go back and ask for the second place, when Jiang Fei proposed to cure her. Must live in the rice village, Qiao Yiyi naturally agreed with a smile.

Even if you can’t build a villa here to stay for a long time, you can have a rest here for a week and have a good relaxation. It’s something she usually can’t get. How can she not agree.

Mei Yi’s hands are held by Qiao Yiyi. Seeing the firm expression on Qiao Yiyi’s face, she knows that Qiao Yiyi has made up her mind this time.

This is really the only way. Even if she didn’t agree, she could only agree. She can’t be as dismissive of Jiang Fei as she was last time, can she just leave?

That’s a joke about Qiao Yiyi’s future singing career.

If we don’t let Qiao Yiyi recover her voice completely this time. I’m not sure how much it will be damaged in the future. This is a singer’s meal. There can be no mistake.

So Aunt Mei is worried even if she is not happy. We can only accept Jiang Fei’s terms.

“Well, since you agree. Then disturb Dr. Jiang and let Yiyi live here for a while. “

She forced out a smile and looked at Jiang Fei. “But I want to hire a nanny for Yiyi later to take care of Yiyi’s life. I can also cook for Dr. Jiang. Can you see?”

Then she took another look at Qiao Yiyi. A color asked Qiao Yiyi to cooperate with her and said, “doctor Jiang, you don’t know. Yiyi never does housework. At that time, she will definitely give you trouble if she lives in Dr. Jiang’s villa. So it’s better to have a nanny. “

Please nanny. Taking care of Qiao Yiyi’s life is just an excuse.

It’s obvious that Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei live in this villa alone. They are afraid of Jiang Fei’s animal nature

It’s not that she speculates about others with the greatest malice, but that the world is just like this now. This kind of thing can’t be more normal.

If we don’t take this into account, it’s not normal!

Qiao Yiyi is not only a big beauty, but also a big star. With such an identity and appearance, he has too much temptation for men to resist.

And Aunt Mei herself, she really wants to live in the villa with Joey herself, so that she can escort Joey herself. But after her vocal cord was damaged in this period of time, there were so many work and troubles accumulated. She could not help but use one minute as two minutes. How could she stay in the country for a week without hearing from the window?

So, Qiao Yiyi can stay in Daocun, but Meiyi herself has to go back to Jincheng. She can only visit Qiao Yiyi occasionally at most.

Hearing Aunt Mei’s words, Jiang Fei frowned.

He is not stupid. He can naturally hear the hidden meaning of this middle-aged woman’s words.

In fact, even if Qiao Yiyi and a nanny live in his villa together, it’s nothing. Even if he doesn’t let the nanny in cooking, he can help clean and wash clothes.

He was a little unhappy that the intention of this woman!

What does this woman mean? Can’t you believe him? Also worried about what he did to Qiao Yiyi, bully hard bow, bad Qiao Yiyi’s chastity?

This untrustworthy feeling made Jiang Fei very uncomfortable and disappointed him!

“Aunt Mei. That’s OK! I’m not as delicate as you said. I’m not a child. I need someone to take care of my life! I come here alone to disturb Dr. Jiang. How can I bring other people. ” Qiao Yiyi suddenly opened her mouth and looked at Aunt Mei in a reproachful way.

“You fool!” Aunt Mei was in a hurry and her eyes were full of worries. But Qiao Yiyi blocked her words again, and closed the coffin and said, “well, that’s how it’s decided. Later, I will go back to Jincheng with Aunt Mei and bring all the things I usually need. “

“This …” What else did Aunt Mei want to say? She opened her mouth and couldn’t say it at last.

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She’s Qiao Yiyi’s agent and has a lot to do with him. Qiao Yiyi most of the time. They all listen to her. But she knew that sometimes Qiao Yiyi decided something, and she couldn’t change it.

She could only sigh. Looking at Jiang Fei anxiously, he said, “please ask Dr. Jiang to take care of my family Yiyi in the future!”

“Um.” Jiang Fei nodded lightly.

His impression of the big star is now. It’s another good point.

Next, Aunt Mei seems to want to leave. She feels that this matter has been completely settled. She can go back to the city and pack for Qiao Yiyi, and accept Jiang Fei’s treatment at ease.

But Jiang Fei will not do it. He is in a bit of a hurry.

“Wait a minute.” Jiang Fei quickly stopped the middle-aged female agent who was going to stand up.

“What else can I do for Dr. Jiang?” Asked Aunt Mei.

“That…” Jiang Fei touched his nose and said, “although I promised to take care of Miss Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords, I was looking for money Doesn’t seem to have said it? “

These two women are real!

I know he is a thin skinned man. Knowing that he was embarrassed to ask for money.

Don’t they, as patients, know how to put forward the matter of paying medical fees?

“Oh… Sorry, I really forgot. ” Hearing Jiang Fei’s words, the aggressive Mei Yi did not show any unusual expression or despise him.

It’s reasonable for doctors to collect diagnosis fees for treating patients and saving people. Now this society, if free is not normal!

“Dr. Jiang, you have excellent medical skills. You need to help Yiyi for the next week, and Yiyi will disturb you during this time Uh huh. I’ll pay doctor Jiang forty thousand. One week later, after Yiyi’s illness is cured, he will pay doctor Jiang 60000. What do you think of Dr. Jiang? ” Aunt Mei quoted a large sum.

Even for a week. But she has offered 100000 yuan for diagnosis and treatment, which is definitely not low. She is not stingy.

Unfortunately, Jiang Fei shook his head decisively.

“Less?” Aunt Mei frowned, but said happily, “if Dr. Jiang can cure Yiyi’s voice in a week, we can add more money. Or Dr. Jiang, you can report a figure in your mind. “

“I don’t want money.” Jiang Fei suddenly looked at Qiao Yiyi and said with a smile, with a thoughtful look.

“Huh?” Mei’s face changed when she saw Jiang Fei like this. Even Qiao Yiyi, who is always polite. At this time, there are also some color changes.

This son of a bitch, I don’t want to take advantage of others. What are the requirements of etiquette?

You know, Qiao Yiyi is so popular now. She is the goddess in the eyes of countless men. I don’t know how much Qiao Yiyi covets.

Even in many activities, Qiao Yiyi has received a lot of implicit “that” hints from rich bosses. So when they saw Jiang Fei’s expression, their first reaction was to think of what “improper” demands Jiang Fei would make.

Jiang Fei didn’t know his kind expression, which had become “lewd. Trivial” in the eyes of the second daughter. He quickly said: “I don’t accept the diagnosis money, but I have a request, and I want to ask Miss Qiao Yiyi for a help…”

“What can I do for you?” Asked Aunt Mei, suppressing her anger.

“If I could fix Miss Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords. I’d like to ask Miss Qiao Yiyi to help me become the image spokesman of my hospital, Jiang’s Hospital Center, I will help Miss Qiao Yiyi for free, and miss Qiao Yiyi will also help me as an image spokesman for free. ” Jiang Fei said with some embarrassment.

He felt that he had taken advantage of others’ danger.

So he thought that when he put forward this request, Qiao Yiyi and Mei Yi should immediately oppose it, at least they will consider it for a long time.

After all, if you ask Qiao Yiyi to be the spokesperson, there are not millions that you can’t take down. No matter how expensive he is, he doesn’t have millions

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