Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 184

By | February 12, 2020

With that, Ye Shaohua took out a white tissue from his pocket.

She slowly and slowly wiped the hand that she had just patted ye Junyi. After that, she carefully rolled the tissue into a ball and threw it on ye Junyi’s face. The tone was very gentle, “a civilian, how can I find more than a dozen S-level mental power for you? I don’t know that you are the only one on the whole planet. Ye Junyi, don’t take your mother with you to make my mother unhappy in the future. Otherwise, if she is not happy, you all have to suffer along with her. “

The voice is gentle, just like the whisper of relatives.

With that, she stood up straight and continued to walk towards her aircraft.

In the original plot, ye Junyi spoke to Ye Shaohua’s mother and daughter in such a high position after she gained the power. She didn’t count the number of the original owner for many times. She also criticized Lu Xiang for being inferior to even a civilian. The royal family’s children were inferior to her in the end. Let Lu Xiang stop hindering her mother’s eyes.

Today, Ye Shaohua changed a few words she said and gave them directly to Ye Junyi.

Behind her, Ye Junyi looked at the way people around her pointed and held her hands in humiliation.

A pair of eyes as if stained with blood: “Ye Shaohua, today with the previous humiliation I will pay back later!”

She is a genius of S-class mecha department. As long as she works hard enough and excels enough, she has made great contributions in the war with the Zerg. What is she, Ye Shaohua? One day she will kneel and beg for her!

Not far away, will see all this in the eyes of An Tingshuang can not help rubbing glasses.

He Tut, and then sent a word to An Tingyun.

——[I always thought that my sister-in-law was a flower of kaolin. When I saw it today, it turned out to be a flower of overlord! ]

These days, Ye Junyi dare not appear in front of Ye Shaohua, training day and night in the training room.

If the system is still there at this time, you will shake your head and surpass Ye Shaohua in the original plot, but you want to be better than Ye Shaohua now.

Ye Junyi is afraid that she has never died.

Fortunately, ye Shaohua didn’t want to go to the mecha department, but has been working tirelessly in the Mecha Architecture Department. In a small test, she landed the first place in the Mecha Architecture Department with a full score.

Those who are preparing for the competition in the Mecha Architecture Department should not breathe cold air!

Fog grass! This is a demon from nowhere!

People in the Mech Architecture Department found that they had always looked down on Ye Shaohua and wanted to see her bottom. They didn’t expect that this person was watching the light brain study during the meal, which made the talents in the Department of mecha architecture more excited and began to study. These days, people in the organic armor system came to find them to repair mecha but couldn’t find them.

“I heard that she also reported the competition, but that Ye Shaohua hasn’t gone to class all the time?” Ye Junyi’s classmate, after getting off the machine armour, went through the social account of this man today when major general an and Ye Shaohua divorced.

Got the news.

Ye Junyi listens to it and feels relieved. Fortunately, she didn’t come to the mecha department.

She was really afraid that Ye Shaohua would come to the mechanical armour department. After the meeting that day, she found that Ye Shaohua’s strength was not bad. Ye Shaohua was also a B-level spiritual force, which was also a top talent. In addition, she had received training since she was a child.

If Ye Shaohua wants to come to the mecha department, ye Junyi will be pressed by her in a short time.

“I wonder why she went to the mecha architect competition? Those monsters are over 200 in each brain area, wasting time? ” Another student heard that before he took a sip of the energy agent, he almost sprayed it out.

The planet is still equal for men and women, but in fact, women are at the top of everything.

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Let alone the Department of mecha and the Department of mecha architects. Historically, there are few women who have made great achievements in these two aspects.

Students finish, poor pat Ye Junyi use the shoulder, “you good efforts.”

Ye Junyi is really pitiful for being so oppressed by Ye’s family.

Ye Shaohua bought a pile of paper and pens. When she was free, she put on a composition diagram of computer armour on the paper. There was a large string of symbols and numbers on it, which few people could understand.

Until a message appeared on her bare brain. [See you in the old place. ]

It’s Allen, Ye Shaohua’s childhood sweetheart. In fact, if it wasn’t for the king, Ye Shaohua would have married Allen.

The original plot is also about Allen and Ye Shaohua. They have a good relationship. Ye Shaohua is still nostalgic for Allen after he married major general An Shao. Allen affectionately said that he would wait for her.


Ye Shaohua put down her pen and went to see Allen on the plane.

Allen is a blonde boy, and also the prince of gamma planet. Gamma planet is half smaller than Mo planet, and its strength is not as high as Mo planet. There are many lost places on gamma planet, but the people on gamma planet are all smart.

Like many people on gamma planet, Allen is very smart. He is not only a robot manipulator, but also a second-class robot architect. The most important thing is that he is also the successor of gamma planet, with distinguished status.

It’s a very incomprehensible thing that such an excellent person like him can see Ye Shaohua.

No wonder the original Lord didn’t even care about major general An for him.

“Shaohua, don’t worry, I will wait for you all the time.” Allen stood by the tree. He looked down at Ye Shaohua, and the light gilded him.

He is like the man many girls dream of, perfect dream.

“Don’t wait for me.” Ye Shaohua is in a hurry to go back to work on the topic and directly opens his mouth.

This sentence, let Allen surprised look up, his golden eyes dyed with a layer of light doubt, he looked at Ye Shaohua seems to find something in her face.

After a while, he sounded with a cool voice, like appeasing his naughty girlfriend. He was very patient. “OK, stop it, I know you don’t like An Tingyun. Don’t worry, I won’t let you stay where you don’t like.”

Ye Shaohua looks up, looks at Allen’s almost perfect face, and whispers, “last March, the Zerg riots on gamma planet, Ye Junyi’s mother and daughter almost died. Prince Allen risked his life to save the two men from the Zerg nest, and behind them were the wounds left by the Zerg, which King gamma did not know. “

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