Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 215

By | March 14, 2020

The character of a person’s handwriting can’t be concealed.

Let alone that Ye Shaohua had no intention of hiding.

She has also experienced an ancient time, where she is also a famous talented woman, let alone her own writing is good.

After so many years of tempering, it can be said that the capital can not find a better writer than her.

Yuwen Jing has received the best education since he was a child, and his words have also worked hard.

No other can be compared, but it is also famous in the capital.

However, at this time, his words are not noticeable in front of Ye Shaohua.

Even he was attracted by the three words of Ye Shaohua.

It’s not like Qu Huashang’s small regular script with flower hairpin in his hand, but it’s just like a wandering dragon. Every word is a stroke, strong and powerful. It seems to break through the words, and the whole looks hearty.

These three characters are not any of the fonts he knows. Yuwen Jing has never heard of any of them.

Qu Huachang, who was praised one after another by the literati in the capital, put her words beside Ye Shaohua.

It’s really one sky and one underground.

Yuwen Jing took this piece of paper and stood in front of the Taiwan case for a long time, but he could not return to God.

For the second time today, he felt red.

He just kindly persuaded Ye Shaohua to press the fingerprint. It’s better to press the fingerprint by herself. I don’t know how she felt after reading her own words.

Thinking of this, Yuwen Jing felt a sense of frustration.

There is another way to burn the paper.

If it wasn’t for the treaty he agreed with Ye Shaohua, he really wanted to burn it.

Although the eunuch general dared not look directly, but Yu Guang saw the paper.

Did not see the content clearly, but saw clearly “Ye Shaohua” these three big characters, was shocked for a while unclear.

At the same time, my heart is very strange.

When Ye Shaohua was a princess before, she never attended any cultural fair. As time goes by, those lady of gold never called her when she held a flower show or poetry fair.

And she did not write in front of the people.

It’s not like Qu Huashang. Everyone knows that she is very elegant.

The eunuch general also had the honor to appreciate the empress’s brush and ink, hairpin flower and small regular script, which was pleasant to watch.

But now look at Ye Shaohua’s handwriting. The queen’s maiden is still hard to match for another ten years, right?

Of course he didn’t dare to say that.

It’s just that it’s strange. I didn’t expect that Wu Chen’s daughter is good at martial arts. She can practice so well. She must have worked hard.

People who don’t understand the word can see that it’s not a one-day success.

Yuwen Jing is not in the mood to deal with government affairs for a while.

But take this piece of paper to Yuehua palace again, but this time the gate of Yuehua palace is closed.

This is the first time that Yuwen Jing has been shut out.

“Your Majesty, Miss ye said,” I hope you can remember the appointment. “

Hearing this, Yuwen Jing can’t help pinching the paper in his hand. He looks up at the Moon Palace again, and finally leaves.

Although he left, the news that the emperor came to the Moon Palace twice a night was well known.

As everyone knows, concubine Ye is in favor.

I waited for Yuwen Jing all night, but I heard that Yuwen Jing went to Yuehua palace twice.

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Qu Huashang was very upset.

After falling several cups in a row, people in Changchun palace dare not breathe.

“Go and find me princess Ye.” Qu Huashang directly orders.

Qu Huashang is the only woman around the emperor. She is used to being arrogant. She didn’t expect that the woman who hasn’t been in her eyes could do this.

What she said was to find concubine ye, in a completely commanding tone, even with a sense of contempt.

The eunuchs didn’t find anything wrong with what she said.

I went to Yuehua palace to preach. What I didn’t expect was Ye Shaohua’s refusal.

Now Qu Huashang was really angry. She got up, put on the red dress and went to the Moon Palace.

In the palace, Ye Shaohua was feeding some sparrows with bird food. When she saw the queen coming, she didn’t get up.

“I’m sorry, the emperor said,” Ye Shaohua looked at Qu Huachang slowly. “I’m injured and I’m free of all rites.”

Qu Huachang naturally knew that ye Shaohua would not lie, and his anger was heavier.

“I really despise you, Princess ye,” Qu Huashang said in a cold voice, almost crushing the flowers he had just plucked. “Don’t think you’ll be ok if you trick the emperor to take you out of the prison. Do you think you’re still the grand young lady in the general’s house? You can have a few more days. “

Qu Huashang is not the daughter of any ordinary family. He naturally knows the situation in the imperial court.

Now that general Ye is back, the emperor must be afraid of his troops.

Grandpa revealed it to himself. Ye family will not have good fruit to eat.

Thinking of this, Qu Huashang’s distorted face is better.

She watched Ye Shaohua, whose back was still straight even though she had been imprisoned in prison, and Qu Huashang scornfully threw the flowers in her hands to the ground.

“Sun Ping, let’s go back.” Qu Huashang holds the headdress on her head and opens her mouth.

Sun Ping chirped.

Reflexively, he looked at Ye Shaohua and saw his partner’s smiling eyes. He lowered his head in panic because he was a little fast and almost tripped over the stone.

No, Sun Ping tries to let go of the worries in his heart.

There is no mistake in what he has done at present. The emperor will not let them go, because the general’s office is superior.

Not to mention that he heard some rumors these days. From the beginning, the emperor only liked the Queen’s mother, so he made Qu Huashang queen as soon as he became king, and only hated Ye Shaohua.

And some places Ye Shaohua is no better than the queen, no better than the Queen’s knowledge and gentleness.

Only after the queen can we live.

Thinking of this, he looked at Ye Shaohua a little sorry. At present, he just made the most correct decision.

There is no one who doesn’t cherish his life. He can’t die with her, will he?

The party just left the palace gate.

The eunuch steward of Yuwen Jing over there hurriedly rushed over, looking very anxious. “The lady of the imperial concubine, something important happened in the general’s mansion…”

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