Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 212

By | March 11, 2020

Hearing this, Shuangyue bit her teeth, and she looked at Sun Ping. “I didn’t expect that you are such a ungrateful person saved by Miss! Today, I’ll think I haven’t seen you! “

Behind her, Sun Ping shook his head, his eyes shining.

From extravagance to thrift, he is used to a good life. How could he suffer with Ye Shaohua.

As for the queen, he believed that anyone could fall, and the queen would not.

Shuangyue disappeared. Yuwen Zhe had wanted to find someone to grab Shuangyue together. Unexpectedly, Shuangyue disappeared at this time. He couldn’t find it through the whole palace.

This makes them very afraid of Ye Shaohua, which aggravates the guards in the prison.

“Hasn’t Ye Shaohua said who is behind it?” Yuwen Zhe looks at the prison.

The castellan bowed down respectfully. “I’ve been starving her for two days. She didn’t even drink a bowl of water these two days, but she still didn’t say it.”

Yuwen Zhe sneers, “it’s really a hard bone.”

He waved his hand to let the prison head back and went to see Yuwen Jing in the palace.

Everyone knows that today is the day when general Ye’s army comes back. They have set many traps at the gate of the palace to ensure that people can’t enter or leave.

“General Ye said that Ye Shaofeng was seriously injured and could not enter the palace, so he came alone,” Yuwen Zhe said of Ye Shaofeng. After a pause, he looked positive and said, “this must be a refusal. Ye Shaofeng must not have been injured. They must know that there is an ambush in the palace, and the general’s office must have been plotting against it.”

When the headmaster returned to the dynasty, the deputy general did not enter the palace. There was a problem in how to think about it.

And Ye Shaohua was put into prison. He didn’t believe that they didn’t know. General ye must have been prepared, but they were not vegetarian either.

“Since Shaofeng was seriously injured and could not come,” Yuwen Jing sneered, “brother Huang, you asked the forbidden guards to take the Taiyi to the general’s mansion to see how badly Ye Xiaojiang’s army was injured, and even could not come to see him!”

Yuwen Zhe retreats under his command, his eyes are bloody.

Ye Shaohua and Ye Shaofeng are named after Fenghua. Yuwen Zhe doesn’t like Ye Shaohua, but they have a good relationship with Ye Shaofeng. However, they have no good relationship with Yuwen Jing.

He even tied up Ye Shaohua, let alone Ye Shaofeng.

The two soldiers are divided into two ways.

Yuwen Jing meets general Ye in the court.

General Ye was born to be mighty, with eyes like cold stars, and his whole body was stained with blood.

He “snapped” down his glass and stood up, “Your Majesty, I have something important to report.”


Yuwen Jing holds the glass tightly, but he still looks at general Ye calmly, “general ye, let’s go to the Royal study to talk about it in detail.”

He took general ye to the imperial study.

In the moment of turning around, he gave a look to the leader of the general of the forbidden guards. The leader of the general of the forbidden guards immediately arrived.

The two entered the Royal study, which was surrounded by countless guards. As long as Yuwen Jing gave orders, general ye could not escape.

General Ye went in with Yuwen Jing with a low brow. No one saw the irony in his eyes when he looked down.

“It’s thanks to general ye,” Yu Wenjing said again, sitting in a chair in the court. “I have a wish for you. I don’t know what general Ye wants.”

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He looked at general ye with a smile.

General Ye raised his head, still looking like an ordinary man. “Your Majesty, I have something important to do.”

Said he solemnly took out a brocade box to Yuwen Jing.

Yuwen Jing is on guard against general Ye. He doesn’t take over. He just asks the chief eunuch to follow him. He doesn’t open it. He’s afraid that general ye will harm him.

“Emperor, don’t you take it well?” Seeing Yuwen Jing like this, general Ye smiled with a simple and honest smile, “I think you’d better put it away. It’s a little expensive, but you’d better take it in person.”

Hearing this, Yuwen Jing was shocked for a moment, and then let the eunuch open it carefully.

When the box opened in one corner, Yuwen Jing had seen the contents of the box.

As soon as he was shocked, he stood up directly from the chair, “Ye General Ye…… “

General Ye gave me a hearty smile. “This is a talisman. I was given it by the emperor before I went out. I didn’t expect that he would die after I came back.”

Speaking of the back, general Ye’s face also became a little nostalgic and sad.

However, Yuwen Jing didn’t notice his tone. He looked at the talisman again and again. It’s a real talisman!

But… But why did general ye give him the talisman so easily?

Yuwen Jing holds the talisman and subconsciously grabs the chair.

It was just at this time that someone outside urgently reported that King Rui had come.

Yuwen Zhe won’t come in at this time. Yuwen Jing is a little absent-minded to let him in.

He closed the cover of the amulet brocade box, and it was a bit of a sudden that he thought the Ye family would hold on to the amulet. After all, it was a good opportunity for rebellion, but Now he’s in a bit of a dilemma.

Until Yuwen Zhe came in, his expression was strange.

“What’s the matter?” Yuwen Zhe’s expression was a little sad. He said in a daze: “I saw Shaofeng. He was lying on the bed. Except for a big cut in his abdomen, his shoulders were almost cut off. Brother Huang and the doctor said that Shaofeng’s right arm was useless even if it was good. I’m afraid he can’t go to war in his life.”

Yuwen Zhe stormed to the general’s mansion to catch people, but he didn’t expect that the general’s mansion was full of sadness.

Until he saw Ye Shaofeng lying on the bed.

It’s not pretending to be sick, but it’s really too sick to move. Listen to other subordinates, Ye Shaofeng wanted people to carry him to the front of the saint. He left in the general’s mansion after a terrible collision with the first emperor.

The fierce Yuwen Zhe is confused. He thinks of Yuwen Jing and comes back in a hurry.

Hearing Yuwen Zhe’s words, Yuwen Jing seems to have lost his power and returned to his chair.

Ye’s father and son went to the court to pacify the rebellion. The only son of Ye’s family was almost disabled. General Ye didn’t cry. Even when he came back, he sent the talisman to him. Such loyal people, where is Qu Taifu’s wolf ambition?

Although they were a little rough, they were upright and could not hide their thoughts.

Yuwen Jing thought that he was suspicious of them, and almost dared not look directly at general Ye.

The emperor thinks, general Ye is not cold, he is cold for them!

Ye family is a loyal official, but he was born to be suspicious. He wanted to kill Ye family father and son. Even if he passed it on, he was afraid of losing the heart of the world.

Yuwen Jing blushed with shame. I wish this one didn’t appear today!

After all, he What did you do!

But general Ye did not let him go.

General Ye raised his head and looked at Yu Wenjing with a little red face. Looking at it, he seemed embarrassed and said: “it’s right to serve your majesty. I don’t want to reward you. Please grace her Majesty to visit her brother in Ye’s mansion. Wei Chen played a year and really missed his daughter. Shaofeng grew up with his younger sister. Now he is sick and charming, and always wants her younger sister, your majesty Can I see the lady? “

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