Super Doctor Chapter 8 – The Little Prince of Barbecue

By | March 19, 2020

Liuhe No.2 high school is located at the riverside of Chentang town. Next to it is Chentang middle school. Xu Mu’s barbecue stand is usually placed at the gate of Chentang middle school from Monday to Thursday at noon and at the end of the day. On weekends, it is often at the gate of No.2 Middle School.

High school students in No. 2 middle school can only leave school on weekends, so many students take advantage of a week’s rare holiday to choose their favorite snacks in front of several snack stalls at the school gate;

Xu Ze wears an apron printed with the words “so and so chicken essence”, pushes the barbecue car, finds a place at the school gate, parks the car, smiles and greets several vendors who sell strings of incense, stewed eggs, stewed tofu and oil products around, and then puts the barbecue car away.

“It’s brother ah ze. Brother ah ze is here…” Xu Ze’s appearance was soon followed by a scream from a young girl with sharp eyes. A group of 15-year-old and 6-year-old girls were soon surrounded in front of the barbecue booth. They opened their bright eyes one by one, and looked at Xu Ze, who was a little shy and sweet, and shouted: “brother ah ze Give me three strings of squid! “

“I want five string of green beans Brother aze! “


Looking at these little girls, Xu Ze smiled and nodded. He skillfully put what they wanted on the iron frame of the charcoal pile, string by string. Then he picked up the oil brush bottle and carefully adjusted the flavor

The nearby stall owners, looking at Xu Ze’s hot business, couldn’t help laughing and joking: “ah Ze, fortunately, you only sell barbecue and don’t come often. If you sell other things, I’m afraid our business will be robbed by you Ha ha… “

Xu Ze smiled sheepishly and shook his head. He didn’t speak. He just looked at those squid beans on the charcoal fire carefully. He kept turning them over for fear of scorching

Seeing the shy smile on Xu Ze’s face, his mother-in-law, who was selling brine eggs beside him, opened her mouth with few teeth and said happily, “ah Ze, what did you say last time? My Lingling is now studying in a university in a provincial city, or do you know each other? Will you be my grandson-in-law then? “

“Er…” Xu Ze was used to being teased by the old lady. She blushed at the beginning, but now she said with a light smile: “grandma, it’s up to your spirit to see me!”

Hearing Xu Ze’s words, grandma brine egg smiled at that time. She was waiting to speak. The aunt selling a bunch of sweet sugar and oil Baba nearby laughed angrily and said: “I said that grandma brine, your family’s variety, is also worthy of Ze. Look at these little girls, they ran to him as soon as they saw him. They can cry for half a day when they have a pock on their face. Now they are not afraid to go up You can see how popular Azar is by buying barbecue with Azar. There must be a girlfriend at school. Our barbecue prince can still see your yellow girl! “

“Spit… you, your mouth is cheap … I’ll tear you up one day! ” She was ridiculed by the aunt for a while. She kept on talking. After seeing her aunt white, she finally stopped.

For such a pattern, Xu Ze has wisely chosen to be silent on one side. These eight women have powerful mouths one by one. If they talk to them, they will never be the only ones to be teased by them. So Xu Ze usually says a few words to them, and only answers that sentence if they can’t.

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Now the big mouth stewed egg grandma finally stopped, the noisy voice in her ear stopped, and Xu Ze was relieved. Finally, she did not deal with these eight women, and began to focus on the barbecue on the charcoal fire.

A string of squid, mutton, drumsticks and so on were handed out, and money was collected one by one. But in more than an hour, the paper box filled with money was full, and the little girls around the barbecue stand were gradually reluctant to leave.

Xu Ze carefully sprinkles cumin powder on the last three pieces of tofu on the charcoal rack, and hands them to three little girls. After sending them away, he looks at the gradually sparse crowd. It seems that there will be no guests coming. Xu Ze just wipes the sweat on his forehead and some greasy hands with a towel, opens the money box with a smile, and carefully arranges the scattered money.

Most of them are tickets, and a small part of them are ten and twenty. Fill a money box made of shoebox. Xu Ze carefully cleans it up one by one and gets it. It’s a thick bundle. Today’s harvest is very good

I was going to clear my income, but I heard a soft voice: “boss, give me three string of green beans, two string of leeks!”

Xu Ze put the money in the money box carefully, and then looked at the beautiful girl who was a little shy in the face of this. There was a little green between her eyebrows and eyes, but she nodded and said with a smile, “OK, wait a moment!”

Xu Ze skillfully put the beans and leeks on the charcoal rack, and quickly turned over the vegetables while smearing oil, so as not to be scorched.

Today’s weather is still warm and sunny. As soon as it’s baked by the charcoal fire, thin beads of sweat begin to appear on the forehead after just collecting the sweat. However, Xu Ze can’t afford to wipe them at this time, because the leeks are almost ripe, so he must turn over and sprinkle cumin powder as soon as possible, and then put them away. Otherwise, it’s not delicious when he’s old!

Is busy, but suddenly felt a faint fragrance hit, a white tissue paper gently from the forehead and temples, gently wipe off those sweat.

Xu Ze was stunned, but quickly responded. He smiled at the girl beside him and nodded: “thank you!”

But his hands did not stop at all. He quickly felt out the cumin bottle from the nearby shelf, scattered the cumin powder on both sides of the leek, and prepared to put the roasted leek away from the fire.

And the girl next to her face is reddish, her eyes are lowered, her long eyelashes are flashing, and she says with a low smile: “you’re welcome!”

Xu Ze picked up a paper lunch box, put two strings of roasted leeks, and then looked at the girl and said with a smile, “Lin Yumeng, right? The leeks are ready. Would you like to eat them first or take them with you later? “

After listening to Xu Ze’s words, the girl was stunned, and a strange surprise came up on her face. Looking at Xu Ze’s warm smiling eyes, a faint blush soon rose on her face, and she lowered her head somewhat shyly, but quickly raised her head and said, “let’s wait!”

“That’s good. The beans will be ready soon!”

“Um… Are you Xu Ze? I hear them call you that! ” The beautiful big eyes with a little shyness look at Xu zedao.

“Yes, I’m Xu Ze!” Xu Ze is turning the beans in his hand, smiling.

Big eyes flashed twice, and the joy in the eyes became stronger and stronger: “brother Xu Ze, how do you know my name is Lin Yumeng?”

“How can I not know the famous flower of No.2 Middle School?” Xu Ze added with a chuckle, “I often hear your classmates talk about you!”

After that, sprinkle cumin powder on the three green beans that have been roasted in your hands, put them into the lunch box, and pass them to Lin Yumeng and say with a smile, “OK!”

“Thank you!” Lin Yumeng carefully took the lunch box and handed over five yuan. It seemed that he was reluctant to turn around and was going to leave, but suddenly he looked back at Xu Ze and said, “brother ah ze, are you in Xingda?”

“Yes! Xingda, what? ” Xu Ze looked at this beautiful girl like water in doubt.

“I will go to Xingda in the second half of the year! At that time, brother ah ze will take care of me more… ” The girl left behind a string of happy laughter like silver bells, trotted all the way into the school, leaving Xu Ze with a beautiful back

Looking at the beautiful figure disappearing at the school gate, Xu Ze gently twisted his eyebrows and sighed doubtfully: “what a beautiful girl…”

When I think of her, I can see a familiar and beautiful figure in my mind. When I think of her, Xu Ze’s heart aches for no reason. Now I quickly shake my head and get this figure out of my mind.

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