Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 209

By | March 8, 2020

Ye Shaohua got up and took it on. He was indifferent.

No, I’m afraid of you——

Can’t bear the consequences.

It was only when she took off her gorgeous clothes that the eunuch chief took back his eyes and his face was slightly contemptuous. “This is a gift from your majesty. You are such a vicious person that you should not have entered the banquet.”

Ye Shaohua looks down. The eunuch chief thinks she’s excited and doesn’t know what to say, so he turns back to life with satisfaction.

Yuwen Jing and Yuwen Zhe are meeting the envoys.

Seeing that the eunuch’s chief came back, Yuwen Jing and Yuwen Zhe were several steps behind the emissary.

“How is it?” Yuwen Jing looks at the eunuch and his voice is low.

But when he saw the palace clothes in the hands of the little eunuch behind him disappeared, he knew that the plan was successful.

The eunuch chief bowed respectfully, and then replied, “Your Majesty, the maiden has accepted it.”

In the voice, it’s hard to avoid some contempt.

Hearing this sentence, Yuwen Jing also remembered the consequences. He had no doubt about Ye Shaohua’s promise. People with simple minds could not imagine what they were going to do.

Only, he still hesitated.

Especially after seeing Ye Shaohua that day, he didn’t feel much guilt before, but after that day, he always felt a little guilty.

Seeing the hesitation on his face, Yuwen zhe immediately reminded him, “Your Majesty, general ye will be back soon.”

General Ye holds the talisman of 100,000 elite soldiers. Now there are few elite soldiers in the imperial city. If general Ye conspires against them, they will not be able to resist at all. If he doesn’t solve this problem earlier, his throne may be unstable.

Yuwen Zhe reminds me that Yuwen Jing has suppressed the last hesitation in his eyes.

* *

Ye Shaohua is dressed in a noble and gorgeous imperial concubine’s clothes, and her whole momentum is very fierce.

In addition, the original appearance is not like the book’s Qu Huashang stained with the book atmosphere, but a kind of fierce and gorgeous. The eyes of those slightly narrowed Tiaohua have a little laziness, which makes people almost have no way to resist.

This is to have seen the beautiful Shuangyue of the young lady standing in there for a while, just want to put the full head adornment to Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua brushed all the gold and silver decorations on the table aside, and then he took a gold hairpin and put it on her head.

The frost moon was going to talk, but when he looked up, the golden hairpin was shining in the sun. It was extremely harmonious against the snow-white complexion. Another headdress seemed a little cumbersome.

If she wants to open her mouth, she will hold it down.

A group of palace people left with Ye Shaohua, and the frost moon had to keep up with her, but she was stopped because she didn’t have enough identity.

Ye Shaohua goes to the corridor with others, and the more he goes, the more wrong he finds out.

She frowned, but before she opened her mouth, there was a light smell in her nose, followed by a white eye.

Before the reaction, the whole person was pulled into the next room by a pair of slender hands.

“You know what Yuwen Jing wants next. Do you dare to go if he invites you so blatantly?” She heard a clear voice, like the voice of jade, and there were some anger hidden in the low voice line.

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Ye Shaohua looked at the released hands and thought for a while, then raised his eyes to see the person who brought her in.

The man was facing her, like a snow robe, with only some dark lines on it. Just when the sleeve robe brushed her face, she could feel a cold breath.

Standing in front of her, he Mo is like the snow that never melts all the year round. His dark eyes are like magnets, which make people unable to return to God.

Ye Shaohua thought of his question and answered slowly, “he asked me to go, and I have to go.”

She heard this in Yuwen Yun’s ears, which was the way that she could do anything for Yuwen Jing.

“I see you were not very smart a few days ago. Why can’t you feel it now?” He looked at Ye Shaohua’s indifferent face. He was afraid that he had expected everything. His face was even colder. “It’s true, you’re self defeating!”

As soon as the wide white sleeve robe brushed, ye Shaohua was pushed to the door by a gust of wind, and the door was slammed shut.

But the door is still a group of palace eunuchs, these people face no change with Ye Shaohua continue to walk forward, as if everything just did not exist.

It makes Ye Shaohua’s eyes slightly coagulate. He controls his internal power so high.

It’s said that this man hasn’t been back to the palace for several years. Why are these palace people so obedient?

He didn’t mean to be in the throne. If he did, Yuwen Jing’s efforts would be useless.

Just thinking about it, the palace maid took her to the gate of the main palace.

At a glance, I saw Yuwen Jing sitting in the right position, and the empress, Qu Huachang, sitting beside him.

Others are not surprised. What is strange about ye Shaohua is that Qu Huashang came to this place.

Qu Huashang has always been a clear stream in the capital. She can’t see the first-class warrior, let alone the barbaric vassal state with a low degree of civilization. Such a banquet should not appear to her.

How can it appear now?

Moreover, I have not yet put on formal clothes, but I have put on extremely simple clothes, which are very bright in front of a group of gorgeous costumes.

As soon as Ye Shaohua appears, no one can escape her gorgeous color.

Especially the princes of vassal states, who lived in the desert, most of the women were rough and strong. They could not turn their eyes when they saw the beautiful face of the women in the Central Plains.

Just now, he dare not look at the queen, and her face is too pale. Now, his eyes are glued to her.

In particular, Yuwen Jing only glanced at Ye Shaohua lightly, “move a seat for her.”

Maybe it’s because ye Shaohua’s role is limited to this. Yuwen Jing didn’t introduce her to anyone present. Some of the ministers didn’t see ye Shaohua, and they knew that he was a ruthless former princess. Now he’s an abandoned princess.

They didn’t even talk to her. They could not help but stay away from her. In their opinion, the imperial concubine is not far away from her death. Everyone knows that the emperor is afraid of general Ye’s family. It’s a waste to get along with her. It may also affect his family.

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