Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 207

By | March 6, 2020

He stared at Ye Shaohua’s face, trying to find out what color was on it.

However, there is nothing.

No anger, no grievance, no fear.

Yuwen’s philosophy of politics has lasted for half of his life, but it is not the same for this woman.

“Yuwen…” Ye Shaohua put down his book, as if he had been thinking about it for a long time before he remembered Yuwen zhe’s name, and then looked at him carelessly, “Yuwen zhe, why do you think you can threaten me?”

She finally had an expression on her face, but it wasn’t any of Yuwen Zhe’s thinks.

It’s casual … taunt.

Even in such a situation, she is still so disgusting, Yuwen Zhe thought angrily.

However, when he wanted to teach Ye Shaohua a lesson, he found that he could not move.

This is… When did it start? Yuwen Zhe stares at his glasses. He looks at Ye Shaohua, who is in front of him, and the casual look on the other side’s face.

Finally, there is a sense of powerlessness in my heart.

It’s like you’re ready to fight her to death, and she treats you like a clown.

You’re not in the eye at all.

How does Qu Huashang fight against Ye Shaohua for her skill?

Thinking of this, Yuwen Zhe said directly, “it’s the meaning of courtiers to seal Miss Qu’s post. It has nothing to do with her. You can only blame your Ye family for being too deep in this situation. Don’t deal with her just because of this. What’s the use of you blaming her if Brother Huang doesn’t like you?”

Ye Shaohua sneered when she heard this.

These people of Yuwen family really think how easy she is to bully and how simple her mind is.

He thought she was jealous of Qu Huashang, so I deliberately bullied her.

“It’s useless, so can you persuade Yuwen Jing to let me out of the palace?” Ye Shaohua turns over.

Hearing her words, Yuwen Zhe’s heart leaped next. Did she know what she was going to leave the palace? It’s impossible. Only he and his brother know the details of these things. With Ye Shaohua’s brain, it’s impossible to know what they are going to do.

Yuwen Zhe absolutely does not believe that Ye Shaohua can think of their specific plan for the general’s mansion. He gradually stabilizes his mind.

However, Ye Shaohua didn’t look at him. He called Shuangyue and threw people to a lawn outside the cold palace.

Frost moon hesitated for a while, Ye Shaohua put out the candle fire, chuckled, “rest assured, there is no one within 100 meters.”

Shuangyue didn’t know that Ye Shaohua was so bold. Although she was afraid, she didn’t have any objection to Ye Shaohua’s order. She trained with Ye Shaohua since she was a child, and developed a body of brute force. Carrying Yuwen Zhe had no effect on her actions.

Fortunately, Leng palace was remote. When she was carrying Yuwen Zhe and throwing people all the way, there was really no one. Shuangyue was a little surprised. and it took at least 40 years to learn the position within 100 meters.

When did miss’s internal power become so deep?

Thinking that Ye Shaohua said within 100 meters, she stopped by a tree and put Yuwen Zhe here.

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After all, it’s the Lord. Shuangyue dare not be cruel to him.

Thinking of this, Shuangyue gave Yuwen Zhe a hard look. If the general was still in the city, where would her mother-in-law suffer such grievances.

When Shuangyue returned, Ye Shaohua did not rest, but stood by the window.

“Niang… Miss? ” Shuangyue remembers that Ye Shaohua didn’t call her Niang before.

Ye Shaohua took a look at the trees in the yard and chuckled, “it’s OK, have a rest.”

“I watch the night.” Shuangyue refused to leave. She thought that Yuwen Zhe broke into Miss’s house. If Miss didn’t have all the internal power, she would suffer a loss.

How could she leave without taking good care of her.

Ye Shaohua wanted to reach out and pat her on the shoulder. She found that she could easily touch the wound, so she put down her hand. “It’s OK, I’ll be OK.”


“Someone is better than you.” Ye Shaohua laughs but doesn’t speak.

* *

The next day, Yuwen Zhe was beaten into a pig’s head and put it in the back garden, which almost created the whole palace. The palace ladies talked about it privately, and Shuangyue naturally knew it.

She said strangely, “Miss, who did you say hit King Rui?”

Ye Shaohua is holding an apple in her mouth and drawing on the ground with a branch in his hand. He says casually: “maybe … Damnation, Shuangyue, what do you want to do in the future? “

“I just want to accompany the young lady,” said frost moon with a yearning face. “The young lady used to say that there was a long sword in the sky. I……”

Shuangyue didn’t say any more here, she knows that she and miss can’t help it.

The palace is not so easy to escape.

Qu Huashang also knows about Yuwen Zhe.

Hearing the words of the palace maid nearby, she took the tea hand and didn’t ask Ye Shaohua about her current situation, “you say Yu … King Rui was beaten? “

“Yes, it’s strange that his majesty didn’t investigate.” Courteous way.

It’s such a big thing that King Rui was beaten in the palace.

However, the Emperor didn’t investigate, and the normally high-profile King Rui didn’t say a word, which was strange.

“Besides, there are so many tributes before the emperor’s throne that the forbidden guards can’t find out,” said the palace maid, whispering to Qu Huashang’s ear, “Niang, people say that this is the soul of the emperor’s return.”

Quhuashang fingers turn, hot tea directly into the carpet.

In the ordinary days, the Queen’s face is full of amazement, nostalgia and other very complicated colors.

“Niang!” The maid immediately dried her hand with a pad, and then someone asked for the ointment.

Seeing that Qu Huashang’s fingers were red, some people went to find it, but Qu Huashang stopped them.

Qu Huashang waved her hand and asked the maid to step down, then she sat in a chair.

The eunuchs are very strange.

Only the maid who followed Qu Huashang into the palace knew why. She closed the Palace door, then went to Qu Huashang and whispered: “Niang, you are your Majesty’s queen now. Don’t think about that person’s affairs, or your majesty will know, and you will…”

These two things have become the gods and ghosts of the imperial palace. This is for the new eunuch.

However, eunuchs of the old generation like those old palace maids and servant girls of Qu Huashang all know the truth.

Lairen is the seventh crown prince in the world, and the only one who was granted the title of idle king by the former Emperor when he was less than 16 years old.

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