Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 217

By | March 18, 2020

The plot leaves little information for Ye Shaohua.

I only know the death of the original Lord and the ending of Ye family. Obviously, Yuwen Jing is dealing with Ye family.

For the talisman.

However, before this, Ye Shaohua had already contacted Ye general and others through special channels.

General Ye knew that Yuwen Jing was afraid of Ye’s family. The first thing he did after returning to Beijing was to hand in the talisman.

Originally, the Ye family had no intention of rebellion, and general Ye had no intention of swallowing the talisman.

I didn’t expect that even if it was like this, there were still people who didn’t want to let the Ye family go.

The difficulty of the world is not difficult for Ye Shaohua. 008 didn’t supervise her seriously. It was such a long time of intensive training that gave her a way to take a vacation.

Just experienced the world of mecha, the high difficulty of calculation made her feel tired mentally.

This time, she didn’t want to do anything. She just wanted to keep the Ye family from being destroyed. Then she took Yuwen Jing’s contract with her and went to the Jianghu for a walk. It was a holiday for her.

Ye Shaohua holds down the eyebrow, thinking that as long as Yuwen Jing doesn’t have this idea, it’s good.

Now it seems that those people don’t want to let the Ye family go at all!

Even in spite of the danger of his contacts being found, he wants to let Ye Shaofeng die.

I’m afraid that many people in the general’s mansion have been bribed, otherwise the bowl of poison will never be drunk by Ye Shaofeng.

What’s more, Shaofeng didn’t get hurt in the middle of the original plot. This time, he got hurt. It’s the extreme line that she didn’t get pinched by Qu Huashang.

As soon as Ye Shaofeng dies, those who originally supported the general’s office will be alienated from the general’s office when they budget for the future.

The threat from the general’s office will be less than half to them, and then there will be no good life in the general’s office!

When Ye Shaohua finished saying that, there was a strange silence in the yard. When the doctor heard Ye Shaohua’s voice, he couldn’t help squinting his eyes to see the woman standing a few steps away from him.

“Are you ok?” Yuwen Yun was the first to feel her mood fluctuation, and could not help frowning at her.

“It’s OK,” Ye Shaohua heard and looked at him. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Yuwen Yun nodded,” you said

“From now on, the general’s office can only enter and cannot leave!” Ye Shaohua’s eyes were almost burning with fire.

She is not a very good tempered person, especially because of professional reasons, the most hated thing in her life is betrayal!

You can just leave, like Sun Ping, she will never have any idea about his life after he left.

But no matter what the reason is, it’s unforgivable!

She didn’t ask Yuwen Jing, but only told Yuwen Yun, who didn’t refuse, “OK, I promise you, I will never let anyone go, including your majesty.”

008 is still in the virtual space. It originally wanted to say to the host that it can’t be too anti human.

But he has never found the angry appearance of the host, so he didn’t dare to open his mouth to remind him. For fear that it might be affected, he still wants to ask the host to upgrade it.

Anyway, her Fengshui world can hide from the sky and the sea. This ancient world no longer talks about saving a person who must die.

In this way, 008 has no need to stop Ye Shaohua.

“Do you have any gold needles?” Ye Shaohua didn’t have the golden needle to save people in this world. She asked the doctor around her.

When the doctor subconsciously looked at Yuwen yun, he took out a row of gold needles from his sleeve when he saw that he had no objection.

“Thank you.”

Ye Shaohua walked directly into the house.

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The doctor looked at her face and suddenly said, “wait a minute, you want to save little general Ye. Can you use the legendary witchcraft? Life for life? These are the ways that poisonous witches use to survive. Even if general Ye gets your life, he will not live long. “

He didn’t look down on people, but a little girl under 20 years old asked for a living general Ye. The doctor didn’t believe it, but he heard what ye Shaohua said before.

At the doctor’s words, the faces of the people on the field changed.

Ye Shaohua’s sister-in-law immediately seized Ye Shaohua, “you can’t go in, even if you want to change your life, take mine!”

Several others said the same.

But Ye Shaohua smiled gently, “don’t worry, I won’t do such a stupid thing.”

With that, she went straight into the door.

The doctor thought for a moment and followed in. Yuwen Yun promised that the general’s mansion could only enter but not leave.

Yuwen Jing was the worst face on the scene. He felt for the first time that even holding the imperial power was useless. Yuwen Yun soon mastered the general’s mansion.

What he couldn’t see through was Ye Shaohua.

He has also been with Ye Shaohua for two years. Apart from that hand and even surpassing his words, he didn’t know that she could be a doctor.

Even the miracle doctor asserts that she can save those who are not saved?

Yuwen Jing’s face changed for a while and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Inside, ye Shaohua could see the appearance of Ye Shaofeng clearly.

Because of the wounds on his stomach and shoulders, he didn’t wear a coat on his upper body, only a white bandage dyed black and red by blood.

It’s not hard to understand in modern times, as long as you wash your stomach and take a lot of alkaline water to neutralize it.

However, it does not mean that ancient times can be interpreted at will.

Let alone that Ye Shaofeng had a long wound on his stomach.

Hurt in the stomach, and heartbreak grass is to aggravate abdominal pain, to the time of death, intestines are black.

The poisoned person must know that Ye Shaofeng has a fatal wound on his stomach.

When the pain is severe, the wound will be torn again. With the aging of the viscera, it’s no wonder that even the miracle doctor said there was no help.

Ye Shaohua didn’t know that she had studied medicine for several lifetimes. She even studied medicine. She took out the gold needle and stopped the bleeding for ye Shaofeng first.

There are many herbs sent by yuwenjing before. Fortunately, ye Shaohua can make antidote on the spot.

She didn’t avoid the doctor either.

But even then, the doctor couldn’t understand how she mixed several medicines with completely conflicting properties and made a bottle of pale blue medicine.

After an hour.

The door of Ye Shaofeng’s room was opened. Ye Shaohua was the first to come out and her sister-in-law was the first to rush in.

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