Super Doctor Chapter 9 – Strange Dreams ()

By | March 20, 2020

Seeing Xu Ze looking at the gate of the school, she was stunned, but there were obvious mistakes in the side of aunt youba and grandma youba. Aunt youba looked at grandma Youdan with a smile and said: “grandma Youdan, see, that little girl just now is much more intelligent than your family. People all like him. Don’t show off your baby granddaughter…”

“Hum… Aunt youba, you don’t speak, no one treats you as a mute… ” “Don’t worry, even if I can’t see the spirit of my family, I will never see that silly boy of your family…” said Grandma bittern, looking at aunt youba

The two eight women quarreled so loudly that Xu Ze, who was the main character of the topic, would not go up and have a foot in it. He just took out the arranged pile of money from the money box in a low-key way and counted it carefully;

After looking at the calculated amount, Xu Ze nodded his head with satisfaction. It seems that today’s business is doing well. Apart from the change prepared first, nearly 200 yuan will be added in more than one hour, plus four or five hundred yuan in the afternoon!

As soon as the money was collected, business began again. In the eyes of the stewed egg Granny and aunt youba, Xu Ze began to be busy again.

In the evening, Xu’s mother sat at the head of the bed and looked at the five hundred yuan that her son had handed over to her. However, she sighed softly. Every time her son went out of the stall, he could do nearly twice as much business as herself. However, she was still reluctant to let him ride so hard every week to come back. Thinking of her son’s emaciated cheek, Xu’s mother couldn’t help but feel heartache!

Xu’s father took a bath and came in. Looking at his wife sitting in front of the bed, he said with a light smile, “what’s the matter? you feel sorry for my son! “

Hearing this, Xu’s mother looked at Xu’s father angrily, and hummed, “don’t you feel hurt? Although Ah Ze is not our own, I think he is more important than Hao’er and Qing’er! “

“Shh… Keep it down, Ah Ze is in the next room! ” Xu’s father hurriedly scratched his fingers and gave a light hiss. After Xu’s mother restrained her voice, he sighed, “do you think I don’t feel hurt? Looking at him so sensible and so hard, I feel more painful than you, the boy…… “

“In fact, I suspect that Ah Ze may have known about it!” Xu’s father sat beside Xu’s mother, put his arms around his wife’s shoulders and sighed.

“Yes! Alas… ” Xu mother nodded and looked at her old friend, but said: “he will know after all. No matter what, we just let Ah Ze quit the part-time job and don’t come back home every day on weekends. His busy life will not only affect his study, but also his health!”

“No way! I don’t think I can persuade him. He is sensible now. We don’t want to teach him a lesson. Alas If Xiao Hao and Qing’er are as sensible as he is, I’ll be at ease with everything… “

Gradually, the light went out, and Xu’s father and Xu’s mother’s voice stopped slowly. In the next room, Xu Ze had already fallen asleep. He was really tired. Later, Xu’s mother came to pick up his stall. He went home for dinner, prescribed some medicine for two patients who had made an appointment, took a bath and went to bed early.

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At this time, Xu Ze’s eyes turned quickly under his eyelids, as if he had a dream.

In the dream, I am wearing a strange white suit, which seems to be seeing a doctor for others. But I don’t need a stethoscope to see a doctor for myself, but I am sitting there, looking at the person in front of me, glancing at him gently, and then I see that the person is as clear as a color B-ultrasonic X-ray, together with the visceral bones inside

Then suddenly, another new scene appeared. In a very strange place, there were strange plants that had never been seen before. Around their body, a group of soldiers in strange camouflage clothes were moving forward carefully and quickly.

And I also followed in this group of soldiers, holding a very strange type of gun in my hand, and I moved forward carefully.

All of a sudden, a soldier in front of him suddenly waved, and all of them stopped quickly. He raised his gun and looked around carefully. Soon, there was a rustling sound around, and then some fierce and strange monsters sprang out of the strange plants and rushed towards the soldiers.

And the soldiers also raised their guns and sniped quickly. With a “hiss and hiss” sound of shooting, the strange guns in their hands shot a strange light and knocked down a monster to the ground. And some monsters escaped snipers and entered the crowd.

With a wave of their hands, the soldiers pulled out a short round handle from the side of their bodies. With a wave of their hands, they suddenly turned into a long blade like a laser sword, shouting and making a group with the monster.

But I also found a long blade, and quickly shuttled through the battlefield, looking for the wounded soldiers who need to be treated. While treating them, I waved to kill those monsters that were blocked in front of me or harassed.

Then, the scene was changed. He appeared at a ceremony in a handsome military uniform. An old man in military uniform stood in front of him with a box and said in a deep voice: “in view of the great contribution made by the medical officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tao Jun, in this exploration, he successfully opened the sixth level of the super medical soldier system and advanced to the sixth level. Now he is promoted to colonel, And awarded the second level Galaxy Medal of honor! “

“Tao Jun? Super medic system? The six level? ” At this time, Xu Ze suddenly saw his face. It was a strange face. It was dark and honest, but it was not himself.

After a moment, Xu Ze opened his eyes and his face was frightened. He was relieved to see the familiar ceiling in the dark. It was just a dream Just how can I dream such a strange dream? And the dream seems too real. When he thought of it, Xu Ze suddenly thought of the strange voice he heard when saving the child.

That voice is also very real. If it’s not unexplained, Xu Ze knows that he may not think it’s an illusion. Thinking of it, Xu Ze’s heart is shaking. Does this dream have anything to do with that?

But after thinking for a long time, Xu zeleng didn’t come up with any clue, so he had to shake his head and temporarily throw the matter behind his head. However, Xu Ze narrowed his eyes for a long time, as if he didn’t feel sleepy anymore, and his head was thinking about something.

In the dark, with the flow of thoughts, and some unforgettable things are also slowly floating on the water surface from the bottom of his mind, which makes Xu Ze seem to be pulled tightly by something, groaning painfully.

The day began to light up, yesterday’s sleep was not very good, Xu Ze was half asleep and lying in bed, he didn’t want to move very much; however, he was soon awakened by a burst of whips and gunfire outside.

After a lot of noise, there was a rush of footsteps outside the door. In Xu Ze’s doubt, Xu’s mother’s voice was obviously excited: “ah Ze, get up quickly, someone has sent you a banner…”

“Send the banner? Give it to me? ” Xu Ze blinked in amazement. Although he could not touch his head, he still got up from the bed quickly.

While wearing clothes, his brain is running quickly

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