Super Doctor Chapter 1 – Jade Pendant

By | March 13, 2020

In March, it rained continuously for five or six days, which finally cleared up. The sun was shining and the breeze was caressing. As the weather turned warm, people took off their thick cotton padded clothes and put on a light jacket and T-shirt happily. They enjoyed themselves freely in the sun and the breeze. The warm sunshine and the light breeze really made people happy!

The Huimin clinic, not far from Xingcheng University, seems to be booming with the improvement of the weather. There are five or six patients infusion water in the injection room.

Xu Ze carefully pricked the needle of the last patient, adjusted the dripping speed of the liquid, and then said hello to sister Luo, the nurse, and walked out to the consulting room. He looked at the doctor who was reading a book, and said cautiously, “Dr. Zhang, I have something to do tonight, so I may not come here at night!”

“Um… If you have something to do, do not delay your study! ” Old doctor Zhang looked up at the humble Xu Ze, smiled and nodded, then opened the drawer, took out an envelope and handed it over: “this is last month’s salary, take it away!”

Looking at the thin envelope, Xu Ze saw a little light in front of his eyes, and secretly said that’s what he was waiting for. Then he took the envelope with a smile and said, “thank you, Dr. Zhang. I’ll go first!”

Happily, he counted eight hundred yuan bills in the envelope, and then went to the cash machine in front of the school and took out all his five hundred yuan deposits for a long time. After that, Xu Ze rode his bike to Tongzi street.

Tongzi street is the biggest antique and Jade Street in Xingcheng. Xu Ze used to come here with his classmates several times before, so he is familiar with it.

But today he didn’t come to hang out. Today is the birthday of his girlfriend Zhang Linyun. As a boyfriend, he must prepare an unusual gift. So Xu Ze has been frugal for a month. Today, he plans to give his blood to please his girlfriend.

He knew that Linyun had always wanted a jade Buddha’s Pendant for a long time, but because some jade pendants were slightly better, the price was not cheap, so he just looked at them enviously, and never thought of buying them.

Today, Xu Ze is going to pick one for Linyun as a birthday present to surprise her. After all, she has been together for several months and has never given Linyun anything.

He knows that there is an old jade shop here, which has a history of more than 80 years in Tongzi street. The owner of the shop is an ancestral craftsmanship. He once accompanied several students who lived in Xingcheng to buy jade here. The shop is not big, but several students who know the roots and know the background of Xingcheng are very clear. Although the shop looks small, it has always been a jeweler’s shop outside It costs a lot to buy.

So Xu Ze decided to buy jade pendants, of course, he took the money and came straight here.

Tongzi street has always been busy. Xu Ze pushed his bicycle all the way. After a long stroll, he found the antique signboard of Wangji jade shop from the colorful signboards on both sides.

After parking at the door, Xu Ze pushed open the old glass wood door and walked in.

Seeing the owner with some familiar faces, Xu Ze was relieved. It seems that he didn’t find the wrong place. Last time he came, he was also the old man with gray hair guarding the shop.

When the shopkeeper saw someone come in, he nodded to Xu Ze and said with a smile, “what do you want to buy, my classmate?”

Xu Ze walked over and smiled at the shopkeeper and said, “uncle, I want to buy a jade pendant in the shape of a jade Buddha!”

The shopkeeper smiled and nodded, looked at Xu Ze, and suddenly smiled: “man with Guanyin and woman with Buddha, do you want to buy jade Buddha? Send it to your girlfriend! “

“Ha ha…” Xu Ze touched the back of his head and nodded with a dry smile.

The shopkeeper looked at Xu Ze, who was obviously embarrassed, and chuckled and said, “I’m sorry. Let’s talk about it. What price do you want to buy? I’ll help you choose some of them!”

“Um… 7、 Eight hundred or so! “

“Seven, eight hundred…” The shopkeeper touched a few sparse Hu dregs on his chin, then he bent down and took three or four boxes out of the counter, opened the lids one by one, and then put them on the counter, laughing: “look, these are more than seven hundred and eight hundred. If you like them, you can say; since you find me directly, of course, I know I won’t open your price!”

“That’s it!” Xu Ze smiled and said, “I’ve bought it with several students, so I’ll go straight to you. Of course, I’m very relieved.”

At the moment, I was not polite. I carefully looked at these jade Buddhas on the counter. These jade Buddhas are all pale green Jadeites, and one is milky white Jadeites. Xu Ze frowned for a while. In his opinion, the pale green Jadeites are very beautiful, but it seems that Linyun likes that kind of white jade.

So, Xu Ze looked at the white jade Buddha, which seemed pretty, and asked the owner, “how much is the white one?”

“Uh… This white jade pendant is 850! ” The shopkeeper laughed.

“Eight hundred and five……” Xu Ze frowned and thought about the 1300 yuan in his pocket. The secret way is to save some living expenses. He looked up at the shopkeeper and said: “uncle, can you make it cheaper? Eight hundred five is a little expensive… “

The owner looked at Xu Ze and said with a chuckle, “the price of this jade is very fair. I can guarantee that if you are in the jewelry store outside, you can’t take it down without more than 1500 yuan. Since you have been here, you should know that I have real prices and don’t bargain!”

“But it’s more expensive.” Looking at the white jade pendant on the table, Xu Ze hesitated.

When Xu Ze hesitated, the shopkeeper smiled and took out two boxes from the counter and put them in front of Xu Ze. He said with a smile, “if you don’t look at these two boxes, they are all white jade. One is six hundred eight and the other is seven hundred five.”

Xu Ze looked at the two white jade Buddhas, but he was not very satisfied with them. The 850’s are obviously much more beautiful. Since I bought it for Linyun, I have to choose a better one. I don’t need to save 100 yuan.

At the moment, he shook his head lightly and looked at the owner of the shop and said: “uncle, you are cheaper. I really like this one first!”

“Ah… You know the rules of our shop. We don’t bargain. ” The shopkeeper shook his head lightly, looked at Xu Ze, and said with a smile, “I can see that you really want to buy this. If you are sure to buy this, I can give you a gift.”

After that, the shopkeeper took out a small silk bag from the counter, took a light green jade pendant and put it on the counter, saying: “The so-called male with Guanyin and female with Buddha, I think you don’t have Guanyin as a bodyguard. Here is a Guanyin jade pendant that I bought and sent. Although the sculptor is not very good, the quality of the jade is still barely acceptable. You can take it together if you like, just with a pair, But the price of 850 is not less than one point!”

Looking at the jade pendant in front of him, Xu Ze sighed lightly. The jade looks quite transparent, but the sculptor is not so good. It can only be said that it is very bad. Because looking carefully, no one can see that it is Guanyin.

But there’s no way. Xu Ze knows that the owner is telling the truth. Wang Ji never talks about the price of jade. Now he can earn a gift jade pendant. It’s very good. Let’s get together a couple. Linyun brings Maitreya Buddha, I bring Guanyin, and I’m a couple!

Thinking of this, Xu Ze’s heart is sweet, and he is not pestering now. Anyway, he has hundreds of them. Save some!

At present, I paid the money, and hung the pale green jade pendant which was not quite like Guanyin on my neck. Then I took the box with the white jade Buddha and thanked the shopkeeper. Then I rode back to school happily.

Xu Ze, who was full of joy, rode back to school at full speed. He rode for a while and gradually felt a trace of sweat. The sweat slowly flowed down his chest and back, and gradually moistened the jade pendant on his chest.

However, he didn’t notice that the light green jade pendant on his neck suddenly flashed a strange light after touching the sweat, and then the whole jade pendant began to become transparent. A burst of colorful light slowly changed inside. After two seconds, the light slowly disappeared again, and the whole jade pendant returned to its original appearance, but it was produced inside A strange message: systems support open, awaiting activation …

At this time, Xu Ze, who was riding excitedly, didn’t realize all this

It’s half past one when I get back to school. After eating some lunch, he rushed to class, local anatomy in the afternoon Xu Ze spends his time in chaos. He kept turning over the delicate box containing the Jade Buddha in his hand and looking at the crystal clear Jade Buddha in the box. Xu Ze’s heart has always been sweet.

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When Linyun saw the Jade Buddha, she would like it very much. When she thought of the happy appearance of Linyun, Xu Ze’s heart also drifted with it.

Sitting on the side of the dormitory, the eldest mule finally couldn’t help laughing after watching Xu Ze, who had been giggling and absent-minded all afternoon. He grabbed the box in Xu Ze’s hand and joked: “see what you have bought for Linyun, such a baby!”

“Ah… Xunzi, move around, give it back to me… ” In this trance, Xu Ze, who had lost the box in his hand, hurriedly said nervously, “don’t break it for me…”

Seeing Xu Ze’s nervous appearance, Xunzi carefully opened the box in his hand, looked at the crystal white jade Buddha, and couldn’t help exclaiming. Looking up at Xu Ze, he said, “you are very thrifty in the past, but you are really willing to give up your hand to Linyun. This Jade Buddha doesn’t have a thousand pieces. I’m afraid it can’t be taken down. I saw a similar one last time, more than 1800 pieces!”

Xu Ze carefully snatched the box back from Xunzi’s hands and quickly closed it, which loosened his mouth: “not too much difference, as long as Linyun likes it!”

“Tut tut You don’t really see this kind of love! ” Xunzi pretended to sigh twice and said with a smile: “well, boy, have a good time today. It’s better to strike while the iron is hot Ha ha… “

As for Xunzi’s teasing, Xu Ze just carefully put the treasure box away and put it in his pocket, waiting for class to end.

It’s not easy to wait for the bell to ring after class. Xu Ze runs excitedly towards Linyun’s dormitory 10. He keeps the surprise for a day, and finally brings it to her at this time.

Xu Ze asked Linyun that she had no classes this afternoon. At this time, she should dress up in the dormitory and get ready for dinner.

Xu Ze ran to dormitory 10, excitedly took out his second-hand Nokia and dialed the familiar number. However, there was no familiar color ring in the microphone, but the depressing female computer voice: “sorry, the phone you dialed is off, if you need…”

All of a sudden, Xu Ze froze, “shut down? What’s the matter?”

“She must have forgotten to recharge!” Xu Ze thought for a while, as if suddenly laughing, and then pressed another group of familiar numbers.

“Toot… Toot… Toot… ” Xu Ze waited for a long time, but no one answered. Just when he felt more and more uneasy, finally a familiar voice came from there.

“Xuanzi, is Linyun there?” Xu Ze, with some doubts and uneasiness, asked quickly after hearing the familiar voice.

The voice of xuanzi seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then she replied: “well Linyun is not here. I I haven’t seen her since this afternoon! “

“Is Linyun out?” Hearing xuanzi’s uneasy tone, Xu Ze felt more and more uneasy. He pondered and asked again, “do you know where she has gone? Her cell phone is off! “

“I don’t know. Maybe the cell phone is out of power, or you can try again later?” Spin son dry smile way.

Xu Ze took a breath and suppressed the uneasiness of his heart. He said softly, “OK, thank you, xuanzi. If you see Linyun, would you like to let her give me a call?”

“OK, I have something else to do. Let’s do it first…” As the voice falls, the word “Dudu” comes to the microphone quickly The sound of disconnection.

Holding the mobile phone, Xu Ze’s beautiful eyebrows tightly screwed together, full of uneasiness and doubt: “what’s the matter? Today is her birthday, but where has she gone? “

When I think of it here, I think of the strange tone of Fangcai xuanzi. Xu Ze’s face gradually darkens. Isn’t it Thinking of this, Xu Ze was shocked, then shook his head again, quickly threw off the terrible idea in his mind, murmured: “no, Linyun will never…”

“But today is her birthday, but why does her mobile phone turn off? Why is it so strange for a spinner to talk? ” Xu Ze’s face changed rapidly. After a long time, he finally sighed, looked up at the window on the sixth floor and turned away;

However, after leaving the gate of building 10, Xu Ze hesitated for a moment, but found a stone bench under the tree nearby and sat down, just like that, as if waiting for something quietly

Building 10, bedroom 602, Xuanzi stood on the balcony, looked carefully down, sighed at last, turned to a bright girl and said, “Linyun, Xu Ze is gone!”

“Gone? Are you sure you’re going? ” After getting the confirmation of the spinner, the girl named Linyun, who was originally tightly screwed together, finally stretched out her eyebrows and breathed a sigh of relief. Then she took the cell phone of another girl next to her and dialed a phone.

When xuanzi enters the room, she looks at Linyun, who is talking with the person on the phone in a whisper. She shakes her head helplessly. After Linyun hangs up the phone, she says with a wry smile, “Linyun, it doesn’t seem good!”

Hearing xuanzi’s words, Zhang Linyun’s pretty face flashed a shadow, but soon turned to smile: “Xuanzi, things about feelings can’t be forced. At the beginning, I liked him, but after a while, I found that I didn’t like him as a type, and he was relatively mean.”

“And now I have found a person I really like and who is good to me; Tao Zhixiong, who not only plays basketball well, but also looks sunny and generous, is much better than Xu Ze, and you have to bless me!”

Zhang Linyun’s words made Xuanzi shake his head helplessly and sighed softly: “well, this is your own business. We can’t control it. Xu Ze is not mean to you. He earns his living expenses by working part time every month, but together, it seems that he never let you pay Although Tao Zhixiong is more generous to you and often gives you flowers, but … Forget it’s your birthday, we won’t talk about it! “

Soon, the cell phone rang again. Linyun looked at the number on the cell phone and smiled at several roommates. “Let’s go downstairs. They have come here!”

Xu Ze looked at the familiar figure of several girls coming out of the door of dormitory 10 from afar. Suddenly, a strong stabbing pain came up in his heart. Why did Linyun lie to me

Xu Ze was very confused and pained, but he soon understood, because he saw four boys who had just come downstairs to welcome them, and two groups of people came together. Then one of the boys sent a bunch of pink roses to the most familiar figure, and the two stood close together, not knowing what they were doing, but the next few people suddenly broke out A cheery uproar.

Looking at all this, Xu Ze’s head was dizzy for no reason, and his chest suddenly choked, as if the whole person would suffocate;

Xu Ze’s eyes were red, he was biting his teeth, and he punched hard at his chest for several times. After that, he seemed to loosen his chest a little bit, stroked his chest and murmured: “why? Why is that? “

Xu Ze is in agony here. The group of people over there also left the door of the dormitory and walked towards the avenue here. It seems that they are going to eat out.

Looking at the group of people coming towards this side, Xu Ze calmed himself and took a deep breath, which made his chest feel less oppressive. Then he slowly stood up from the stone bench.

This group of people walked, walked, and finally came to the avenue, and walked to a silver gray Toyota car parked nearby. But at this time, someone finally saw Xu Ze standing under the tree opposite the avenue.

“Xu Ze!” Xuanzi looks at Xu Ze, who is pale on the opposite side. After a exclamation, he stops in amazement.

Hearing the name, the other three girls all stopped in amazement, raised their heads in unison, and looked at Xu Ze, who was walking slowly across the street.

Zhang Linyun, who was walking in front of him by the hand of the boy, looked at Xu Ze, who was walking slowly. His face, which happened to smile at Yan Ran, suddenly solidified.

Xu Ze slowly came over and looked at Zhang Linyun. Then he looked at the boy with a stud on his head and a wide face. A faint smile appeared on his pale face, but it was a little chilly.

“Your new boyfriend?” Xu Ze smiled faintly and coldly. His black and bright eyes were shining with complicated light. He quietly looked at Zhang Linyun and asked.

Zhang Linyun looked at the faint smile on the handsome and gentle face in front of her, and the dark eyes, her mouth moved twice, her heart was frightened, but she didn’t speak.

In the face of Xu Ze, she never felt this kind of fear. Before, Xu Ze always gave her a kind of gentle and even cowardly atmosphere, and she was always in the leading position in front of him, what she said.

But now, the strange smell on Xu Ze’s body makes her feel slightly shaky, as if it is a kind of feeling Awe is the feeling of awe.

The boy next to me recognized the man in front of her. Xu Ze seemed to be Linyun’s ex boyfriend. Then she snorted coldly and said, “boy, who am I to do with you? Get out of the way!”

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