Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 223

By | March 28, 2020

The orange’s remark attracted many people’s attention.

Everyone is looking forward to Ye Shangchuyang’s voice.

Of course, there’s not much to look forward to.

Ye Shangchuyang has never uttered a voice. Everyone agrees that her voice is not good.

Otherwise, how can I never turn on voice?

Ye Shaohua carelessly typed a line in the voice channel.

[Guild] Ye Shangchuyang: I’m sorry, it’s inconvenient. You say I’ll listen.

After she typed a line of words, several boys in the family covered up for her. The orange said a few strange words and ignored her.

“Sister in law, when will you marry the patriarch? By the way, patriarch, I have photos. She is a rare beauty. You should seize the opportunity! ” The orange turned to gossip and began to talk abou An Xun.

The story of Xianhua Nongying being a real beauty has been passed down by the people in “Swordsman Love” for a long time.

There are many people who have photos of An Xun. There are also legends that she is a big school flower. Countless people send flowers to her every day in the game.

Naturally, Qinghai Guzhou knew this. Otherwise, he won’t be able to break off the relationship with Ye Shaohua so cleanly.

In the game, Ye Shaohua gets along well with others and has a good character, so she has the idea of sending (face base) for thousands of miles.

Also specially sent her own picture, did not expect that Ye Shangchuyang did not send her own picture.

In the game, many relationships have developed into reality. He hinted several times that he had to give them away. Unexpectedly, Ye Shangchuyang found an excuse to refuse. The family voice has never been opened.

From that time on, the idea of Qinghai Guzhou has never been developed into reality.

It’s not so close to Ye Shangchuyang.

Until the appearance of Xianhua Nongying, Qinghai Guzhou has seen the photos of Xianhua Nongying in the family group, which is very classical and really a beauty.

She and Ye shangchuyang had a good choice. Without hesitation, he chose to break the relationship with Ye Shaohua.

This time the orange mentioned, he did not deny, just whispered: “well, concentrate on the copy, make a shadow, you and I guard an exit.”

Ye Shaohua guards another passage with long hair and waist.

After the family copy, Ye Shaohua found that the screen suddenly sprinkled with rain.

[Jianghu express! Players “Love ocean boat” sent players “Xianhua Nongying” Rose Basket * 10, it’s amazing! ]

[the world] brothers are coming to cut me: sleeping trough, a rose basket 499rmb, 4990rmb, Hao’s world can’t understand!

[world] sunset: it’s a brush of intimacy, isn’t the leader of Qinghai Guzhou going to make love with the shadow beauties?

[the world] chuckles at Enron: The patriarch of the lone boat finally disassociated from the shemale, congratulations!

The world has been bustling for a long time because of these ten rose baskets.

[the player’s “Yue Shang Chu Yang” is sincere in his pursuit of gold and stone. He has refined it into a top level God level clear sky staff! ]

Qingxiao staff is the top perfect staff. It has passed the green cloud sword of boiling wine and become the first weapon in the list.

The world is boiling.

All of a sudden, ten rose baskets of Qinghai Guzhou were covered.

[the world] brothers come to cut me: I remember that only one sword God has the top level orange martial arts, right? Worship of the great Ye Shang Chu Yang!

[the world] the world: Ye Shang Chu Yang, please look at your friends. Do you sell orange? At market price!

The world is the vice clan head of the first family “fashion”. Ye Shaohua looks at the friends page and thinks that in the future, the family who is divorced from the boat may join the fashion, so he agrees.

[secret chat] World: brother chu, you even added me! Amazing!

The world is also the forestry also sent a screenshot to the rejected Chu Yun.

[secret chat] Ye Shangchuyang: not for sale.

It took a long time for forestry to realize that Ye Shangchuyang was answering his questions in the world.

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After he was stunned, he smiled a little. It’s very interesting to see Ye Shangchuyang.

Then he talked about the main thing. Although he had a good heart, he knew that there was no lack of money according to his ordinary performance, so he just said that word in the world.

I didn’t expect that Yue Shangchuyang really added his friends.

[secret chat] Tianxia: I want to invite you to have a copy of demons. We saw it when you were playing World boss that day. Your technology is definitely the top three in PK list. With you and the clan leader, the most difficult demons will surely pass!

Heaven demons?

Ye Shaohua remembered that this was the hardest seven-person demon of “Swordsman Love”. There are ten layers in total. If you pass the customs, there will be top level orange Wu and the leader’s order. It’s about a month.

The official said that the reward of the ten level boss will definitely satisfy everyone.

Countless families are greedy, but up to now no one has been able to pass the customs.

Even the most popular family has only reached the ninth floor, and has not yet seen the tenth floor of boss.

[secret chat] the world: please God, you must promise!

[secret chat] ye shangchuyang: OK, but I’ll take someone with me.

[secret chat] the world: if you don’t agree, I will cry!

[secret chat] World: OK, I’ll have two seats. How about eight tomorrow evening?

Ye Shaohua typed a good word, then looked at the list of friends, long hair and waist have been offline, she sent an email to long hair and waist.

It was at this time that she received news from the neighborhood.

[nearby] fooling around with flowers and shadows: in early sun, it’s better to sell your orange martial arts to me than to sell them to the world.

After that, she was just about to go offline.

Qinghai Guzhou sent a message.

[secret chat] Qinghai Guzhou: at the beginning of the day, I’ll turn 200,000 gold coins to you and give me your Qingxiao staff.

Qingxiao magic staff is the weapon of the mage, and the lonely boat in love is the swordsman.

[secret chat] Ye Shangchuyang: are you not a swordsman?

[secret chat] Qinghai Guzhou: Nong Ying just got to the full level yesterday. I want to give her a full level orange Wu. The shadow making operation is better than you. It is also the first mage of the family. She is also in the top ten on the PK list. Orange Wu can play the biggest role for her.

Seeing this sentence, Ye Shaohua wanted to quit her sleep for a while, and she was angry and laughed.

[secret chat] ye shangchuyang: how thick is your skin when you are in love alone? Don’t say you want to buy it, even if I don’t throw it away, I won’t sell it to you.

[secret chat] Qinghai Guzhou: I know you don’t like shadow playing. But you can make an orange and a second. Why not make a little contribution to the Guild?

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