Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 216

By | March 16, 2020

The chief eunuch should have been ordered by the emperor, but he didn’t say what it was.

Ye Shaohua could not guess.

But it must be a big event for Yuwen Jing to let her out of the palace at this time.

So I went out without changing my clothes.

On the way, the eunuch chief looked at her with more respect than before, which she didn’t notice.

It is very obvious that Qu Huashang is standing not far away.

She went back to the palace with a bad face and found that the old Qu’s wife was waiting for her in the palace.

“Grandma,” Qu Huashang obviously relies on her grandmother very much, and she is not able to be aggrieved when she sees her, “is there anything wrong with grandfather? Why does it not count that Ye Shaohua cup is put out and still lives in Yuehua palace? Is there any change in the matter? “

The old lady of Qu’s family asked the servants to step down. Then she touched Qu Huashang’s head and flashed a sharp light in her turbid eyes. “Empress needn’t worry. After today, Ye’s family can’t rise again.”

Qu Huashang wanted to ask why, but looking at old lady Qu’s winning way, she let go.

* *

General Ye’s house. As soon as ye Shaohua and Yu Wenjing enter, they see general Ye.

“Are you OK, ma’am?” General Ye paid a visit to the emperor before he saw Ye Shaohua.

Especially looking at Ye Shaohua’s emaciated appearance, his eyes are red.

If it wasn’t for the sake of Yuwen Jing asking for several times and swearing, how could he marry his most precious daughter to such a wolf hearted man.

His daughter grew up in addition to martial arts, their Ye family are afraid that she lost a hair.

For Yuwen Jing to block a few times injury is not enough, but also was put in a dark prison!

Yuwen Jing How dare you?!

How dare!

General Ye is holding Ye Shaohua’s arm. He will let him repay this account.

“General,” general Ye’s hand was slowly pushed away by a folding fan. As soon as general looked up, he saw the Zhang Shengyan when Yuwen Yun was standing, “and there was still a wound on Miss Yu’s arm

Wound? When general ye heard this, he quickly let go of his hand, and his face was even worse.

He has a lot to say to Ye Shaohua, but this is obviously not the time.

Hearing Yuwen Yun’s words about ye Shaohua’s injury, Yuwen Jing is also embarrassed. He changes the subject, “how can the idle king be in the general’s mansion?”

Yuwen Yun pondered for a while, and his face was heavy. “When I was shopping with the doctor, I heard the general’s house crying. When I asked, I knew that the little general was poisoned again. The doctor was helpless. He just had some friendship with the doctor, so I let him see it.”

Hearing that Ye Shaofeng was poisoned again, Ye Shaohua’s face changed, even Yuwen Jing’s face changed.

A group of people rushed in.

In Ye Shaofeng’s yard, eleven doctors knelt down and kowtowed, “Your Majesty, I am incompetent.”

YuWen jing’s face is dark, “check! Let the abbot of Dali Temple come here immediately! “

He didn’t believe Ye Shaofeng was poisoned for no reason at this time.

In Ye Shaofeng’s room, I don’t know what the doctor said. There was a heartbreaking cry.

General Ye’s fingers are deeply clasped into his palm. He wants to cry more than anyone, but he can’t fall down at this time.

Ye Shaohua recognized that it was her sister-in-law’s voice.

The doctor has come out. He shakes his head at Yuwen Yun.

“Madame ye, Madame Shao, please mourn,” said the doctor, looking at the two women and children of Ye’s family coming out of the room after him, and asking for his appearance. He sighed, “Madame Shao, you should be pregnant for nearly two months. At this time, you should take care of yourself and not hurt your heart excessively.”

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Ye Shaohua looked at her sister-in-law subconsciously covering her stomach, and a trace of loss appeared on her dead face.

Mrs. ye also saw Ye Shaohua at this time. Naturally, she also knew that she had been locked up in the big man’s business and was abandoned. She had been in the army for a year, and then she saw her daughter.

Being told by general ye not to touch the wound on Ye Shaohua’s body, Mrs. Ye finally just grasps Ye Shaohua’s hand, and can’t cry out of it. She just chokes and says two words: “Shaohua.”

A yard is full of sad voices.

“Old doctor, are you really helpless? No matter what kind of medicine you want, as long as there is one in the world, I will find it for you if I look all over the world! ” Yuwen Jing also felt sad.

Before that, he thought about killing Ye’s family. After recognizing the situation, if Ye’s family dies, his throne may be unstable.

The doctor knew that the man in front of him was the emperor, and he didn’t respect him much. He just shook his head. “Hua Tuo can’t help it in the world. General Ye was a powerful bow and a crossbow, and his vitality depended on a mouthful of medicinal materials. In this way, I can save, but someone put heartbreak grass in his medicine. Heartbreak grass is a healthy person’s life, not to mention general Ye. Besides, there are not many people who know about heartbroken grass. They can get in touch with general Ye’s medicine. General ye, you can seize this point to check. “

All the doctors in the field lowered their heads and were afraid to get up, shaking all over.

Looking at the emperor’s appearance, general Ye is dead, and they will surely be buried with him.

Yuwen Yun takes a look at the doctor and then at Ye Shaohua standing in the yard.

The fingers can’t help tightening.

He knew that the doctor had not lied. If he could not be cured, Yuwen Yun’s fingers moved and he also had a headache. Unexpectedly, he came late.

“I’ll go in and see my brother.” Ye Shaohua goes directly to Ye Shaofeng’s room.

Ye’s sister-in-law stopped her. “Shaohua, wait When my mother and I get rid of Shaofeng, you will see him again. He has always been used to authority. I’m afraid he is the last to let you see his embarrassed side. “

Ye Shaohua lips, no promise.

Yu Wenjing also took a look at Ye Shaohua and said in his heart, “let your wife go first.”

It turns out that someone’s hand has reached the Taiji hospital. Even the Taiji can just smile bitterly. If one day those people let the Taiji do the hand and foot in his medicine

Yuwen Jing dare not think about going down.

Ye Shaohua didn’t see anyone. She just held her sister-in-law’s hand and sneered, “don’t worry, sister-in-law, even if I die, I won’t let my brother die! After an hour, I will return you a living general Ye! “

After all, when those people saw that Yuwen Jing wanted to stay with Ye’s family, they couldn’t wait to let Ye Shaofeng die. It’s a pity——

All the rules are useless to her!

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