Super Doctor Chapter 3 – Two elder martial brother’s appendage

By | March 14, 2020

In the early morning, the North Lake is full of mist, and a light fragrance is blowing in the forest. The early bird is chirping on the cherry tree. Yesterday, it was just a few cherry blossoms with small buds, but today it is already in full bloom. Looking by the eye, the lake is pink.

Listen to the ear from time to time came the crisp bird call, Xu Ze slowly opened his eyes, looked around doubtfully, suddenly jumped up in amazement, thought: “how am I here?”

Half a sound later, Xu Ze finally remembered everything of yesterday, and his face changed. He clearly remembered that he was drunk yesterday, and then he found that he was frozen and was going back, so he fainted by the lake.

Such a low temperature, I slept here all night, but I was ok, and I just crawled out of the bed. What’s the matter?

Xu Ze felt his head and confirmed that he did not have a fever or any discomfort. Instead, he felt very comfortable and relaxed all over the body. There was no sign of cold, cold or hangover. It was just a little confusing. I made a few laps in the same place, I didn’t think of any reason. The only thing I found was that the jade pendant I held in my hand yesterday was missing. I’m afraid I didn’t know how to throw it into the pile of leaves.

Xu Ze can’t take care of his heartache at this time. He has two hours to go to class. He slept all night here yesterday and seems to have some sweat. He has to go back to take a bath quickly. Besides, he didn’t come back last night, and they don’t know what they will be in a hurry.

After patting the petals and leaves on his body, Xu Ze took a deep breath, letting the fresh air mixed with the light fragrance of flowers slowly moisten his dry lungs. Through the catharsis of last night, his mood has been obviously adjusted a lot, pressing a figure into his heart, and then looking at the large pink clouds on the lake bank, he smiled softly: “this year’s Cherry Blossom I can’t imagine that I saw the flowers earlier than others… “

Running all the way towards the dormitory building, the students who had already got up early for morning exercise began to run towards the lake, looking at the cherry blossoms blooming overnight, cheered one by one.

Xu Ze ran through the trees with a fresh fragrance of flowers.

When Xu Ze returned to the dormitory, he finally let Xunzi down. The fat man looked at Xu Ze carefully, and saw that he had nothing wrong with him. Then he relaxed his mouth: “if you don’t come back, A Ze, the eldest brother will cut off the dog and the man. Just come back, now I don’t need to send prison food to the boss! “

“Go… What crow’s beak of yours! ” Xunzi gave a cold snort to the fat man, and it seemed that Xu Ze had not been greatly influenced, and he had a good mental appearance. He was really amazed at how Xu Ze adjusted last night. He smiled and patted Xu Ze on the shoulder and said: “it’s good to come back, it’s over when things are over. Our A Ze is more or less the person who has been on the school grass list. I don’t know how many beautiful and dark brows he has Love, it’s just that the woman took the lead. Brother tomorrow will introduce some to you, and find another ten or eight. They are so angry… “

“Besides, yesterday I heard that Tao Zhixiong’s son of a bitch was laid down in a dozen and four, and was finally saved by sun Lingfei, a super beauty. He’s good and has a future…” The mule frowned and clapped Xu Ze on the shoulder: “keep on working hard, we finally have the fourth hero in our dormitory. I look forward to you…”

Today’s Friday has classes only in the morning. Diagnostics is a big class. After this class, Xu Ze hurried home to help in the afternoon. By the way, he took advantage of these two days to adjust his mood. Xu Ze knows very well that although he behaves as if nothing happened, he can’t go away as soon as possible. Going home for two days may be the best opportunity to adjust some emotions.

After taking a bath, they went to have breakfast with the eldest one. The breakfast in the second canteen has always been the most popular in the whole school. The big meat buns there have always been the favorite of the mule fat people, while the rice noodles across the bridge are the most favorite of the gang people. As for Xu Ze, he often had four big roasts and a big bowl of pickled vegetable soup for a meal there.

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The second canteen, as always, is full of people, and the fat people occupy the position. The other three will act separately. They will buy four big meat buns, two white rice porridge, one rice noodle across the bridge, four big roasts, and a bowl of pickled vegetable soup.

Xu Ze’s appetite is very good today. He quickly eats four big stews and a bowl of pickled vegetable soup. He used to be full. Today, he even looks at other people’s share and swallows his saliva.

The fat man chews the second big meat bag in his hand, and stares at Xu Ze, who is now staring at his porridge. He says, “what’s the matter with you today? The second senior brother’s eight commandments appendage? I used to eat a little slower than me! “

After all, the fat man hurriedly pushed over the porridge that he had not taken care of, and continued to murmur, “poor boy, I’m afraid it’s really stimulated…”

Xu Ze rushed to the porridge, “Gulu Gulu……” Three or two people then pour down, in three people’s gaping eyes, sweep a bowl of porridge.

After eating, he still glanced at the porridge of the eldest brother. He was so scared that the eldest brother hurriedly drank up the porridge with only half a bowl left. Then he glared at Xu Ze and said: “don’t want my share, drink it yourself and then carry it…”

After saying that, it seemed that he thought of something else. He looked at Xu Ze strangely and asked carefully, “boy, you didn’t go to find a goblin to fight for vent yesterday, did you spend a lot of energy? How else can I eat like this today? I can tell you that we can’t easily lose our innocence. We must find a pure and beautiful girl with the same aspiration… “

“Er… Nothing. I’m full… ” After listening to the lesson from the eldest brother, I could see the strange smile on the faces of several beautiful eyebrows on the table beside me. Xu Ze wiped his sweat and told me that it was really the second elder martial brother who was attached to me today. It was disgraceful. He suppressed his stomach as if he was still only 60% full. He took out a paper towel and wiped his mouth. He got up and left: “Leave away, go to class in a moment…”

Xu Ze’s fight was quite sensational yesterday. The whole clinical department seems to have heard this. At least more than 100 people in the classroom saw Xu Ze come in. Many people, familiar or not familiar, looked at Xu Ze with some concern. They saw Xu Ze’s fresh look, but many people admired him very much.

However, no one came here to ask about yesterday’s situation. After all, it’s not a glorious thing for someone to be lovelorn. No one wants to come here to make Xu Ze unhappy.

However, some girls look at Xu Ze with some bitterness, hope and concern. After all, Xu Ze’s fake is also a person who has been on the list of freshmen. Generally speaking, she is very attractive.

Diagnostics is really an important course. Xu Ze spent the rest of this year working part-time in the clinic, which is very touching. Moreover, he works in the clinic, and this book is also the most read. So when I take this course, I always concentrate on it and never miss it. Moreover, they always ask questions at the end of class, and even many non book categories.

However, Professor Fan, who is good at teaching this course, is the chief physician of the Affiliated Hospital of Xingda. After decades of clinical experience, he has always answered Xu Ze’s questions in detail. He is also very enthusiastic about such studious young people and is good at teaching.

Today, Professor fan is talking about the chapter of chest pain. Xu Ze has drilled through this article several days ago. He took advantage of the free questioning time of Professor Fan at last, put forward some questions, and then released the questions before leaving class.

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