Super Doctor Chapter 5 – System Power

By | March 16, 2020

“Please come!” Hearing the familiar voice, Xu Ze was shocked and shook his head with a wry smile. However, he had to stop the bicycle and look around at the man: “Uncle Wu, why should you call me?”

“Ah Ze, you come here to help see if the child is saved or not. If not, don’t let them delay here!” Uncle Wu smiled helplessly, then turned to the old man who was weeping beside him and said: “Wang Bo, this is Dr. Xu in the town, his son Xu Ze. Now he is studying in the provincial medical college. You should have heard that he is also a good doctor when he sees the onset of the disease. You can let him see. If it is not saved, let Jinhua take the child back!”

This is also sad and helpless for old Wang tou. At this time, he heard this, but it was a flash before his eyes. Dr. Xu knew it. He also heard about it. Last year, he went to see Dr. Xu. At that time, Dr. Xu hung water for himself.

At present, he rushed forward with a glimmer of hope as if he was a savior, took Xu Ze’s hand, and hoped to say, “doctor Xu, come and help me to see if my grandson is still saved. It’s too late to go to the town!”

“Well…” Looking at the happy old man, Xu Ze’s head is big. How can he save the dead? Besides, there is no rescue guy around. How can we rescue him?

Seeing Xu Ze’s face full of reluctance to seem to want to push, martial uncle nearby hurriedly said: “Ah Ze, you can go over and see if there is any help. If there is no help, let them go home quickly. Don’t waste it here. After all, the child is very poor!”

Hearing Uncle Wu’s words, Xu Ze also understood the meaning, but nodded his head. Anyway, he went to have a look. Even if he could not see that, he went to comfort him!

Seeing Xu Ze nodding, the old Wang head hurriedly took Xu Ze and ran toward the tricycle happily, saying: “Jinhua, let’s give way, let’s see doctor Xu!”

The woman listened to a doctor. She stopped crying, put down her children, and looked at Xu Ze, who was running over. She was full of hope!

Seeing the look of the woman, Xu Ze sighed in the bottom of his heart and said, “let’s see what we can do.”

Then he asked the old man, “what’s the matter with children? How did it happen? “

After listening to Xu Ze’s question, Lao wangtou hurriedly replied: “Xiaojun, he just choked on meatballs. We made it for a while, but it didn’t come out. It will be like this in a short time. Just as I was carrying it, I was still angry Let’s see if you can save it. Alas… ” Said, but also reached out to wipe out the corner of the eyes of the two turbid tears!

“Choking?” Xu Ze ran to the car and looked at the child in the car. His face sank at that time. Because at this time, the child’s whole face was purple and his eyes turned up. He had already lost consciousness. It seems that the meatball stuck in his throat and caused suffocation. Now it seems that it has been a while!

At the moment, I quickly reached out and touched the carotid artery of the child. My heart was also cold. I couldn’t feel any pulsation at all. It seemed that my heart had stopped even though it was beating.

According to experience, I’m afraid it’s hard to save it at this time! And at this time, I’ll send it to the town hospital. When I get there, I’m almost dead.

In recent years, he has seen a lot of patients with his father’s side. When he was at Huimin clinic beside the school, he also saw some emergency patients. So these experiences told him that the suffocation time of a child like this must not be short, and his heart might stop for a while!

But for the treatment of this situation, Xu Ze did not see much, and had not seen it so seriously in the past, but he still knew something. After hearing that he choked on meatballs, he recalled the way he had learned from Doctor Zhang when he was working part-time in the clinic to deal with such patients. Xu Ze had some confidence to try.

Although it is said that the heartbeat has stopped now, it is very clear in the textbook that within a short period of time when the patient’s heartbeat stops, there is still hope to recover the heartbeat and save the patient’s life through timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Xu Ze is very familiar with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Not only did he go to school in class, but he even helped the old doctor Zhang of Huimin clinic to operate on the spot and successfully rescued a coronary heart patient with cardiac arrest.

However, in this case, the child’s heart has stopped for a while, and there is little hope to save it, and it has nothing to do with himself. But seeing such a half child die like this, he does not reach out to try to save it, and Xu Ze has a bad conscience.

But now Xu Ze is smiling bitterly, but now he can only save this place. It’s too late to go to the hospital in the town. Let’s forget about it first. Let’s be a live horse doctor at the right of death. Do our best! I don’t care much about that.

At this time, it’s like fighting a fire. No matter whether it’s saved or not, you have to try to save it. Just look up at Lao Wang’s head and say in a deep voice, “old man, I can try, but my heart is gone. The hope of saving is very small!”

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“You must try, you must help?” Xu Ze was willing to try. Old Wang was very happy. He thought that his grandson was out of breath. He asked Xu Ze to come and have a look. He just tried his best to make his daughter-in-law die. But he didn’t expect that Xu Ze said he could try to save others.

Since the other side is still reaching out, at least there are some hopes, but now it’s a burst of joy, and nothing can be cared about. Moreover, the hospital in the town is still five or six miles away from here, and it’s too late to catch up, so we can only rely on the young man in front of us. At present, we quickly respond cheerfully: “doctor Xu, you can save people, no matter whether you can save them or not Blame you! If we save our grandson, our family will do something for you! “

Wushu and other people around here heard that Xiaojun might be saved. Xu Ze said this in advance, and they all understood Xu Ze’s concerns at this time. They shouted: “yes, Ah Ze, you can save it. Even if you don’t save it, Wang Bo won’t blame you. We will testify to you!”

Hearing this, Xu Ze did not dare to hesitate any longer. After all, if the rescue is like fighting a fire, it will be no hope at all. The first step is to find a way to get out the meatball stuck in the child’s throat, so that the respiratory tract is unobstructed before further treatment is possible.

At present, I quickly reached out and turned Xiaojun in the car over. I hugged him from behind. I held his upper abdomen with my hands. I hugged him tightly in front of my chest. I gave a loud drink. With my hands, I held his abdomen with my hands tightly. I held his abdomen tightly.

After the first time, Xu Ze repeated it for the second time. Now the child’s life depends on whether it can work.

This method is to use the patient’s abdominal pressure and chest pressure to compress the patient’s lung, so that the air in the lung is impacted towards the air pipe, and the foreign body blocked in the trachea is impacted by the air pressure. Xu Ze once met with Dr. Zhang Laoshi of Huimin clinic, and the book also recorded such treatment method in detail. So that’s why Xu Ze is willing to try!

All of them are watching Xu Ze’s movements nervously. Although they are not doctors, they are very clear now. Xiaojun ke is out of gas now. Whether they can save it or not, just for two words, depends on Xu Ze.

But Xu Ze at this time, but also no bottom, although he knows that such a situation is handled in this way, but whether he can save it is not clear to him, just to do his best. Others look at his calm face, as if he has a plan in mind, but who knows that he is not sure at all.

However, the kid’s luck is still good. When Xu Ze is brave enough to save people, he has a glimmer of hope. He is continuously acted by Xu Ze. In the public, he only hears a “poof” sound, and a brownish red ball object is ejected from the child’s mouth.

Seeing that the ball came out, the onlookers cheered in unison, while Xu Ze was relieved. However, he was not as excited as other people. The first step was to remove the foreign body, and the airway was unblocked. However, Xiaojun ke was suffocated for a long time, and the heartbeat had stopped. The next cardiopulmonary resuscitation was the most important thing. Whether it could be saved depends on the next rescue!

Xu Ze quickly put Xiaojun down, but just put it down, Xiaojun ke’s mother thought that the child was saved, so she jumped over happily. Xu Ze quickly blocked it and stared across her eyes: “it’s OK, don’t get in the way!”

The woman was stunned, and her face was already red with excitement. Xu Ze yelled at her, and her face was white again. Knowing that she was too anxious, she quickly backed away. She did not dare to disturb Xu Ze to save her son.

Meanwhile, Lao wangtou nearby was also holding back his excitement and hope. Secretly, Dr. Xu still had some brushes, which made the meatball come out two times. Maybe his precious grandson could really save it!

Xu Ze’s brain turned rapidly. Now the foreign body in the throat of the child has been removed and the airway has been cleared. Then the next step is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The faster the cardiopulmonary resuscitation is, the better. Especially for the child whose heart has stopped for a while, every second earlier, the child will have more hope to be rescued.

So no matter what, even if the patient’s heart stops, but the rescue speed is as fast as possible, and several steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Xu Ze remembers very clearly, this is the part-time two years in Huimin clinic, combined with the knowledge learned by the school, helped to carry out several first aid practices.

At present, I dare not hesitate to tear off the child’s clothes, then stretch out my left hand to pad the child’s left chest and heart position, then swing my right fist violently, with seven or eight points of strength, toward the left hand padded on the child’s chest, “Dong, Dong, Dong” hit the ground three times in a row.

With Xu Ze’s fist, the program in his mind seems to catch some information, which runs fast in an instant. A voice in Xu Ze’s mind suddenly appears: “basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation function starts, assisted by biological shock!”

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