Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 214

By | March 13, 2020

Yuwen Jing knows that Ye Shaohua has always liked himself, otherwise, how could he help him stop the injury.

Only paper money, he is dismissive of her injury prevention. Without her, he will have other confidants.

However, at the moment seeing Ye Shaohua like this, he was a little confused.

He didn’t know how much Ye Shaohua liked him before. She was willing to save him when she was in the palace.

So Ye Shaohua said such things, he was actually not convinced.

Thinking of this, he looked at Ye Shaohua gently. “Don’t worry, general Ye has made such great contributions. I will not treat you badly. You will be the master of Yuehua palace in the future.”

He thought he was ashamed of Ye’s family. Although he didn’t like Ye Shaohua, he didn’t dislike her as much as before.

“No need,” Ye Shaohua hooked up, and the palace maid immediately took out the paper and pen knowingly. “If you really thank my father, let me out of the palace. Don’t worry, I won’t be stupid to publicize everywhere.”

The maid has just been transferred for an hour.

Yuwen Jing is a little surprised. How could the palace maid listen to Ye Shaohua so much.

But seeing Ye Shaohua take out the paper and pen, Yuwen Jing knows her determination. She doesn’t mean to stimulate him, but really wants to leave the palace.

Although he felt guilty, Yuwen Jing knew that he didn’t like Ye Shaohua.

So without much consideration, he wrote a document that had nothing to do with Ye Shaohua. Later, Ye Shaohua was free, but Yuehua palace was always reserved for her.

He also signed his name at the bottom.

After signing, he found the whole person relaxed.

But after that, we must make up for the general’s house. I’ll go to the Treasury later.

Yuwen Jing thought to himself, then pointed to the part under the paper and said to Ye Shaohua gently, “sign your name…”

When Yuwen Jing said this, he suddenly remembered that the general’s family was basically Wu Chi. Except for Ye Shaofeng, the level of other people could reach the point of knowing characters.

They also read to study more military books.

When general Ye admonished, it was also a memorial written by others.

Thinking of this, Yuwen Jing said thoughtfully, “you can also press a fingerprint…”

“One for each one, your majesty.” Before he finished speaking, Ye Shaohua picked up the pen and wrote down her name.

Yuwen Jing saw that she had written her name and said nothing more, but said: “you have a few days off, and so on After two days, I’ll take you back to the general’s mansion to see the general Ye and Ye Xiaojun. Your brother is a little hurt. “

Hearing that Ye Shaofeng was hurt, ye Shaohua looked up directly, “how is my brother now?”

Yuwen Jing quickly appeased her, “I’ve sent most of the doctors there. They say that General Ye Xiao’s life is not in danger.”

As for those who are afraid of being disabled, he dare not say.

When he got here, Yuwen Jing couldn’t stay. He stuffed the paper he had made a contract with Ye Shaohua into his pocket and didn’t read the words on it.

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Knowing that Ye Shaohua always felt that he could not write well, he didn’t want to touch her brow at this time.

When he left, ye Shaohua pursed her lips. She did not rest immediately, but opened the window and made a ring finger.

A sparrow flew in from the window. She wrote two words and tied them to the sparrow.

“If Yuwen Jing knows that you can even use a sparrow, he will regret the contract tonight.” Behind him, a slightly cold voice sounded.

Ye Shaohua had no accident. She put the sparrow out of the window and watched it fly away.

This just slightly side looks at each other, “then you want to tell him?”

“He doesn’t have eyes. Who is to blame?” When Yuwen Yun poured himself a cup of tea, the white robe was stained with light yellow tea stains, and he didn’t care.

It’s just a funny arc, “I thought you were really stupid enough to make a wedding dress for others.”

It seemed that he was angry because of what she had done before, and his tone was a little gloomy.

Ye Shaohua is too lazy to talk to him.

Yuwen Yun had a drink for a long time, then threw a medicine bottle to come over. “This is a medicine that can generate muscle. Besides, I’ve asked the doctor to see your brother. Don’t worry. Your maid named frost moon, I sent someone to take her outside the palace a few days ago, and now she is in the general’s mansion. “

Finish saying, he added again let Ye Shaohua not forget to wipe medicine, this just turn window to leave.

Ye Shaohua looked up and saw only a section of clothes like snow.

Picking up the medicine on the table, ye Shaohua takes off the cork and sniffs it.

Then pour out a little powder and twist it on your hand.

There are about 16 kinds of herbs in it, 15 of which can be identified by Ye Shaohua, and the last one is a variety she has never seen, which seems to be unique in the world.

It’s really a magic medicine that can generate muscle, and it must be of great value in this world.

It’s very difficult to refine the 15 kinds of herbs she knows with the development of the world.

Looking at Yuwen Yun’s big bottle, Ye Shaohua squints slightly and doesn’t know where to rob it.

Although she could make better medicine, she didn’t use it. She just bowed her head, let the palace maid come in, took apart the gauze, and sprinkled the powder a little.

When the palace maid saw the medicine bottle that ye Shaohua was holding, her hand shook, but fortunately, she responded quickly.

Ye Shaohua saw her difference, but he didn’t find it.

Seeing Ye Shaohua’s head still bowed, the maid took a sigh of relief. Then she carefully sprinkled the powder on Ye Shaohua. When she saw such a shallow wound, she needed to use the powder.

The palace maid’s low eyes are flashing with two big words of “heartache”.

But I didn’t slow down. I obviously knew some pharmacology.

* *

On this side, Yuwen Jing left Yuehua palace, but did not go to Changchun palace where the queen lived, but returned to the Royal study.

Deal with government affairs.

When he went back, he remembered the contract he signed with Ye Shaohua.

He called the eunuch to get a sandalwood box.

When the eunuch general unfolded the paper, he saw the three words on it at a glance, and his hands were tightened in an instant.

“Wait, don’t put it in first. Show me the paper.” Yuwen Jing’s eyes were fixed on the paper.

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