Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 211

By | March 10, 2020

The Minister of vassal state was directly confused. What was the emperor talking about?

Yuwen Jing doesn’t care about them.

Qu Huashang, who was following Yuwen Jing, also looked at Ye Shaohua with a frown, and then sighed, “Sister ye, here … What’s the trouble? “

She seemed to be unable to Bear Ye Shaohua’s practice, and she shook her head compassionately.

When the guards seized Ye Shaohua, several people in black appeared in the heavily defended palace.

“Escort!” These people in black apparently wanted to save Ye Shaohua. However, when the leader of a dart didn’t have Zhong Ye Shaohua, there was a little surprise in his eyes.

Stunned for a moment, he turned to attack Yuwen Jing instead.

The dart is quietly centered on Yuwen Jing’s right shoulder. He was going to fight hard. Unexpectedly, Ye Shaohua held the dart for him.

Yuwen Jing saw the blood on her hand.

Three men in black were left behind and one ran away.

Ye Shaohua’s keepsake was found on these three people, a poor method of planting stolen goods.

But it’s the best way to fight the Ye family.

“Brother Huang.” While Yuwen Jing was still thinking, he found that he didn’t know when he was sitting in front of him.

The man’s eyebrows and eyes are like a distant mountain. His broad clothes and robes fall on the table with a little ink.

When Yuwen Jing saw this man, his pupils shrank “You haven’t left the palace yet? “

The seventh Prince didn’t look at him, but said, “it’s a little private. He helped you see the three killers. They are the people in the star picking tower.”

“Assassin pavilion?” Yuwen Jing’s face changed. Although he was in the court, he also heard about the reputation of the assassin’s pavilion.

They want to kill people, as long as the starting price, will succeed.

The seventh prince nods, and he lowered his cold eyes, “the master of these three people is pick Star building to rank the second lone star.”

“Lone star?” When Yuwen Jing heard that he was ranked second, the cold sweat on his back flowed. He grabbed the tea cup to stabilize himself, but his fingers were shaking. “How do you know?”

Smell speech, the seventh Prince glanced at him, voice some cold, “I am familiar with their landlord.”

When Yuwen Jing was still the king, he heard the name of the star picking building and had several transactions with them, but he never saw their owner.

It’s said that the owner of their building is the best expert in the Jianghu, with strong internal power.

I didn’t expect that the seventh Prince knew the owner of the star picking building. Yuwen Jing knew that even if Yuwen Yun left the palace, he couldn’t be looked down upon.

“General Ye’s family are loyal officials,” the seventh Prince glanced at Yuwen Jing. “I don’t think the chief conspirator of this matter is Princess Ye. You can check it.”

After that, he left directly.

Yuwen Jing looks at his back, and it’s a little strange. Although the seventh emperor’s brother has been very cold to their brothers and sisters, it’s the first time that he has been so cold to himself.

Even Yuwen Jing twisted his eyebrows. He even felt that the other side had an impulse to beat him.

He thinks about it more, doesn’t he?

The leader of the guard is waiting for the emperor’s order. Yuwen Jing thinks about the news of Yuwen Yun. He doesn’t doubt that the other side will lie. Because Yuwen Yun despises him, he keeps silent for a while, and then says, “let someone find a doctor for Princess Ye.”

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After that, he leaned back on the chair, and his eyes were at a loss.

He treats Ye Shaohua because he is afraid of his family’s troops, and he hates her cruelty. But today, Ye Shaohua saves himself without hesitation, just like many times before, even if he treats her like this.

He was a little confused. He didn’t know if it was right to go on like this.

Until the next day, Qu Taifu and Yuwen Zhe all came to find Yuwen Jing.

“Brother Huang, why don’t you put Ye Shaohua in jail?” Yuwen Zhe didn’t even call Ye Shaohua’s name at the moment. He was not on the spot yesterday and went to entertain other people in the vassal state.

I didn’t expect to hear that Yuwen Jing didn’t catch Ye Shaohua, but also asked the royal doctor to go there.

Qu Taifu also leans slightly. He dare not think that Yuwen Zhe is so obvious, but says: “Your Majesty, Ye family is ambitious. General Ye will arrive at the palace in a few days, and will not take advantage of this opportunity again, for fear that it will be later…”

He didn’t speak, but he gave Yuwen Jing some important points.

Now his granddaughter has become a queen. He believes in the relationship between the emperor and her granddaughter, but if the Ye family doesn’t fall down, his granddaughter’s successor will be unstable for a day.

Now Yuwen Jing has done this step. If they let it go, they will give up all their efforts.

The two men talked against each other. Yuwen Jing was a little hesitant, but when he heard about general Ye’s family, he pursed his lips.

The Ye family controls too much military power, and people’s greed is infinite.

Yuwen Jing doesn’t believe that general Ye’s family will give him the talisman when they come back. If they can control 100,000 talismans, who wants to change them back.

And Ye Shaohua. He didn’t like Ye Shaohua. Even if there was no talisman, Qu Huashang could not explain to Ye family when she became Queen. Only these two points can’t be eliminated.

Think of here, Yuwen Jing ruthless heart, “will ye Shaohua into prison, must let her account behind the people.”

Hearing his words, Yuwen Zhe and Qu Taifu just let go.

Yuwen Jing doesn’t say about the star picking tower. Yuwen Zhe doesn’t know who the assassin is. He just escorts Ye Shaohua into prison.

Shuangyue waited in the cold palace all night without waiting for Ye Shaohua to come back. She was a little flustered. When she went out, she heard that Ye Shaohua had been put in prison.

Now there are no other people in the palace. No one can ask for Shuangyue.

We can only ask Sun Ping, who used to be the trust of Ye Shaohua.

Sun Ping is very good at Qu Huashang palace now. Qu Huashang didn’t despise him because he was in the hands of Ye Shaohua, but he also sent him heavy responsibilities. Therefore, he was very loyal to Qu Huashang for only a few days.

Now seeing Shuangyue, he sighed in his eyes.

“Sun Ping, Miss used to save your life,” Shuangyue looked at Sun Ping and said directly, “now you should return miss once and try to pass me a letter.”

Sun Ping shook his head and saw how much Yuwen Jing loved Qu Huashang. He even looked at frost moon compassionately. “Shuangyue, for the sake of helping me before, I’ll help you to tell your mother that she will take you and let you go. Those who know the current affairs are Junjie. Can’t you see the situation clearly? the general’s house is down. “

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