Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 218

By | March 19, 2020

Yuwen Yun looked at Ye Shaohua inquisitively, “cured?”

He asked everyone in the yard questions.

Yuwen Jing’s face was a little bad, but at this time he looked at Ye Shaohua with a complicated face.

He didn’t know how much the other side had concealed from him.

Ye Shaohua didn’t answer Yuwen Yun’s question, because the sister-in-law in the room has helped her answer, “Shaofeng, are you awake?”

It’s also a very surprising sound.

Then the doctor who followed Ye Shaohua came out. He looked at Ye Shaohua like a ghost.

“Shua -“

“Wow -“

She cured Ye Shaofeng!

Everyone’s eyes on Ye Shaohua.

Especially the group of doctors kneeling on the ground, the horror on their faces is obvious.

“Brush and brush -” all eyes are extremely hot to Ye Shaohua.

General ye and Mrs. Ye confirm that Ye Shaohua is OK. Only then can they go to the house. Their fingers are shaking.

I really don’t want to go through it again.

They really thought that Ye Shaofeng could not save anyone this time.

Ye Shaohua just looked at Yuwen Jing, “emperor, from now on, I will stay in the general’s mansion.”

Yuwen Jing just wanted to open her mouth. She wanted to ask her what was going on, and why she had to hide him!

But also think of the moment with Ye Shaohua’s contract, just raised the hand also can’t let go.

Ye Shaohua didn’t notice his action at all. He just reached out and summoned one of general Ye’s top generals, “go and catch all the people in the mansion.”

She didn’t avoid anyone, but looked at the captured Ye family. Her sharp eyes almost peeled off all the servants.

“You,” Ye Shaohua pointed to the maid standing in the first row in the pink dress, with a cruel smile on her lips, “I remember that when you were selling yourself to bury your father, a scoundrel wanted to forcibly pull you away, my brother saved you, and my sister-in-law gave you money to bury your father! Then you have to repay them, so you stay in the general’s mansion as a servant girl. Shuang Yu, I ask you, why to collude with outsiders to harm my brother? “

Shuang Yu facial expression changes, immediately kneel down, “Miss is injustice……”

“Do you know what betrayed you?” Ye Shaohua walked towards her slowly, then leaned over and took a Zhu Chai from her head. “I have seen this Zhu Chai on the head of the third miss of the Qu Jia family. Our Ye family has never been associated with the Qu Jiafamily. Tell me, how can you let the third miss of the Qu Jiafamily appreciate you Zhu Chai personally?”

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Hearing this, Shuang Yu wanted to explain, but ye Shaohua didn’t give her a chance at all.

Directly wave your hands and let people take down the stick.

At this time, Shuang Yu wanted to say what the person behind her said to her, and wanted to beg for mercy. However, the person who grabbed her would not give her a chance at all.

It’s general Ye’s conviction to deal with her.

They have been in the army for many years and naturally hate spies.

Don’t say they were attacked by someone on their way back to Beijing because the military division was a spy this time.

The brothers lost a lot. General Ye lost one.

Where can she sympathize with Shuang Yu?

If Ye Shaohua didn’t come back, ye Shaofeng might have died. What’s more, these people would like to skin Shuang Yu. It’s grace to die with a stick.

In addition to Shuang Yu, she found 14 of the 59 servants in the general’s mansion, nearly a quarter of them.

“How do you know that Zhu Chai belongs to Miss Qu Jiasan?” Yuwen Yun looks at Ye Shaohua in surprise.

Let alone him, even Yuwen Jing has doubts.

He was wondering if Ye Shaohua was afraid of Qu Taifu because of this.

Although he is also very afraid of Qu Taifu now, but Ye Shaohua is not happy to do so.

But Ye Shaohua didn’t answer that.

The elder sister-in-law who came out of the room no longer had the same look on her face. Hearing Yuwen Yun’s words, she raised her head proudly. “Our younger sister has been gifted since she was a child and never forgets. My father said that Shaohua would recite the Scriptures when she was three years old. At the age of five, the general’s office asked her to teach her how to read. He said he had nothing to teach her. As long as there is nothing she has seen that can be forgotten, when Shaohua married her majesty, she met Miss Qu Jiasan. “

Yuwen Jing remembered that when he married Ye Shaohua, Miss Qu Jiasan came to ask for Ye Shaohua’s embarrassment.

It’s for Qu Huashang.

“Eh,” the doctor found the wrong place, “do you think Miss Ye was a prodigy when she was young? Forgive me for being frank. I’ve heard about Miss Qu’s reputation outside. She was a great debater. Do you think Miss Ye is a prodigy? I haven’t heard of that? “

It’s not just the doctor’s doubts, everyone here is very confused.

General Ye did not dare to use any more royal doctors. He ordered the military doctors who lived in the mansion to take good care of Ye Shaofeng.

Because of years of low-key, his daughter and son were bullied one by one.

The general’s office has done this, but they have not been let go. Since this is the case, the general’s office should not be low-key!

“At that time, general Ye’s office was very popular,” he said, with some sadness. “Shaofeng was interested in reading since he was young, but I didn’t cultivate him into a great scholar, and I didn’t even invite other gentlemen for him except to read.”

Yuwen Jing didn’t say what he wanted to say.

He knows what general Ye is doing. General Ye purposely raised Ye Shaofeng to waste, because the general’s mansion has already gained enough publicity.

Another brilliant young emperor will not let them go.

“Only Shaohua,” general ye turned to him, and his eyes could not conceal his pride. “She did not forget to look at the other way around, and her teaching teacher confessed that she could be comparable to the seventh prince. After that, I didn’t allow her to read, and she was smart and didn’t show that in front of other people. But she took the world’s first swordsman as her teacher. After she was ten years old, I was not her opponent. She ran around and didn’t know how many books she read. She felt bored when she took part in those poetry fairs once, and never took part in them again. It’s useless for me, or I won’t let a pair of my children suffer such a big grievance from childhood! “

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