Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 213

By | March 12, 2020

Hearing general Ye’s words, Yuwen Jing felt that his blood was about to coagulate.

At this time, he didn’t say he looked up, and even felt it was difficult to move. The box with the talisman on his hand seemed to weigh a thousand jin.

Seeing that Yuwen Jing didn’t speak, general Ye looked at him carefully, and his face changed slightly “Your Majesty, is it inconvenient to see your maiden to meet me? “

The general who has never been afraid is a little nervous, but Yuwen Jing doesn’t think he is wrong.

People in Beijing know how much Ye Shaohua is loved by his father and son.

General Ye returns triumphantly. It’s not hard to guess if he wants to see Ye Shaohua.

However, what can Yuwen Jing say? Can he tell general ye that your daughter is being locked in prison by me for several days and nights now!

Ye’s father and son are devoted to the court, and even their only son is abolished. What is he doing? They abandoned their daughter and put her in jail.

“General,” Yuwen Jing said in disgrace, but made a deep salute to general ye, “I will let Shaohua go back to the general’s mansion in a few days.”

It seems that when he got the news, general Ye finally thanked him with joy

Those guards outside the gate had already retired under Yuwen Zhe’s instruction.

After general Ye left, Yuwen Jing leaned on the chair. He looked at Yuwen Zhe, who also couldn’t get back to God, and smiled bitterly, “brother Huang, this time we made a big mistake!”

Yuwen Zhe didn’t respond. He just looked at the talisman in Yuwen Jing’s hand and thought about what he forced Ye Shaohua to say these days. For a while, he was in a cold sweat.

Yuwen Jing did not see his expression, so he directly issued an order to take Ye Shaohua out of the prison. Instead of taking her to the cold palace, he took her to one of the four palaces, and ordered a group of people to take good care of Ye Guifei.

However, under hesitation, he did not dare to see Ye Shaohua. He had no face.

Only one day can be delayed.

Yuehua palace is the first palace of the four imperial concubines. Before that, there lived the most favored imperial concubines of the former Emperor, namely the mother of the seven imperial sons.

So even if it is not the Queen’s Changchun palace, it is more magnificent than the Changchun palace.

Not long after the death of the first emperor, the luxury of Yuehua palace did not decrease.

Only a few people, Ye Shaohua palace basically went to Changchun palace, at present only Yuwen Jing temporary transfer palace.

Ye Shaohua took a bath and changed her clothes. Liu Taiyi was dressing her up.

At the same time, she was dressing up and looking at the concubine Ye who had been sent to the cold palace and the prison. At last, she was able to come out, not only came out, but also lived in the Yuehua palace that everyone thought about.

In particular, the imperial concubine broke from the same momentum, Liu Taiyi knew that she must not be a thing in the pool.

On this side, general Ye left the palace unscathed.

Then came the new emperor’s reward. There were many treasures, silks and satins, as well as a large number of gold and precious herbs, which were sent to Ye’s house one after another.

Not only that, Yuwen Jing also ordered most of the people in Taihai hospital to stay at Ye’s house until Ye Xiaojun was safe.

No one in the capital can hide the news from those crafty people. But half a day, everyone knows that the famous Ye family is not only not suppressed by the emperor, but also very favored.

In addition, Ye Shaohua not only came out of the prison, but also lived in the Yuehua Palace.

Those who stand beside Qu Taifu can’t stand it.

Almost all of them could not wait for the next morning’s morning, so the old ministers handed in a letter to see the emperor.

Yuwen Jing is working hard for Ye’s family. At this time, he doesn’t want to see these ministers or hear them shouting.

“Your Majesty, Qu Taifu and others must see each other,” sYuwen Jing’s confidant and the right minister shaking his head in the Royal study. “Because not only Qu Taifu, but also left minister, Li Bu, Hubu and Gongbu minister Shu are all important people in the court. You have just taken the throne, and others can’t be absent. They are a group of old ministers who can’t be absent.”

Listening to the right phase, Yuwen Jing suddenly realizes that there are too many forces with Qu family.

Qu family, Zuo Xiang, and the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of Industry, all of whom have occupied half of the court hall.

Thinking about it, he tightened his fingers.

“Emperor,” because of the relationship between Qu Taifu and Qu Huashang, Yuwen Jing respected him very much, and even avoided his kneeling ceremony in the ordinary days. Because of this particularity, everyone subconsciously went to Qu’s house, “you are confused! How can we let the Ye family go? The Ye family are ambitious and have heavy soldiers in their hands. You’ve put Princess Ye in prison again, and the Ye family will hate you for that. “

Seeing that there was no luggage in, Yuwen Jing was more cautious when he stood half teaching and half complaining Qu Taifu.

“General Ye has been far away in the frontier. How can he know what happened in the imperial court?” Yuwen Jing’s eyes are obscure.

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Qu Taifu didn’t see it clearly. He said with a clear face: “the Ye family will definitely put a spy in the capital. How could they not know this! You have been hoodwinked by the treacherous Ye family! “

If you haven’t seen general Ye, Yuwen Jing will be moved by Qu Taifu.

However, he has met general Ye, and the other side is still shouting to see his daughter. Where does it look like that he knows about the imperial court? Not only that, but even the talisman has been given to him. How can Yuwen Jing doubt such a loyal Ye family?

Seeing that the emperor was still stubborn, Qu Taifu and others knelt down to beg him.

“Qu Aiqing doesn’t have to say,” Yuwen Jing even has some horror. It turns out that these courtiers are led by the Qu family, and can’t go on like this any more. He waved directly: “I’m determined.”

Then he asked the ministers to go out.

* *

However, they all left the Royal study. Yuwen Jing didn’t know what to do. The whole person felt empty.

In the past, he had to go to Qu Huashang. He was proficient in Qu Huashang’s poetry, lyrics, songs and Fu, but now he realized the position of the Qu family in the court, and he would not go to Qu Huashang for a while.

After a while, I went to Yuehua palace to see Ye Shaohua who had just come out of the prison.

Ye Shaohua is more emaciated than before. He only wears a coat on his body and a bandage on his arm.

When he arrived, Doctor Liu just came out. Seeing him coming, the respectful luggage was about to make a noise, but the emperor interrupted.

Yuwen Jingstood at the gate of Yuehua palace and watched the palace maid bring out a basin of blood from the house.

He can’t help tightening his fingers.

Yes, when he put her in prison, her injury was not good, and he did not know whether anyone in the prison tortured him again.

Yuwen Jing dare not go in, but Ye Shaohua is very strong inside. How could he not feel his coming.

“Your Majesty, why don’t you come in?”

All these words have been said. Yuwen Jing can’t pretend that he hasn’t come.

He went in and looked at the woman who had been with him for two years. Maybe she was in prison these days and her whole face was not very good.

There was a little blood on the coat.

She didn’t know whether it was because she didn’t see it or because she didn’t care.

Seeing him come in this time, he didn’t salute. He just leaned half against the window to see her always in a rage that he couldn’t hide. All the time, Yuwen Jing didn’t think that her hand was covered with human blood.

When he saw her at the moment, he was a little dazed.

“Your Majesty,” Ye Shaohua finally gave up a slight glance at him, but it was unprecedented coldness. “Since you have some love, can you let me out of the palace? My original wish is to roam the Jianghu. I didn’t expect But now it’s all right, as I wish. “

She said with a slight taunt at the corners of her mouth.

If in the past, Yuwen Jing could not wait for her to leave, but now he can’t say such words: “I promised to take care of you for a lifetime, and naturally I won’t lose my words, you…”

“Whatever you want,” Ye Shaohua said casually, “you know that the palace wall can’t hold me.”

Yuwen Jing opens his mouth, but he can’t refute it. He just doesn’t know how to describe watching Ye Shaohua.

At the beginning, Yuwen Jing married Ye Shaohua for the sake of the throne. He obviously hated her, but he pretended to like Ye Shaohua very much on the surface, so that Yuwen Jing felt even more ashamed.

What he likes is Qu Huashang, which has a common hobby with him, rather than Ye Shaohua, who fights and kills all day long and mixes with men.

What’s more, the blood stained in Ye Shaohua’s hands makes her feel sick when she touches him. How could she be moved to her?

Think of the original Lord’s real misfortune. She did nothing. She even helped people block the injury, the arrow and the throne.

In the end, the man succeeded. Before she could be happy for him, the man was so disgusted that he wanted to kill her and gave his favorite position to his favorite woman, Qu Huashang.

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