Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 219

By | March 20, 2020

Except for the four ye family members, no one else heard of these contents.

Especially when I heard that ye Shaohua was comparable to the seventh prince when he was a child, I was stunned one by one.

Then there was admiration for general Ye.

Such a talent, general ye can also be ruthless not to let her read.

The miracle doctor now reflects why Ye Shaohua can make such an antidote. It turns out that he was a genius when he was a child!

Yuwen Yun only knew this when he looked at Ye Shaohua in surprise.

If it is said that Yuwen Jing is the most surprised on the stage, he looks at Ye Shaohua stupidly, and the eunuch general manager calls him twice, but he does not respond.

However, general Ye has no time to respond to him. After knowing that Ye Shaofeng has nothing to do with it.

Ye Shaohua also came out of the palace successfully. General Ye has no other scruples.

He looked directly at Yuwen Jing and said, “Your Majesty, you have been out of the palace for a long time, and it will be dark. For your safety, let me send you out of the palace.”

Yuwen Jing’s heart has set off a storm.

Until now, he didn’t know that Ye Shaohua had hidden his clumsiness in front of him.

He would like to ask why she didn’t tell him from beginning to end!

But –

Think about Qu Huashang again. Yuwen Jing doesn’t dare to ask. what qualifications does he have to ask?

From the beginning, he kept it from her

Think again of the Qu family. Yuwen Jing’s face is darker. As soon as he ascended the throne, he abandoned Ye Shaohua. Yuwen Yun must have told general ye, even now that general Ye has left him.

Thinking of this, Yuwen Jing said nothing more and left the Ye family directly.

After Yuwen Jing left, general ye took a look at Yuwen Yun and thanked him for inviting the doctor in time.

At the same time, I had a hunch that he might have something to do with Ye Shaohua when he came here.

He didn’t drive him away from Ye’s house, but arranged people in the wing room.

After a group of unrelated people left, the Ye family got together.

Knowing that ye Shaofeng’s life was not in danger, the elder sister-in-law of Ye family looked at Ye Shaohua. “Shaohua, this Yuwen Jing is really hateful. She even abandoned you for a Qu huashang. I want him to know that our younger sister is 100 times better than that Qu huashang!”

This is the reason why Ye Shaohua was a child prodigy in front of Yu Wenjing.

The relationship between the Ye family is not complicated. Mrs. ye and general Ye Shaofeng have been in love with Ye Shaohua since childhood. The married sister-in-law naturally inherits this.

After choosing a man like Yuwen Jing, I didn’t expect him to be a wolf in the heart!

His son was seriously injured and his daughter was abandoned on the spot on the day of the ceremony. How could general ye bear this tone.

He swore to protect Yuwen family in front of the former Emperor, but Yuwen family, who will be the emperor, he can’t guarantee.

“You stay in the house. I’ll go out.” General Ye left a message and went out directly.

Ye Shaohua let Mrs. Ye look at her from the beginning to the end and communicate with 008 in her mind.

“I haven’t upgraded for a long time indeed,” Ye Shaohua squinted. “Wait, you need my consent to upgrade now?”

008:【…… You’re right. ]

Can you stop being so sharp!

But Ye Shaohua doesn’t care much about it now. “You upgrade first. If it doesn’t work, don’t upgrade later.”

008 as if she did not hear a word behind her, happily agreed.

* *

There was no white matter in the general’s mansion, and ye Shaohua left the palace unharmed.

At the same time, Qu Huashang’s rights were also slightly closed by Yuwen Jing. The officials standing beside Qu’s family were either suppressed or dismissed.

Qu Taifu smelled something unusual.

For the reason of visiting Qu huashang, he went to the back palace to find quhuachang.

“Huashang, the talisman is in the hands of the emperor,” said Qu Taifu, who knew that the emperor could not accommodate them. “You must find an opportunity to find the talisman for me. Remember, it’s up to you whether the family can survive!”

Like general ye, Qu Taifu was able to show his loyalty by giving all his forces to the emperor.

However, there are still too few people in the world who have the courage of general Ye. Who is not in love with power?

Not to mention the Qu family above one thousand people!

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Qu Huashang shook her head directly. She didn’t believe it. “No, your majesty loves me so much. He won’t do this to Qu’s family!”

Qu Taifu gave her a powerful medicine, “you know, now the whole capital is rumored, Miss Ye is a talent of the world? Even the idle king doesn’t deny it? How many times has your majesty been to Changchun palace recently? “

“What?” Qu Huashang fell down on the chair.

Her fingers are tight. Since ye Shaohua came out of the prison, Yuwen Jing has not stepped into her palace any more.

“Grandfather, I see.” Without thinking for a long time, Qu Huashang had a choice.

Look at the granddaughter’s eyes firmly down, finally relieved.

Qu Huashang summoned the palace maid. Instead of wearing gorgeous palace clothes, she dressed as she did when she first met Yuwen Jing and went to see Yuwen Jing.

After Yuwen Jing took a nap, she let all the servants around her go down.

Then she opened the brocade box with a bunch of keys and took away the talisman inside.

“Monsieur steward, it’s very hot to see your majesty.” Qu Huashang put the talisman in her sleeve and smiled at the eunuch chief.

After that, she went directly to Changchun palace and ordered lone star to send the talisman back to Qu’s house.

She didn’t know that after he left with a talisman, Yuwen Jing woke up.

Within a quarter of an hour, several people appeared quietly in the room, “Your Majesty, empress Niang asked Gu Xing to send the amulet to Qu’s house.”

“Gu Xing?” Yuwen Jing’s lips are hooked with sarcasm.

Gu Xing, the second killer in the star picking tower, wanted to assassinate him in the imperial palace that day. If he hadn’t been saved by Ye Shaohua, he would have been in a different place now.

It turns out that Gu Xing is Qu Huachang’s man. It’s hard for the Qu family to blame Ye Shaohua!

When he got the news, he was not as surprised as he thought.

Maybe it’s because of the Ye family. He had a premonition for a long time.

The most beloved woman in his life has always wanted to kill him. The most sorry woman saved him. He thought he was only sorry for one person, but he still loved the wrong one!

If Qu Huashang didn’t exist from the beginning to the end, he would be with Ye Shaohua all the time. General Ye is so loyal and doesn’t need to worry about the Ye family at all.

“Poof -” Yuwen Jing spits out black blood.

But he didn’t stop. Instead, he found Yingwei and took out a talisman from his sleeve. “Give this to general Ye, and let general Ye go to the palace by the way.”

He had been wary of Qu Huashang for a long time. Qu Huachang thought that what she got was the real talisman, but he did not know that it had been switched by him for a long time.

* *

The ambition of the Qu family has not been concealed.

Although Ye Shaofeng was not dead, he could not get up when he was lying in bed. Ye family also had no talisman. More than half of the people in the court supported Qu family.

Others are neutral.

Qu family and his people directly forced the palace, and even more frankly, Qu Huachang had a prince in his stomach.

When general Ye and others arrived, Yuwen Jing was forced to drink Jiujiu.

There is no bullying on general Ye’s face. In fact, he can come earlier. He can save Yuwen Jing, but he doesn’t.

It’s not enough for Yuwen Jing to exchange nine lives for his daughter!

Qu Huashang is sad enough. She was also followed by Gu Xing. She wipes away her tears and looks at her regardless of Yuwen Jing.

Just look at Ye Shaohua, light way: “Gu Xing, do it.”

Gu Xing on his side stretched out his hand and was seriously injured, so Gu Xing has served her since then.

Lonely star didn’t see ye Shaohua at all. Hearing Qu Huachang’s words, she reached out directly and flew out with a flying knife.

In his eyes, ye Shaohua is no different from a child.

And Qu Huashang didn’t worry at all. Gu Xing is the second killer in the star picking tower, and it is also one of the best experts in the Jianghu.

Even Qu Taifu was surprised by the master she received.

Although Ye Shaohua’s martial arts are not low, she is a yellow girl after all.

Sun Ping is now following Qu Huashang. He has always known the current situation. Changchun palace is now the highest.

Just after the dagger thrown by Gu Xing was close to Ye Shaohua’s neck, a slender hand easily took over the flying dagger which is said to be elusive in the Jianghu.

Then came the voice of Qingyue, “Gu Xing, who gives you the courage to move the owner of this building?”

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