Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 225

By | June 1, 2020

After she said that, more than a minute later, the talents in the team responded.

The first voice burst out in the world, “wait! Who was talking just now! “

In the team, except for chuyang on the leaf and Yijian cooking wine, other people have talked.

The sound of cooking wine with one sword is the most familiar in the world.

The rest

The world and other people put their eyes on Chu Yang on the leaves.

At this time, long hair and waist also reflect, “lobule! You are really a woman! “

In fact, at the beginning of hearing this sound, no one thought of the early sun on the leaf.

Ye SHANGCHU Yang is also quite famous in the game. He is considered as a human demon by everyone’s subconscious mind.

After all, the game is more female biased, such as the popular trade union, women are panda level national treasure.

Basically no woman is reluctant to open voice in the family.

Like ye shangchuyang, because he can’t form a team with other people without voice, it’s not like normal women’s reaction at all.

The world was called chuyang brothers before, and ye shangchuyang didn’t say anything, which made everyone confirm that ye shangchuyang was a big man with his feet cut.

The voice just now, and the affirmation of long hair and waist.

The team of just a few people exploded in a flash.

“Lying… Lying trough! It’s Chu Yang, bah, Xiao Ye! ” This is the sound of ink marks.

The tourists murmured, “it’s terrible, it’s the feeling of heart.”


Even if you are used to seeing beautiful women, you can’t help saying, “I heard that your patriarch is going to form a love relationship with that idle flower, with long hair and small leaves. Why don’t you two come to our guild?”

Others agreed.

They were originally called Ye Shaohua chuyang because they thought she was a boy.

Now I know it’s a goddess. I’ll call it Xiaoye after my long hair and waist.

Ye Shaohua finds himself in a black dragon.

Can’t help but drink soup while thinking, is it possible that the world level is low, and her IQ of the whole person is also low?

[captain] ye shangchuyang: No.

This is to answer the world’s questions.

Although the world expected that ye Shaohua would refuse, but really heard, and some of the mood.

He manipulated the characters around Ye Shaohua for two circles. “Xiaoye, then you can say two more words. Let me record them as an alarm. Patriarch, don’t you say two words to let Xiao ye come to our guild? Is there a magician in our fixed team

The sword of cooking wine, which had not been spoken, finally opened up, some lazy, “yes, if you can’t stay in nianzhou guild, the popular door will open for you at any time.”

[team] ye shangchuyang: OK, thank you.

A sword of boiling wine stared at the “thank you” for a long time.

And the long hair and waist again exclaimed, “the voice of the sword God is so beautiful, the voice of the God Goddess, I am too happy tonight!”

The team behind is more heated and noisy, but ye Shaohua and Chu Yun didn’t talk until the end.

Let the world and others regret.

“Fourth brother, help me, help me!” They finally broke through the ninth floor and came to the tenth floor in the game that no one has reached so far.

As soon as it was transmitted here, the world was hit by a wind blade, and in a moment, it became bloody.

Sword cooking wine is a white dress floating God, the priest in the game is a very weak occupation.

Everyone else’s godfather is a nanny. Only a shepherd with a sword of wine can not only milk, but also output.

It’s a perverted existence.

When there was only one blood skin left in the world, he immediately used rejuvenation to return the general blood to him.

Ten level boss is a huge snow eagle, as everyone imagined, it has a high defense value, and a wind blade can cut off the crispness in seconds.

Even if the amount of boiled milk is high, it will not move.

The long hair and waist went wrong twice in a row. The first one was boss seconds.

Then ink marks, tourists chant and others follow suit.

Only Ye Shaohua and Yijian boiled wine were left on the whole court.

“It’s invincible in three seconds. I’ll freeze it in three seconds.” Ye Shaohua has tested the snow eagle with Jisao’s operation. Every ten seconds, it has a state of immunity to any control, lasting for three seconds.

If you want to fight with it in these three seconds, you are going to die.

A sword boil wine only said a word, “1.”

“Wait, I’ll finish the last sip of soup,” said Ye Shaohua, putting down the bowl and putting his hand on the keyboard. “On the left.”

“Take it on,” a sword of wine with a two skill return blood and damage, “yes.”

The two men sneaked around the snow eagle’s attack area. They were just pinching a sword to boil wine. The blood was left. The snow eagle had lost more than half of its blood.

Waiting for the next round of attack, ye Shaohua looks at Yijian and cooks wine.

I didn’t expect the other side to cooperate with her so tacitly. As soon as she basically said it, his attack was in place.

Both operation and consciousness are very good.

No wonder it’s number one.

have a well-deserved reputation.

Wait two seconds for the snow eagle to fall, and five other people who are lying dead feel that they have watched a visual feast.

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Long hair and waist: “I suddenly found my existence meaningless.”

The world opened its mouth and wanted to say something, but found that he could not refute it at all.

[the player’s early sun on the leaves is as powerful as a bamboo. The system rewards the leader’s order * 1, the level 12 fortified stone * 2, and the God level excellent four elephant staff * 1! ]

[players can cook wine with one sword, and pass the level 10 dungeon of demons. The system rewards the God level perfect bright jade pendant * 1, the level 12 fortified stone * 2, and the God level ethereal golden cicada silk * 5! ]

[player’s long hair and waist ]

Not to mention that a team has passed the level of demonic dungeon, and suddenly a few more divine orange martial arts come out.

The most surprising thing is the alliance leader’s order. The guild who gets the alliance leader’s order will be the first to build a trading city. The built city will be inhabited and special copies will be opened. Meanwhile, it will become a unique force in the game!

This time the world channel blew up!

[world] master brother will cut me: fog grass, one sword God, the world God, the tourist singing God And how is chuyang the human demon?

[world] smile on Enron: does the leader order to sell? 600000 gold coins!

[world] Orange: let’s go back to the guild!

Ye Shaohua finds that her private chat channel has exploded, and everyone wants to add her friends for the order of the leader.

As soon as she ordered the rejection, she saw the private chat sent to her by long hair and waist.

[secret chat] long hair and waist: Xiaoye, watch the guild channel.

See here, ye Shaohua picks eyebrows, she points to the guild channel.

[guild] Orange: the first sun on the leaf, put the four elephant staff and the leader ‘s order into the guild warehouse.

Long hair and waist: why? This is Xiaoye’s own customs clearance copy.

[guild] Haiyue: ha ha, she has orange martial arts. Why do she need four elephant staff?

[guild] trifling with flowers and shadows [Deputy clan head]: Chu Yang, don’t be selfish. Give the order of the leader. We don’t want to fight you.

The guild channel is condemning Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua didn’t plan to give the leader of the alliance to love sea. Now he has no such mind.

It was at this time that she saw the friend request sent by love boat.

Click through.

Love boat did not speak, directly sent a trading picture.

A pile of precious materials, including five God level cicada silk.

Ye Shaohua immediately refused.

[secret chat] ye SHANGCHU Yang:?

[secret chat] cooking wine with one sword: I can’t use the colorful Phoenix clothes.

Ye Shaohua remembers that there is a god fashion Phoenix garment in the game, which can’t be bought with money. The original owner collected a lot of materials and failed to practice successfully.

[secret chat] ye shangchuyang: OK.

One sword cooking wine will send a trading box, which is still the original materials.

Ye Shaohua orders the leader to go in. She can’t use it.

One sword boiled wine and waited for confirmation before he found that ye Shaohua had ordered the leader’s order.

The sword that the popular guild was talking about was boiled for a while.

What’s the matter

“She gave me the order of the alliance leader,” he said in a soft voice

With the world’s familiarity with Yijian’s cooking, it’s natural to hear that his lazy voice is indicating that he’s in a good mood.

All the members of the popular guild are now sleeping in the trough.

What else does the world want to say? However, at this time, he received an email from ye Shaohua. It’s a four elephant staff. The copy of the demon explodes a mage’s weapon.

But the world is embarrassed to look for ye Shaohua, I thought that the other side gave him directly.

He chuckled a little bit, and then spoke on the guild channel.

The news that ye Shaohua gave a sword to boil wine and the world with the leader’s order and the four elephant staff also reached the nianzhou guild.

[guild] Orange: you gave the leader of the alliance to the fashionable guild? That’s great!

[guild] ye SHANGCHU Yang: is it very angry?

As she typed, she was about to put the level 12 reinforced stone into the guild warehouse, when she suddenly left the guild channel.

[you have been kicked out of the guild by the vice clan leader playing with shadow! ]

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