Super Doctor Chapter 13 – Zhang Lao’s test ()

By | March 28, 2020

Not surprisingly, there are many people with color on their faces in the step classroom. Seeing Xunzi and Xu Ze come in, they all smile and nod their heads, which was a bit conceited.

Xunzi patted Xu Ze’s shoulder proudly and said, “see, we brothers are interesting enough. Ah Ze, are you interested in playing with us”

Touched the arm that was clapped a little sore, Xu Ze raised his delicate eyebrows, but said: “you know I’m really not good at ball games. Besides, I’m still at work. Where can I have time to play ball?”

“All right, all right…” Xunzi, with a look of regret, glanced at Xu Ze and sighed, “Ah Ze, in fact, you really have to play basketball. Only basketball can truly reflect the charm of our men. Otherwise, it’s a small idea to surpass Zhang Tianyu with your qualification.”

“Zhang Tianyu?” Xu Ze smiled bitterly. He can’t compare with the basketball prince who is popular with girls in the whole school. He not only has a girl’s favorite face, but also plays basketball well. He recruited a girl named Qingmi. He changed seven or eight girlfriends in two years. It’s said that apart from eating in front of sun Lingfei, there are not many girls who can resist his charm. We can’t compare with him.

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