Super Doctor Chapter 7 – Xu Family Medical Center

By | March 18, 2020

Xu Ze roared and rode his bicycle to float down at the gate of the hospital. Several people had been waiting for him for a while. When he saw Xu Ze coming back, he was very happy: “Ah Ze, it’s just right… Hurry up Your mother has gone to the stall, and your father is too busy to win. Hurry up and help us get some medicine! “

Xu Ze nodded with a smile, propped up his bicycle under the eaves, then walked into the door and smiled at the busy Xu father: “Dad I’m back! “

“Ah Ze is back!” While taking the medicine, Xu Fu turned his head happily, looked at the fine sweat on his lovely son’s forehead, and said: “Xiao Ze, I’m tired, go wash your face and drink water first … and then help! “

“It’s OK, Dad I’m not tired! ” Smelling the familiar traditional Chinese medicine, Xu Ze felt warm in his heart, walked into the inner room with a smile, wiped his face with towel grass, filled two cups of herbal tea with his father’s big water glass, took off his coat, and hurried out.

When Xu Ze came out, the woman who was waiting said with a smile, “ah Ze, help me to grab ten yuan of steamed chicken medicine. Now my family is waiting for the pot. If you wait for your father to finish, my chicken will be cooked!”

“OK, Aunt Zhang, I’ll be right away!” Xu Ze nodded with a smile, took out a piece of thick paper from under the counter and put it on the table, grabbed the small medicine scale, then turned to the medicine cabinet and began to grasp the medicine skillfully. At the same time, he said with a smile, “you and Zhang Bo are weak, so we need to make up while the weather is good!”

Xu’s father looked at his son’s T-shirt’s back, which was obviously wet with sweat, but his heart was aching: Ah Ze was just too sensible and heartbreaking. He not only found a part-time job in the city clinic when he went to school, but also came back to help every weekend without rest. In order to save tens of dollars, he didn’t even ride a car, but rode a bike for more than a hundred miles.

Thinking of this, Xu’s father sighed. Although he was not his own child, he was much more sensible than his brother and sister. He didn’t know what kind of luck it was to get such a child.

“Dangshen 30g, Huaishan 50g, Baishu 30g, wolfberry 50g, lotus seed 30g…” Xu Ze skillfully pulls out the medicine drawers, grabs a handful of traditional Chinese medicine from the inside, and puts it on the small scale plate. Basically, it doesn’t need to increase or decrease too much. It’s about the same amount. Then he quickly pours the medicine from a small scale plate and a small scale plate into the thick paper piece. Within two minutes, he puts down the small scale, takes out a plastic bag, pours the medicine on the paper piece in, smiles and hands it over, saying:“ Aunt Zhang, the steamed chicken medicine you want! “

Aunt Zhang happily took the medicine bag and handed it to her for ten yuan. She said with a smile, “Ah ze is still fast. If you don’t come back, I don’t know when to wait!”

When Aunt Zhang took the medicine, one of the people next to him crowded over. He was also an old acquaintance. Xu Ze had taken the medicine for him several times. This time, it seems that the old problem has been made again. He only heard: “ah Ze, my head has been hurting for another two days. Please take some medicine for me!”

“Uncle Li, do you have another migraine?” Xu Ze nodded and leaned down to the counter to get the medicine, but said: “Uncle Li, it’s hard to get this migraine. There’s really no good way!”

“I know. I’ve seen several hospitals. But Ah Ze, you’re in Xingcheng medical school now. You’ve got a lot of experience. You need to help Uncle Li find a way. It’s not the way to go on like this!” Li Shuyang has some gray eyebrows and looks at Xu Ze with a wry smile.

“I see. Uncle Li, I’ll help you see if there’s a way to cure migraine. Take these first today!” Xu Ze nodded and agreed, taking out a box of “Zhengtian pill” from inside and putting it on the counter, then turning to the retail medicine cabinet to take out a small medicine bottle and a small box;

Take out six carbamazepines from the small medicine bottle, take out a plate of Daphne from the small box, cut six of them, put them in a small medicine bag and deliver them to them, saying: “take one of these two medicines at a time, twice a day, plus one bag of Zhengtian pills at a time, three times a day, for three days, most of them will be better! Pay attention to the rest these days. I’ll help you to see if there is any special therapeutic method recently. But you can’t hurry about it, Uncle Li! “

“Well, I know. Thanks a lot, ah Ze. The medicine you helped me take has always worked well!” Uncle Li took the medicine and said with a smile of satisfaction, “how much is it?”

“Um… It’s 15 yuan for Zhengtianwan and 15 yuan for dafinga carbamazepine. That’s 30 yuan and 3 yuan in total! “

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“Give… Thirty one! Don’t look! ” Uncle Li smiled and took out his wallet from his pocket. He picked out three pieces of ten yuan and one piece of one yuan. He handed them over, took the medicine and turned away.

Xu Ze took the money and hurriedly pulled out the drawer and said: “Uncle Li, don’t worry. There is change…”

“You don’t have to find it. Next time you come back, you’ll give me a few cents less!” Uncle Li waved his hand and turned away with a smile.

Seeing Uncle Li’s stride away, Xu Ze smiled helplessly, and then put the change back in the drawer. He secretly wrote down that next time Uncle Li came back, he would have to count it.

Although there were a lot of people waiting at the door, with the joint efforts of the two father and son, it took over an hour to finish the work.

Xu’s father saw that everything was basically finished. He went into the inner room and had a drink. Then he put his back on the chest and came out. He smiled and said to Xu Ze, “Xiao Ze, I’ll go to Lin Shan for next consultation. You stay at home and I’ll be back in a while!”

“Good dad!” Xu Ze nodded and said, “Dad, please go back early. I’ll cook later. Mom will be back soon!”

With the roar of motorcycles, Xu’s father’s back quickly went away in Xu Ze’s sight. Xu Ze sighed softly. His father was always so busy and seldom had a rest.

However, he also knows that this is the way to do this. Saving people is like fighting a fire. Although it’s obvious that this is not an emergency, Xu’s father just finished the job, but he didn’t have a rest, so he hurried to it. That’s the responsibility of this profession. Xu Ze understood this very early

Xu Ze stood in front of the house, looking at his father’s back, showing a faint warm smile on his face. It’s time to cook. When his parents come back, they can eat the hot food directly!

Walking into the kitchen, I was about to cook, but I found that a pot of things had already been cooked in the pressure cooker. I opened it carefully, and a familiar fragrance came to my face. Looking at the whole chicken in the cooker, Xu Ze’s heart swelled with a silent warmth;

Take out the electric rice cooker, wash it carefully, cook it, open the old refrigerator of some years, find out some eggs, a little meat and two green vegetables, carefully fry three vegetables, and then put down the spatula with satisfaction; just look at the slightly fried green vegetables, sigh gently, murmur: “as expected, it’s still a little rusty!”

As soon as the table was placed, I heard a slight rolling sound from the outside;

“Mom is back!” Xu Ze hurriedly trotted out, grabbed the special barbecue snack cart that his mother was pushing hard, helped push the house, and said: “Mom, you go to have a rest, wait for Dad to return, and then you can eat!”

Xu’s mother smiled at her son, nodded her head and said, “aze is so lovely. Has your mother cooked chicken soup for you?”

“Not yet. I’ll help my father when I come back. Let’s drink together when my father comes back!” Xu Ze replied with a smile.

It was getting dark. Xu’s father rode a motorcycle and came back with a bang. Wen wenxinxin sat down with his family, holding soup bowls and drinking chicken soup that kept warm all the time.

Xu’s mother looked at her thin and weak son and painfully gave him three or four bowls of chicken soup, which was full of chicken breast meat. It seemed that most of the chickens had been poured into Xu’s bowl. She was afraid that Xu would not be damaged.

At the same time, Sheng still watched his precious son as usual and continued to say: “ah Ze, you’d better rest at school on Sunday. Your family can be busy and win. You don’t have to ride home so hard! It’s not good or safe to ride a hundred miles! “

“It’s OK. I’m also exercising. Anyway, I’m OK at school. I’d better come back Mom, you have a rest tomorrow. I’ll go to the stall for you! ” Xu Ze gobbled down the soup and poured down three bowls in a row.

While Xu Fu sat by, slowly sipping the sweet chicken soup in the bowl, looking at everything in front of him tenderly, without speaking

No one knows that as Xu Ze pours chicken soup bowl by bowl into his stomach, a certain program in his mind once again prompts: “di A large amount of bioenergy is replenished, cell energy spillover is increased, and system energy storage is accelerated… “

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