Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 224

By | April 1, 2020

The more you talk about love, the more you talk about it.

Ye Shaohua knew for the first time that his face was so thick.

And playing with shadows.

Even if she sold it to the popular guild, she would not give it to Nian Zhou.

Don’t bother to pay attention, turn off the chat dialog box, and directly pull people to the blacklist.

The next day, a notice was sent to the students in the college class group to receive the internship report.

Ye Shaohua wore exactly the beginning of the third semester of junior year. There are no classes but internships. In addition to the internships arranged by the school, only students find internships themselves.

Because of the inferiority of the original owner, she directly filled in his own search and did not stay with the large group.

There are more men than women in the computer department. There are only 20 girls from freshman to senior.

On average, there are one or two students in each class, so some of the boys in the computer department may not know each other, but the girls must know which class they are in and can hand over their names.

When Ye Shaohua appeared in the computer department, the boys trembled at their feet. “Misty grass, where is it from?”

When Ye Shaohua appeared in the computer department with her bangs on her head, you can imagine the amazing faces of these boys.

“People say that all the girls in the computer department are monsters. I believe it.” A freshman’s heart is troubled. “Finally, I’ve seen it.”

Another boy sighed, “what’s the name of the freshman next door Yes, An Xun! It’s called An Xun. I saw it in the Internet bar yesterday. It has a star face! You can go to the performance department! “

“This is the third year’s God sister. When she was a sophomore, she made her own software. You know, the main page of Tianhu network. She did the search engine.” A man who knows Ye Shaohua.

The others immediately turned into a face of admiration.

Tianhu network is the country’s first search engine.

Speaking of which, the original owner is quite accomplished in computer, but that is to say, better it talents will not cause much influence.

At the same time, An Xun at a university also received a document.

There is also a phone call.

“Ann, it’s just an ordinary IT researcher,” said the man with poor Mandarin. “I can make a better search engine than Tianhu search engine in minutes. I don’t know why you want me to check such an ordinary person.”

When the man said here, he was very disgusted.

Hearing this, An Xun didn’t have any accidents on his face. “I just want to know more about her. My mother told me they didn’t know that they were looking up the Ye family.”

“What?” The man was curious. “Is there anything special about this person?”

She is just an ordinary person.

I don’t know why it attracted the attention of An Xun.

“It’s nothing,” An Xun sneered at the mention of it. “Lanny, don’t worry about it. I’ll go first.”

Lanny is a hacker she knows, so she doesn’t doubt Lanny’s message.

* *

On this side, Ye Shaohua has taken the internship report home.

Ye Qingkun is sitting in the hall of Ye’s house. He is talking to the housekeeper. The expression on his face is not very good.

However, seeing Ye Shaohua coming back, he immediately changed into a happy look. “Shaohua, it’s just time to come back. Dad made your favorite eight treasure duck for you today, come here.”

Ye Shaohua knows that he met her mother’s family today. Although he is a real estate tycoon now, he will not be a copper family in those people’s eyes.

Ye Qingkun is very worried. He is afraid that those families will take Ye Shaohua away.

“Shaohua, is it delicious?” Ye Qingkun looks at Ye Shaohua carefully.

Ye Shaohua has been not close to her, and he has been trying to make up for her lack of mother in all aspects.

Now her mother’s family has come. Her mother’s family has more meaning than him. She has more money than he has power.

Ye Qingkun really has some inferiority.

He didn’t really want Ye Shaohua to answer. The psychiatrist said she had depression. Ye Qingkun just asked.

So I really didn’t expect her to answer.

Ye Shaohua takes a bite of eight treasure duck. She has eaten so many high-grade dishes. Ye Qingkun does not do badly, but she is not the best one.

It’s the most attentive thing she’s ever eaten.

“It’s delicious, thank you dad.” Ye Shaohua looks up and smiles at ye Qingkun.

Unexpectedly, this sentence made Ye Qingkun’s eyes red.

It’s been a long time since he saw his daughter smile at her.

When Ye Shaohua finished eating and went upstairs, Ye Qingkun was busy. He didn’t think about his mother’s side.

He went into the kitchen again, “Shaohua likes to eat tremella soup very much. I want to stew another pot for her. She must hurt her eyes very much when facing the computer every day. Housekeeper, go to search for something good for her eyes. Oh, yes, I heard that those little girls like beauty food…”

The housekeeper watched ye Qingkun busy in the kitchen.

At last, she said helplessly, “Mingren don’t say dark words, sir, can you put down the salt?”

Miss is afraid that she will take back her love for you after eating your dark food.

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* *

Upstairs, Ye Shaohua has turned on the computer.

It’s seven fifty for her to take a bath.

See her online forestry busy to invite her into the team.

Ye Shaohua left a mailbox for ‘long hair and waist’ yesterday. Long hair and waist were waiting at 7:30. Ye Shaohua invited her, and she went in quickly.

I didn’t move for a long time after I went in.

A minute later, she came back to her senses.

[team] long hair and waist: Xiaoye, you didn’t tell me that I was in the same team with the God!

Long hair and waist looked at the sword cooking wine with the title of “No.1 in the Jianghu” hanging on the top of the team, shivering.

Not to mention him, the world, tourists chant, ink mark and so on are the top ten.

This is the top group of people in swordsman love!

“Hello, chuyang, Changfa, I am the world,” forestry opened voice, “is it convenient for you to open voice? This copy needs to be matched. “

“You can be a God in the world!” Long hair and waist immediately opened the voice, is a very more lovely voice.

“Long hair turned out to be a lovely girl,” the tourist chanted and others immediately cheered up, “go away from the world, I’ll take long hair with me, my sister and my friends, and I’ll take you to do the task later.”

For a while, long hair and waist received the love from the top ten figures.

She was flattered.

The pedestrian said for a long time, and found that ye Shaohua had no voice. He found that she did not open the voice. If the game did not open the voice, he could not hear the voice.

Thinking of her identity as a human demon, forestry made a thoughtful remark.

[team] World: Chu Yang, can you open up your voice? You don’t have to talk. Just listen to me. This game needs cooperation.

[team] ye shang chu yang: OK.

She turned on her voice and heard others.

But she didn’t speak.

People in the popular family are very active, that is, a group of living treasures.

But after entering the copy, these people are all serious.

“Long hair, add blood! Beautiful! “

“Yes, clan leader. You can mend the sword in the early sun.”

On the eighth floor, Zhu Niao’s boss fell down.

“Let’s fix it up and go to the ninth floor when it’s full.” This is the voice of the world.

A group of people chatted.

Up to now, ye Shaohua has not talked to Yijian for cooking wine.

Just at this time, the housekeeper knocked on the door and brought a bowl of soup. “Miss, the master has cooked the soup for you.”

The voice of the world rang out, “why is there more voice of one person? Who is his name?”

Ye Shaohua took off the earphone, because she picked it faster and didn’t hear the voice of the world.

She didn’t respond for a moment. She was still driving the team voice.

She took the tremella soup from the housekeeper and smiled: “thank you, uncle Ming, rest early.”

World with long hair and waist tourists chant these people originally want to say who this male voice is, did not expect the next second to hear another clear voice.

Voice channel, long hair and waist are amazed by this voice. There are many beautiful voices in nianzhou family.

Among them, the sound of playing with shadows is the best.

Long hair and waist also heard a lot of good sounds, she is the voice control.

However, she was amazed by the voice.

Different from the sound of idle flowers playing with shadows, it’s a very clear voice. It’s a little lazy and clear in the cold. Just listening like this, it makes people crisp.

Originally noisy team, a moment of silence, everyone subconsciously stopped talking.

Ye Shaohua put on the earphone again, and found that the noisy team was silent now. She didn’t even have the command of the world. She squinted slightly, “no voice? Is my headset broken? “

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