Super Doctor Chapter 2 – Super System

By | March 13, 2020

As for this man, Xu Ze didn’t listen. He just took out a box, opened it, put it in front of Zhang Linyun, looked at Zhang Linyun’s charming eyes, and said softly, “this is what you always want, happy birthday!”

Zhang Linyun subconsciously looks at the box in Xu Ze’s hand. When she sees the Jade Buddha, there is a complicated look in her eyes. She can’t imagine that Xu Ze would buy such expensive things for her.

At this time, other people also saw the box in Xu Ze’s hand and the crystal clear Jade Buddha in the box; then they couldn’t help looking at Zhang Linyun’s chest. A light green jade Buddha Pendant is hanging on Zhang Linyun’s chest, but the Jade Buddha obviously seems to be inferior to the white jade Buddha in the box.

Following the eyes of the people, Xu Ze also looked up and saw the pale green jade Buddha. His pupils slightly shrank. It turned out that just now, two people standing together were wearing the Jade Buddha.

The corners of his mouth slightly tugged. Xu Ze was waiting to speak, but suddenly a strong force hit him. “Boy, you want to die!” However, the boy beside saw Xu Ze’s white jade Buddha, who was obviously in good shape. He became angry and slapped the fan.

With the sound of “pa”, Xu Ze’s hand was fanned to one side and the box flew out.

With the exclamation of all the people nearby, the box hit the ground severely, “PATA” a crisp sound, the white jade Buddha bumped on the ground, and then broke into two parts.

Xu Ze looked at the Jade Buddha on the ground, but his eyes narrowed in a moment, and his anger, which had been under pressure, broke out. Without thinking, it was a fist that directly waved in the past.

With a squeaking noise, the boy was knocked by Xu Zeyi in the middle of his chin, splashed with two pieces of blood, and the man took a few steps back, sitting on the ground with one butt.

This fist went out and surprised everyone. Xu Ze was waiting to mend his feet, but she was held by Zhang Linyun, who was so frightened that her face turned white. She was full of fear: “xuze, don’t mess!”

Zhang Linyun is almost stunned at this time. She has been communicating with Xu Ze for several months, but in the past, Xu Ze was gentle and seldom spoke in a rough voice, and everything depended on her, but she has never seen Xu Ze’s fierce side.

Only Zhang Linyun was shocked, but Xu Ze seemed to want to go forward and do it again, which made her hold on in a hurry.

However, her pull was good. Xu Ze was about to get rid of it, but she was reflected by several boys nearby. At present, Xu Ze had a kick and kicked it on Xu Ze’s hip. Xu Ze staggered and rushed forward two steps. Then the three of them came up and attacked Xu Ze.

Xu Ze was very angry this time. Although he didn’t fight with others since he was in middle school, he didn’t flinch at all when he was one enemy and three enemies. After a cold snort, he stopped kicking with his fist, but didn’t suffer much loss for a while.

However, after all, one person can’t defeat three fists. However, after a short time, Xu Ze got a few feet on his body. At this time, Xu Ze was totally red eyed and didn’t care about the other’s attack. He just punched and kicked the three people around him and fought back.

At this time, the four girls beside, seeing this scene, were flustered. Except for Xuanzi, who was going to ask his classmates to pull the quarrel, the other three would only scream in surprise.

Xu Ze fought for a while, and gradually felt that he could not stand alone, and his mind gradually calmed down. He knew that if he went on like this, he would suffer great losses;

And the man on the ground began to get up from the ground. If the man got up, he could not deal with one enemy and four enemies. At present, they are trying to suppress their anger and plan a strategic retreat.

The boy who was put on the ground by Xu Ze got up from the ground, but he seemed to be a little dizzy. He was looking at Xu Ze fiercely, shaking his head and waiting for his mind to return, so he came to participate in the siege.

When the situation was not good, Xu Ze began to carry out the retreat plan. He was going to break through the other side’s several feet, but suddenly he was stunned, because from the crowd nearby, he was drinking to kill a beautiful woman.

Xu Ze, the beautiful woman, took a look and seemed to be familiar with her face. She was tall and beautiful, with long legs and waist. On her beautiful face, her eyebrows were raised gently, which made her beautiful and flawless, but she had a very charming spirit.

At this time, her beautiful face is full of indignation. Her pale yellow plaid shirt sleeve is rolled high, just like an angry little lioness, so she rushes towards this side

I saw her neatly enter the side of several people besieging her. Her high ponytail fluttered with the wind. A pair of long legs tightly wrapped in jeans flashed rapidly, a split leg, a knee bump, and the last neat backward kick.

There were only three screams. The three people who besieged Xu Ze were accidentally kicked to the ground by her. One by one, they got up in a hurry. They were going to fight back, but after seeing the people coming, they suddenly backed away in fear. Looking at this beautiful and fierce little lion, they did not dare to fight.

Xu Zezheng wondered that the boy who had just been put on the ground by Xu Ze, who had just returned to his mind, saw that there was also a trace of fear in the eyes of the little lioness, but saw that Zhang Linyun was holding her hand carefully by his side, and soon restrained the trace of fear, but said angrily, “what do you do, it’s none of your business!”

“Sun Lingfei?” Xu Ze was stunned. She was the famous Vice Minister of sports department, the president of Taekwondo society, and the flower of performing arts department?

“It’s none of my business? Why don’t you four beat each other? What I dislike most is to bully the few with others! ” Looking at Tao Zhixiong, who obviously has some outside strengths and middle talents, a trace of disdain flashed in Sun Lingfei’s eyes. He said in a cold voice: “if you have the ability to fight with him, I will never interfere!”

“You…” It was obvious that he saw the slightest contempt in Sun Lingfei’s eyes, and Tao Zhixiong’s hand was shaking. However, he clearly knew that Sun Lingfei, a female devil, was so powerful that he offended her people, and no one could benefit from it.

“Well, I’ll fight with him!” Tao Zhixiong’s eyes flashed a fierce color. Although he was afraid of Xu Ze’s fighting power, he had to speak out hard because of his face!

After hearing Tao Zhixiong’s words, Sun Lingfei sneered: “you are really a man. You four have surrounded him for such a long time, but now you are happy to say that you have to fight with him alone! I haven’t seen such a cheeky man as you! “

After saying that, it was apricot eyes, crisp voice angrily shouted: “roll for me To see you arrogant again, I’ll see you fight once! “

Tao Zhixiong was so drunk by Sun Lingfei. His face was green and red. He was so angry that his mouth was shaking. However, he was still rational. He knew that the devil could not be bothered, and he could not beat her. Besides, there were a large number of fans in her club. It was a matter of minutes and minutes to find trouble If I really mess with her today, I’m sure I won’t have a good life in the future.

At present, with a blue face, he snorted angrily, and dared not fart, so he took Zhang Linyun and left, and the three attendants behind him also hurriedly turned sideways, followed behind him in a gray way and ran in the boos of the nearby crowd.

Looking at the happy scene, Xu Ze’s eyes flashed a trace of self mockery. Unexpectedly, he still had a day to rely on his sister to preside over justice.

But no matter what, I still want to thank others. Now I raise my eyebrows gently, stretch out my hand to wipe off a trace of blood on my lips, then slowly raise my head, look at Sun Lingfei, and say in a deep voice, “my name is Xu Ze, I will remember that I owe you a debt!”

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After that, Xu Ze glanced at Zhang Linyun, who was carefully helping Tao Zhixiong to get on the car. His heart was hurt and his eyes were sore. He could not stay here any longer. He nodded to Sun Lingfei, then turned around and left quickly.

Seeing Xu Ze leave, Sun Lingfei looks at Zhang Linyun over there, and at Xu Ze’s back, which is obviously sad and lonely. There are two sections of jade Buddha on the ground, shining in the sun. The long eyelashes blink for two times, and suddenly chuckles: “Xu Ze? I can’t see it’s really interesting…”

Although a few days of sunshine drive away a lot of cold spring, but in the night of March, the wind is still cold. Xingdabei lake is a very famous place. Every March and April, there are countless cherry blossoms blooming in the lake.

At that time, when the star is the most lively, countless tourists come from all over the world to watch the cherry blossom sea.

With the gradual warming of the weather, this year’s cherry trees by the lake are also gradually growing out of a small bud, ready to open at any time, releasing their own gorgeous.

At this time, by the quiet and cold North Lake, a thin figure seemed to sit there quietly, staring at the black water motionless, as if it had been a long time, and there was a very old-fashioned place full of empty beer cans.

In the cold moonlight, the handsome face, which used to be full of warm smile, was pale, and there were traces of tears crawling on his cheek. Before, Xu Ze always adhered to the tenet that men sweat and don’t cry, but now, he can’t help it.

A few bruises were hammered out on the suffocating chest, and a few faint teeth marks on the lips were slowly seeping with blood, all of which only reluctantly suppressed the choking voice, but the irresistible tears were still slowly slipping down.

“Why are you leaving me? Where is he better than me? Is it because he has more money than me? ” Xu Ze raised his hand and poured a mouthful of beer, ignoring the liquor overflowing from the corner of his mouth, murmuring: “I work harder than most people, how do you know I won’t make more money in the future?”

“Why? Why? ” Xu Ze wept, howled painfully towards the quiet lake, and then poured the remaining half of the beer into the mouth, ignoring the tears and tears.

Gradually, with the passage of time, the lake gradually quieted down, and the thin figure was still sitting there, I don’t know how long he had been sitting here, but now his tears seem to have dried up, and when I think of that smiling face, my heart no longer seems to be that painful.

Xu Ze put out his numb hand, shook his hand and grasped the jade pendant which was not like Guanyin’s on his chest.

Looking at the jade pendant in the palm of his hand, under the light of the moonlight, Xu Ze suddenly thought of the broken and crystal white jade pendant and Zhang Linyun’s expression of concern for the boy. His heart suddenly hurt again.

The sudden tear like pain made Xu Ze painfully hold the jade pendant in his hand. Even his fingernails pierced his palm, he didn’t notice it at all.

“Huh … huh …” I felt that the dry eyes began to sour again, and some salty liquid came out again. Xu Ze Wei closed his eyes, raised his head and took two deep breaths, and then forced the pain of his heart down. He told himself that he was only allowed to be weak this time. After this time, he would not be allowed to cry again, and would not let himself cry for any woman

After raising his head several times, tears still came out under the stimulation of suffocation and pain. Xu Ze let it go, let it flow If you want to flow, just flow I won’t give you a chance in the future.

I don’t know for a long time, the tears dry again, Xu Ze finally woke up, looked around, felt the cold and numbness of his body, seemed to realize something, knew that he could be frozen at any time in such a cold night.

At present, he laboriously supported the ground, reluctantly supported his numb and disobedient legs, and slowly stood up.

Just a step, a strong sense of vertigo surged up, Xu Ze was shocked, and then fell down slowly.

In 306 Building 5 of boys’ dormitory, the eldest Xunzi is dialing Xu Ze’s phone nervously with a dark face, but the phone always says: “the phone you dialed has been turned off…”

The second fatty turned around anxiously and stared at Xunzi anxiously, saying: “is the phone connected? Where the hell has A ze gone? He won’t think twice about such a bitch! “

The third Gang next to him, frowning and shaking his head, said: “A ze is not the kind of person who can do stupid things, but even if he doesn’t come back, he should also make a phone call…”

Hearing the sound of shutting down the machine, the mule slammed his cell phone on the table and said: “if there is something wrong with A Ze, I will kill the adulterer and the whore tomorrow!”

The lake was dark. Xu Ze fell quietly under the cherry tree. He seemed to have been deprived of all his life by the low temperature, as if he had thought of the terrible facts before he lost consciousness.

In fact, it seems to be the same. In a few hours, the combination of alcohol anesthesia and the low temperature of no more than three or four degrees in the middle of the night is enough to take away all the life of Xu Ze in a coma.

However, somewhere in Xu Ze’s quiet body, there gradually seems to be a little movement. In the grip of his hand, a poor sculptor’s Guanyin jade pendant seems to be stained with a faint trace of blood; and this trace of blood seems to stain a certain spirit, which makes the spirit angry, and begins to vent his anger. A white ray of light quietly comes from the jade pendant It’s breaking apart.

“Di……” With the light flickering of white light, a faint mechanical voice suddenly rings softly: “the system is activated, the super medical assistant system is officially started; body fluid analysis: blood line meets, gene purity is class A, meets the fusion requirements, and starts the comprehensive scanning before fusion!”

Host comprehensive situation analysis: Chinese male, the physiological age is about 20 years old, the physical quality is grade g, the vital signs are weak, the alcohol content in the body exceeds the standard, the consciousness is lost, the body temperature drops rapidly, the heart rate drops, the breath slows down In a state of danger

“Alarm Start emergency Integration From the bottom, ten, nine, eight, seven Host acceptance rate is 100%… “

“After the fusion, it takes 38 seconds; start the emergency system, start the level-D protective cover, start the temperature rise program of the body, start the detoxification program, and start the life support program…”

“Alcohol content returns to normal, body temperature returns to normal, heart rate returns to normal, breathing is normal, body repair is completed, a total of 25 minutes!”

“Scan host external equipment for system modification attachment Discovery equipment: a pair of low-grade alloy resin glasses and a ring of low-grade alloy, which meet the minimum standards of modification and attachment. The modification is expected to take 56 minutes. “

“… Transformation completed! After ten seconds, the primary optimization of the host gene is carried out… “

“… Not enough energy, only 10 percent Pause optimization and calculate the best plan in an emergency! “

“After the calculation of the best scheme, the bioelectrical charging function of the host cell is activated in advance. It is estimated that within 300 hours, the energy storage system can be used for primary gene optimization again!”

“Implement the scheme to activate the bioelectrical charging function of cells Activation completed! “

“The total energy consumption is about 93%. Start the dormancy program.  protective cover is automatically closed after four and a half hours, and the host is automatically awakened when closed…”

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