Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 186

By | February 14, 2020

Seeing this scene, Jimmy can’t feel what ye Shaohua is thinking.

Nowadays, few people use paper to write and draw. Even in class, they play the courseware directly through the optical brain. When they do questions, they also have a virtual projection. What they think is displayed directly on the projection screen. After they are finished, they send it directly to the teacher.

Very time saving.

With the rapid development of society, who will receive and distribute homework like the ancient society.

Jimmy is the first time to see someone use such an ancient way to make a question, but he didn’t think much about what competition Ye Shaohua reported.

When ye Shaohua is concentrating on the topic, the 008 voice that has been absent for a long time finally rings.

[Ding! Over completion of the main task, the system rewards 1100 points! Congratulations to the host for 1100! ]

When the cold mechanical sound rang in his mind, Ye Shaohua was relieved at last.

“I thought you were dead.”

008 hearing this, I was silent for a while, and then said: [almost, what you do is too big. I almost didn’t come out in that world. ]

It’s a system, it’s regulated.

But Ye Shaohua is not the same. She is the plot character. When she gets the lunch, no one can stop her. So it comes back to the world many days later than ye Shaohua.

“What happened to the world when I left?” After ye Shaohua left the world, he did not know the development of that world without 008.

She was a little scared. What happened to all that she did.

008 speaking of this, I took a very complicated look at Ye Shaohua. After ye Shaohua died, it reflected what Ye Shaohua had done.

After Ye Shaohua knew Fu Jinyun’s life, she was planning later. 008 after seeing the follow-up development of that world, he knew why Ye Shaohua put down her jade plate on the first day when he arrived at lover lake.

That jade pendant is the magic weapon left by Ye Shaohua’s parents, the most formal treasure in Fengshui field, and the needle eye of the whole array.

Lover lake is the life changing array set by the 150 year old man of Shen family. Feng shui master has no such a long life because of his karma. It’s just because he took the life of others. The last time he took the life of Ye Shaohua’s father.

This time he needed more life than last time, so he chose eight girls born on the night of extreme overcast to turn their lives with the array of lover lake.

When ye Shaohua makes a sound, he quietly arranges everything for him, including his room, which is full of Yin Qi. He also hopes that Ye Shaohua, as an eye of Yin Qi, can make the most of it.

Xu Yilin is the person he used to lead Ye Shaohua to the bait. The original body of Fengshui world is gradually forced to death by Xu Yilin and Cui Hao.

What the old man of the Shen family didn’t expect was that Ye Shaohua was not her original body.

What’s more, 008 didn’t expect that Ye Shaohua had discovered the truth of the matter for a long time. When she went to lover’s Lake, she put down her jade plate and let the old Shen family relax his vigilance.

At last, Ye Shaohua used Xu Yilin’s soul as the last sacrificial array when exposing the two men. However, this array was transferred to Fu Jinyun by her for a long time, and her life was overdrawn.

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The old man of the Shen family died the next day.

It’s not hard to guess. You can think of all 008, let alone the smart Fu Jinyun. Now it’s hard to imagine how Fu Jinyun said that in front of Ye Shaohua’s tomb: “if you want me to live, I will live.”

008 I only know that on the day of Ye Shaohua’s first seven days, the Shen family was destroyed.

Ye Shaohua has really changed the world, even the system space has been affected.

Because of this, the system did not appear in time. It was detained in that space and was investigated for a long time before it was released.

Think of here, 008 see Ye Shaohua’s vision more complex.

It all wants to ask her why are you so arrogant in the Sao Nian?

This just how long, can affect the system space, if continue, she is not wait for the system, oneself can tear up the space to return to the previous world?

[the world is stable and developing. You know, Fu Jinyun is a genius, but life no longer binds him. In Fengshui, he is invincible. ] 008 in this way.

“That’s good.” Ye Shaohua breathed a sigh of relief.

She is different from Fu Jinyun. In that world, she doesn’t spend a long time, she doesn’t spend a long time with Fu Jinyun. Fu Jinyun has no memory of the previous world, and she always …. Want to open it.

Ye Shaohua went to the castle to take the gems from her two brothers, but because 008 said something about the last world, her mood was not high.

So that the two brothers misunderstood that she was still blaming them, very careful, and then went to talk to An Tingyun about her mind.

So An Tingyun wants to see the wife who will break up peacefully in the future. Unexpectedly, she has been shut up twice. When she asked the system manager, the other party was not in the school ’s Tu Su database or she was doing a problem. He had never met her once.

Although there is so little expectation to see her in his heart, An Tingyun just abandoned the idea.

It is also these days that ye junyi, who is very hard on herself, has made a great breakthrough in the mech, with a high degree of nervous response.

Both the army and the teachers attach great importance to her. This matter, together with the Ye family’s affairs, has always been a source of help for Mo planet.

“Madame, don’t think of the Duchess any more.” Follow the old housekeeper beside Lu Xiang to look at the way she looks in the mirror, can’t help but feel sad.

Their princess was favored when she was a child, and then she married Duke Ye without any grievance.

Where to think that because Ye Junyi was trampled on her face under his feet.

“Even if you get married, you are still the most valued sister in the king’s heart,” the housekeeper appeased her, “Shaohua is also the most honorable lady in the whole Mo planet…”

“Lehmann family have been honest income Jun Ye Wen and used them as their maidens!” Lu Xiang smiles sarcastically, “Ye en personally takes back the mother and daughter to celebrate for them. Their ye junyi works hard and excellently. Her mother keeps on striving for self-improvement. Now people all over the world think that our Lu family kills the genius. What is Lu Xiang?”

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