Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 208

By | March 7, 2020

Speaking of the seventh prince, he is also a legendary figure in the court.

At the age of three, he was able to write poetry, and at the age of seven, he practiced martial arts. At the age of ten, there was no minister in the court who could argue with him.

The seventh Prince’s mother and concubine are also the most favorite concubine of the emperor. After he was born, his mother and concubine died of illness because of their weakness. The Emperor gave him all his love.

So the name of the seventh Prince is different from that of other princes.

Yuwen Yunshi.

When you sit and watch the clouds rise.

Hearing this name, we can know how much the emperor expected of him. At the age of 13, he won the recognition of all the people in the court.

However, the seventh Prince is a strange man. At the age of 14, there were no literati in the capital who dared to compete with him. He simply left the capital and went to the Jianghu.

He also told the emperor that he was not interested in the throne and was so angry that the emperor ignored him for several days.

Rao is so. When the seventh prince was wandering in the Jianghu, he gave him the title of idle king.

So other princes have a chance to fight for the throne. However, they all know that if it wasn’t for the seven princes to leave, let alone Yuwen Jing, even if all the other princes add up, the throne would only be the seventh prince.

But I didn’t expect that the seventh Prince couldn’t figure it out. After two years in the Jianghu, he was found by the emperor’s twelve gold medals when he was 16 years old.

He stayed in the palace for less than a month. He was afraid of all the experts in the palace. The emperor had no choice but to let him go.

The seventh prince was born with great splendor. At that time, he couldn’t get ahead of other princes in the capital. He was almost the object that all women in the boudoir yearned for.

It also includes Qu Huashang. but unfortunately Qu Huashang had seen him far away when he was sixteen years old when he was sixteen.

She never saw him again.

In addition to Yuwen Jing’s lack of marriage in the past three years, she was also secretly expecting the seventh prince to come back.

Unexpectedly, the seventh prince came back now.

No one knows what his identity is in the Jianghu, but everyone will not look down on him. If he wants to instigate rebellion, most of the courtiers support him.

After the palace happened, those people all knew that the seventh prince, he was back.

Because of the relationship between the seven princes, Qu Huashang did not care about Ye Shaohua. He was absent-minded when chatting with Yuwen Jing every day.

Yuwen Jing is also thinking about the seventh prince, so she doesn’t notice her difference.

There is no denying that even if he is now in a high position, he can not say that he can get any benefits from the hands of the seventh prince.

Yuwen Jing is even afraid. When he was afraid of Yuwen yun, he wanted to usurp the throne just like he was.

If Yuwen Yun is really like this, Yuwen Jing may There’s really no way.

When he got his seat from the crown prince, he had lost some of his people’s hearts. There were many neutral old ministers in the court.

He is not sure that once Yuwen Yun comes back, these old ministers will all incline to him.

Until Amur, the prince of vassal state, entered the palace, the people in the palace focused on it, and all the people were deeply relieved.

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At the same time, cold palace.

A humble bamboo tube didn’t know where it fell into the grass, and Ye Shaohua didn’t pick it up.

Inside is a piece of paper. In recent days, this kind of situation occurs frequently. From the first shock of Shuangyue , it’s no wonder now.

I just don’t know when miss will know such a powerful person. This information and the way to get in and out of the palace are not what ordinary people can do.

Ye Shaohua didn’t explain to Shuangyue . A few days ago, she had good lightness skills. She slipped out in the evening to find out the news. She also found someone to send a letter to her father and brother.

The original plot of the Jianghu expert who helped Qu Huashang is not very well described. Ye Shaohua can only rely on his memory to let the people who collect intelligence in the capital find him.

This piece of paper is the information that others find for her.

In the original plot, the last thing that ended her life was a dart, with cold ice texture.

The dart can hit her key. This person’s ability must be excellent.

As long as you check the experts who use darts in the Jianghu and the material of darts, you will know who they are.

And this information is to her life, excluding a few out of age and regular.

Only the second killer in the star picking tower, who is used to throwing darts, knows why he knows Qu Huashang.

No wonder Qu Huashang didn’t pay attention to her at all.

In the dark, there is a second killer to protect her. Although Ye Shaohua has excellent martial arts, he can’t compare with people in the Jianghu.

Ye Shaohua thought of it, lit a torch and burned the paper.

Eyes dark, ranking second killer, right, she sneered.

When a piece of paper is finished, there is a shrill sound outside.

“Ye Guifei,” the eunuch chief came to the gate of the cold palace and saluted Ye Shaohua before he let people present the things behind him. “Today, your majesty set a banquet for the prince of the vassal state. All the palace people were there. The prince of the vassal state heard about the name of his mother and wanted to see the style of the women of our Dynasty.”

Ye Shaohua looked at the gorgeous clothes with a smile, “I’m afraid it’s not suitable for me, the waste princess?”

Vassal state has always been a place of barbarians, and it is also the most headache for the first emperor and Yuwen Jing.

The prince of the vassal state is a lecherous person. Yuwen Jing told her that she could do anything good in the past. He just gave up Ye Shaohua and let her be punished for her loss of virtue.

The second is to grasp the handle of the prince of vassal state, so as to control him in the future.

This strategy is not very decent. However, the lack of troops in the imperial court is the best strategy to solve the problem of the vassal Prince and ye family.

One stone, two birds, why not.

But sacrifice Ye Shaohua, who has been sentenced to death by Yuwen Jing.

If he is still the original Lord, he is afraid that he will be bullied by the eunuch’s words. He will be happy because Yuwen Jing is optimistic about him, and can’t think of the deep meaning behind him.

But ye Shaohua is not. From the beginning to the end, even Yuwen Jing didn’t think about it. From the time when he made his decision, his every move was expected by her.

He thinks that the woman who has been in control of his hand is not the one he used to be.

The eunuch chief looked at Ye Shaohua, without a trace of respect at the bottom of his eyes, only a cold look like a dead man, “Your Majesty’s will, Niang, do you want to resist?”

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