Super Doctor Chapter 4 – Patients on the Road

By | March 15, 2020

According to the Convention, Xu Ze doesn’t go to the clinic for work in the weekend of this half year. He usually rushes home to help in these two days, which is why his salary has always been 800 yuan.

At 3:00 p.m., Xu Ze stepped on the half-old bicycle sweating slowly and sweating slowly. The back of the thin purple sweater jacket on his body had begun to show light wet marks, let alone the green T-shirt inside!

Laboriously looked up at the edge of the road to see the landmark: 802, “It’s almost coming!” Xu Ze took a deep breath, raised his eyebrows, and breathed in his heart: “soon, soon, only 20 kilometers, hold on a little longer, and you will be home soon!”

It seems that the strength has been restored, and the speed of the bicycle has gradually increased!

With Xu Ze’s movement, somewhere in his brain, a strange program is also running fast, and a string of information appears from time to time: “bioelectricity charging accelerates, energy saturation of the system reaches 10%, system recovers…”

It’s just that Xu Ze doesn’t feel anything, he just keeps on riding.

After riding like this for a while, but not for a long time, Xu Ze began to feel as if he had been pinched by the neck, and began to get angry again. His legs were as heavy as lead, and he had no strength at all.

“I still can’t support it!” Several glistening beads of perspiration slowly slid down the cheek, dropping gently from the slightly pointed chin, which aroused a trace of dust on the ground of the cement road. Xu Ze sighed and looked at a small slope in front of him, but he didn’t give up at all. After riding on the road for half a year, he knew that if he got off now, he would be more difficult to support if he went up the slope later.

“From the first day, I decided to challenge cycling to go home. From the first time, I had a half-way rest for seven or eight times. It took three hours to get home. Now, about two hours, I’m no worse than some cyclists who have been riding for a long time. Moreover, I’ve been on this road for more than half a year. Today, this small slope certainly can’t stop me! I’ll be able to rush up! ” Xu Ze cheered himself up secretly, but he could not care about the sweat that flowed down his eyes. He took a deep breath and began to sprint towards the top of the slope with all his strength.

“Wheeze Wheezing… Wheeze… ” Xu Ze opened his mouth wide and gasped heavily. It was obvious that his thigh had begun to tremble, but he still didn’t stop at all. In the past, Qingming’s casual eyes were full of determination, and his feet walked forward slowly and firmly.

“… Energy spillover increases, charging continues to accelerate… “

After such a long time of more than ten seconds, Xu Ze, whose back is completely sweaty, finally appears at the top of the slope. He stops laboriously, stands on tiptoe, and breathes the air on the road which is not fresh.

Although he rushed up triumphantly, he felt the weakness of his legs and the softness of his whole body. Xu Ze looked at it for only a dozen kilometers, but it was still a long journey. He sighed darkly, but his physical strength was not enough. After exercising for half a year, he still couldn’t support it;

Although he has been used to this kind of long-distance cycling once a week after several months of persistence, his physical consumption still makes him a little bit tired. After all, he has just cycled from star city to Liuhe city in an hour and a half, but the journey is at least 40 kilometers.

But it was four years ago, when Xu Ze was in Liuhe high school, he bought an ordinary mountain bike for no more than 300 yuan. After four years of training, the mountain bike has survived to this day under Xu Ze’s careful care, but it has already been a little overwhelmed.

However, Xu Ze has not been willing to sell, after all, to buy a new one, at least four or five hundred yuan, he is reluctant to!

Standing on the top of the slope, he put out his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. After breathing in a hurry, Xu Ze reached out to take down the mineral water bottle from the tripod and shook it gently. Looking at the little water left in it, he was very glad that he didn’t need to buy any more water.

Two mouthfuls of water were poured down from the bottle and the last few mouthfuls were drunk. I looked at the empty water bottle and carefully put it back on the tripod. Then I felt three extremely delicate chocolates packed in my trouser bag. I saw that there was a bitter smile on my face.

These chocolates were given to her by Zhang Linyun a long time ago. She specially left some chocolates to supplement his physical strength when riding home, but now they are different.

Carefully put one of them back into the pocket, then tear the remaining two brown packages, smell the strong smell, and swallow two mouthfuls of saliva; these two chocolates will be put in the pocket for a long time, and have begun to deform, but for Xu Zelai, it’s still a good thing, with good taste and physical strength.

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Slowly chewed two chews, felt that the chocolate silk sweet already in own tongue melt open, was absorbed gradually, Xu Ze this just reluctantly swallowed.

The sweaty T-shirt was clinging to his back. Xu Ze took off his sweater coat and tied a knot on his neck with his sleeve. Then he pulled the back of the T-shirt and shook it. The sweat on the wet back dried a little. Then he shook the muscles of his legs and relaxed them a little. Then he stepped on the bike and rode forward slowly Go away.

After having two chocolates to replenish his physical strength, he was confident enough and began to show a faint smile at the corner of his mouth: “the next road should not be too hard!”

It’s a good way to supplement physical strength with chocolate. At least it’s much better than the milk sugar used by Xu Ze before. But after a short ride, Xu Ze felt that his legs, which were already weak, began to have some strength. The whole person also felt relaxed. The next section should not be too hard.

The next journey was very smooth, but within twenty minutes, the town was already in sight. Xu Ze put in a lot of effort and was going to ride home. Suddenly, a group of people rushed out of the road not far ahead.

Dingqing looked out and saw five or six people surrounding an old man with a half-a-year-old child on his back. He was running towards a three wheeled motorcycle ahead in a hurry. Next to her, an old woman and a woman in her thirties were running after her, crying, “my dear Xiaojun, don’t be busy If you have something to do, how can I live with your mother… “

I saw the child lying on the old man’s back, quietly. Xu Ze’s eyes passed a trace of sadness, sighed softly, and said: “look at this, I’m afraid…” Now, without thinking about it, I continue to ride and move forward.

As he walked closer and closer, the old man ran to the three wheeled motorcycle with the child on his back, put the child in the motorcycle carriage, and was about to urge the motorcycle driver to leave quickly. However, after sweeping the silent child in the carriage, his face suddenly turned black and he put out his hand to touch the nostrils of the child.

Seeing the action of the old man, the faces of the people around him also sank down, and the old woman and the woman behind them were all frightened to silence and cover their mouths, their faces were pale, waiting for the old man’s response.

The old man trembled his fingers and touched two of them in the nostrils of the child. Suddenly, his face turned pale. Two lines of turbid tears flowed down his cheeks. He turned his head to look at the old woman and the woman behind him, and said in a trembling voice: “Xiaojun , I’m afraid it’s gone…”

“Whoa… . my bitter child… ” The old woman and the woman behind, hearing this, reacted and cried, but their feet were so soft and fell to the ground.

The others, with a dim face, looked up at the child’s face, which was completely blue and purple. The other hesitated to reach out a finger and shake it at the nostril, then shook his head and sighed approvingly.

The old man wiped his tears and was about to take the child off the back of the car. The woman who fell on the ground next to him suddenly cried out and got up again. He hugged the child in the car and cried loudly, “no, no, Xiaojun Ke won’t be gone!”

As he turned to look at the old man, he cried, “Dad, Xiaojun ke won’t be gone like this. We must save him. We must save him…”

The old man shakes his head helplessly, wipes his tears, but persuades: “Jinhua, Xiaojun is out of breath. There are six or seven miles to the hospital, even if it’s too late to save!”

“No, Dad, help him, help him I don’t want him dead! ” At this time, the woman also knew that the child was basically helpless, but she was still reluctant to accept the fact that she would not get out of the car to hug the child.

Everyone looked at the woman’s appearance, and they were all sad and helpless. A good child suddenly disappeared. No one could accept such a thing.

Xu Ze had already rode to the front at this time, listened to the woman’s sad cry, but also secretly sighed in the bottom of his heart, said the voice was pitiful, and planned to move on.

However, at this time, Xu Ze was inadvertently seen by a person nearby. He saw Xu Ze passing by, but he was very happy in his eyes. He shouted at Xu Ze: “ah Ze, ah Ze, don’t go, come and have a look!”

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