Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 185

By | February 13, 2020

Allen’s smile faded in a flash.

“So there’s no need to be affectionate about me anymore.” Ye Shaohua finished the so-called drink in her hand and frowned.

Everything is good on this planet, only a little. All things are used to maximize energy. For example, this planet does not pursue food, but only reagents with indescribable taste.

Ye Shaohua thinks that if time permits, she will surely lead the people of the planet to make all kinds of delicious food.

Allen put away the gentleness of his face, and squinted at Ye Shaohua for a long time.

Others may not bear his eyes, but Ye Shaohua is not affected at all. She was not afraid when she was pointed at the forehead. Compared with those, today’s is nothing.

“Are you angry that I didn’t tell you about Ye Junyi?” After a while, Allen sighed, and he said, “I didn’t tell you because I was afraid of your misunderstanding. I didn’t expect you to know.”

Speaking of this, Allen took a moment, then looked at Ye Shaohua, “I guess … Did major general An tell you? Maybe he just wanted to see us… “

Ye Shaohua put down the glass. “And my mother is right. I don’t want to make her sad anymore.”

After that, she nodded to Allen and left without changing her face.

Allen sat opposite him and saw Ye Shaohua’s eyes.

The eyes were so calm that Allen wondered if it was Ye Shaohua.

It’s also because of this look that Allen didn’t stop her, but stayed here alone.

Do you like Ye Shaohua? That’s not too much to like, but his father and mother hope that he can marry the royal family of the planet Mo, which is good for gamma planet.

In fact, there are no two kinds of girls that Ye Shaohua has contacted with him.

But ye Shaohua is no different from the girls on gamma.

It’s an accident to meet Ye Junyi, and it’s also an accident to save her.

What Allen really appreciates is Ye Junyi’s unyielding nature, which is fresh and fresh that he has never seen before.

“Prince?” See Allen for a long time no voice, the attendant around can’t help but talk.

Alan looked at him. “Why do you think An Tingyun wants to Tell Ye Shaohua about it? Are you afraid the Ye family will turn against me? “

He didn’t have any doubt about his speculation. The main reason is that he saved Ye Junyi’s life was only his two confidants. Even his parents didn’t know about it. Naturally, he didn’t think Ye Shaohua could know about it.

If you have the ability to find out about it, Allen doesn’t think that there are other people who have the ability besides An Tingyun.

“An Tingyun’s marriage to Ye Shaohua proves his ambition.” The followers don’t know the form, of course, they don’t think ye Shaohua can know it.

“How about Ye Junyi?” Alan didn’t waste any more time on Ye Shaohua.

From Ye Junyi’s unafraid eyes, Allen knew that if she lived, he would be a generalist, but she was too sensitive, so he risked his life to save her.

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Now she looks very good in the mecha department, and Allen feels that his rescue is not a loss at all.

Ye Shaohua goes to her flying machine, and a person’s projection appears on his light brain.

“Shaohua, do you have time to come back today? Your cousin has brought you the jewels of a newly discovered planet. ” Lu Xiang’s expression was very gentle. Behind her stood a big cousin who wanted to squeeze her.

Pressed by the second cousin.

In fact, there are a lot of questions to do, but Ye Shaohua smiled, “OK, come right now.”

The king knew about Ye Shaohua’s affair with Allen, so after he let Ye Shaohua marry major general An, he always felt guilty. Let alone protect Ye Shaohua’s two cousins. If they were not on Mo planet at that time, they would stop this affair.

So after that, Lu family and his family compensated Ye Shaohua from various aspects.

Guilt peaked when she learned that she had been sent to the custody for drinking.

The original body also knew that, so she did not object to An Tingyun even though she resisted, but silently accepted.

Ye Shaohua also understands this, so he didn’t leave home directly when he first wore it.

She took a look in the direction of Allen when she got on the plane, her eyes were slightly heavy.

In fact, Lu Xiang did not humiliate Ye Junyi, and they even paid her a living fee.

Don’t say that Ye Junyi didn’t have the S-level spiritual power. Even Lu Xiang knew that her family wouldn’t let Ye Junyi’s mother and daughter live in Ye’s house.

The original story rarely mentions Allen, but he is indeed a high IQ existence. If there is no An Tingyun, he must be the hottest man on the planet, and his ability is not a false name.

Otherwise, he would not have risked to save Ye Junyi, and then secretly escorted her all the way to give advice when he went out of the army.

It can be said that Ye Junyi in the back became the first female general to break the history, in which Allen’s contribution is indelible.

In fact, later Ye Junyi also proved to him that his eyes were not bad.

She has not only broken the history, but also become a more powerful existence than 99% of men. Because of the relationship between her childhood and her mother’s suffering, Ye Junyi’s perseverance is really incomparable to ordinary people, let alone her mutated spiritual strength.

But it’s a pity that the original body and the Lu family are not forced to die by Ye Junyi even if Allen talks about a little friendship.

Thinking of this, Ye Shaohua looks at Allen’s side with a little more irony.

Jimmy’s eyes in the pilot’s seat of the aircraft saw his young lady smiling. His heart leaped. However, looking at her again, he saw that she held a paper book, and the pen was rapidly drawing on it.

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