Super Doctor Chapter 6 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

By | March 17, 2020

“The basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation function was activated, assisted by bioelectric shock.” Listening to the voice in his mind, Xu Ze was stunned and looked around in amazement, but found nothing.

“Is it my own hallucination?” Xu Ze frowned, and thought with some consternation, but he was saving people now. He had to think so much about it. He quickly put it behind him, but the action at hand did not stop at all.

With the start of the program in Xu Ze’s mind, in the past Xu Ze’s right index finger wore a fake ring of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”, but at this moment a magical moment responded, whenever Xu Ze’s right hand tapped When the child’s left hand is placed on the chest of the child, there is always a strange electric current, which is radiated from the ring and rushes through the left hand of Xu Ze to the child’s heart.

With the stimulation of these currents, the child’s heart quickly recovers its self-discipline and starts to beat slowly and firmly.

But Xu Ze did not know all this. After smashing the three punches, he quickly reached out his hand and touched the child’s carotid artery, hoping to make sure whether there was a beat and whether the heart rate recovered.

Xu Ze’s seemingly simple three fists, in fact, are not simple three fists. These three fists have a very loud common name in emergency medicine, which is called “three fists for saving lives”

And its real name is heart percussion, its principle is: when the patient’s heart stops suddenly, he should immediately use his fist in his precordial area (left side of chest), and hit 35 times continuously and rapidly with medium strength. It has been proved by experiments that each stroke can generate 5 watts of electric energy, which can play the role of defibrillation, adjusting the heart rhythm and triggering the cardiac rebound.

These three fists are the most important three fists, because if the three fists work, the patient can have a heart beating again; but if the three fists do not work, then the next rescue, the possibility of heart beating again will be greatly reduced, and the hope of relative rescue success is almost half.

Originally, the child’s heart has been stopped for a long time, and it is very unlikely that the ordinary heart percussion will make him jump again. However, he was successfully recovered by those special shocks. But Xu Ze didn’t know all this.

Um… Although it was very weak, Xu Ze was still surprised to be ecstatic and confirmed that the carotid artery, which had no pulsation at all, began to pulsation slowly and firmly, and he could not help but say in disbelief and excitement, “Is my luck so good? I saved this child in such a simple way. “

“Shout… Saved? ” The neighbors next to Xu Ze’s face suddenly showed a relief smile, and could not help shouting.

But the old Wang tou and his daughter-in-law, who had been frightened, were also ecstatic. They just looked at Xu Ze and waited for him to speak, afraid that they were too happy.

Xu Zeqiang held back his excitement, observed carefully for a while, watched Xiaojun Ke’s blue and purple face start to form and recover a trace of blood color, and his chest gradually began to rise and fall. Xu Ze nodded his head at ease, turned to old Wang and said, “now that we’ve come to the rescue, it shouldn’t be too big a problem to send him to the hospital for some oxygen injection!”

“What a life! Really live… ” At this time, they also saw Xiaojun’s face getting better, obviously a little bit more angry than before, and all shouted happily. At that moment, Xu Ze’s eyes are very different from those of Xu Ze. No one thought that Xu Ze, who can save his life, is obviously a Xiaojun that has almost died. Who knows that Xu Ze really saved it after so many times!

At present, old Wang, with tears of ecstasy, thanked Xu Ze and hurried to the hospital in the town on his tricycle.

When old man Wang took his wife and daughter-in-law to take his grandson to the hospital, Uncle Wu then held Xu Ze’s hand in awe and said, “Ah Ze, I can’t imagine that you are so powerful that even those who have lost their breath can survive, but you are better than your father!”

Hearing Uncle Wu’s words, Xu Ze didn’t get excited at all, but thought of the strange voice just now. Xu Ze shook his head doubtfully. It should be an illusion, but today’s child is really Unexpectedly, he was saved by himself. When he thought of this place, Xu Ze still thought of that voice.

But after thinking for a long time, I still think it’s more likely to be an illusion. Now I shake my head secretly and temporarily forget about it. I sighed a little. It’s only luck to save the child today. Otherwise, my heart will stop for such a long time. The possibility of saving is very small. Now I shake my head and smile: “Uncle Wu, I’m flattered Such a situation can only be regarded as luck, not count … not count … “

After all, in the exclamation of the crowd, Xu Ze got on the bicycle and continued to drive towards home. Today is Friday, and only his father is there. I’m afraid he’s very busy. I have to hurry home to help!

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After resting here for a while, Xu Ze got up and felt much more relaxed. In less than ten minutes, he appeared at the old street corner of Chentang town. The little famous Xu family medical center in Chentang town is located in the deep of the old street!

Looking at the brick red building at the end of the old street, the smile on Xu Ze’s face is getting warmer and warmer, and he will be home soon;

In Xu Ze’s memory, the brick red building with the Xu family medical center has experienced decades of wind and rain, but it seems that it has not changed much.

Xu family medical center was founded 40 years ago by Xu Ze’s grandfather. After Xu Ze’s grandfather died, Xu’s father took over the hospital for 18 years.

In the past ten years, Xu’s father has been in charge of medical treatment in the hospital, while Xu’s mother has helped with the medicine and injection in addition to the housework. In the evening and on weekends, she also went to the town middle school to set up a stall to subsidize the family, but she also followed suit.

Xu family medical center can be said to be an ancestral traditional Chinese medicine. Although Xu’s father, a western medicine, was a little involved in the situation, he never gave people only some pills and muscle injections. As for other infusion products, there were few operations.

After all, the so-called separation is like the separation of mountains. There is a big difference between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Xu’s father, who has never systematically studied western medicine, has always been steadfast. He is never willing to make fun of human life!

However, in terms of treatment, some aspects of traditional Chinese medicine are not as fast as western medicine infusion; moreover, without infusion, the income of the medical center is not high; especially Xu Fu and Xu Mu are very generous, most of them come to see the doctor are neighbors, and the medical fee is not high, so now Xu’s Medical Center, although the business is too good, is just barely able to survive Live.

Xu Ze helped his busy father and mother take medicine for them since he was in middle school. When he was older, he began to give injections under his father’s guidance. Until he went to Xingda Medical College, Xu Ze was able to deal with some simple diseases for his father;

So Xu Fu sent Xu Ze, the eldest son who seems to have some talent in this field, to medical school, but he also has the intention of supporting the court in the future.

Xu Fu is not wrong in this way. Xu Ze, who is very sensible, has found this part-time job in Huimin clinic with his solid foundation of traditional Chinese medicine and skillful injection technique since he entered medical college.

Although the part-time job is only barely enough to maintain the school life due to the unfixed time of Xu Ze, but in the past more than a year, Xu Ze has surpassed Xu’s father in some aspects, almost being the second doctor of Xu’s Hospital, and even many people specially asked Xu Ze to prescribe medicine This year, with Xu Ze in, it is also often open some infusion, relative to the situation of the hospital is better than before.

However, Xu Ze went to Xingcheng University, which is more than 60 kilometers away from home, but only on weekends can he come back to help his family. Xu Ze is very clear about the situation of his family. Although there is a medical center in his family, his mother goes to the town middle school to set up a stall on weekends to subsidize the family, but because she has to bear the tuition and living expenses of her brother and sister, the family is under pressure Still quite big.

At this time, the family will be very busy. As a result, Xu Ze is very sensible. On weekends, he will spend two hours cycling for more than 60 kilometers to help his family share some things.

“A Ze is back…” Just after riding into the old street, someone greeted Xu Ze with a smile.

“Back, Li Bo! It looks like he’s got a good bone recently! ” Seeing the old man greeting at the street corner, Xu Ze smiled and nodded, waved and answered.

Seeing Xu Ze come back, the thick wrinkles on Li Bo’s face all laughed: “after taking the medicine you prescribed for me last time, I have a better appetite recently. Of course, it will be better. In the evening, you will give me a pulse…”

“Ah… Well, you’re here in the evening. I’ll leave later! “

Just a few steps into the street, a pretty middle-aged woman came out of the small shop ahead, smiled at Xu Ze and said: “Xiao Ze, let’s go on Monday again. Your uncle went out to buy some goods today, just afraid he would come back tomorrow night, but he still wants to find you to prescribe some medicine for him! He has finished the last medicine, and he has been thinking about when you will come back! “

Xu Ze replied with a smile: “aunt Yun, it’s OK. I’ll leave later. Uncle Liu is back. You let him come to me!”

Hearing Xu Ze’s words, aunt Yun’s face showed a happy expression and said happily, “that’s good. When uncle Liu returns, I’ll let him come over!”

“Ah… Then I’ll go back first! “Xu Ze waved and rode past the two passers-by in a hurry toward home, because he had already seen several people sitting outside the hospital from afar. It seems that the family is very busy today.

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