Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 183

By | February 11, 2020

Qiaoxi is the tutor of mecha architect. There are many students who ask questions to him on weekdays. but the first time he saw Ye Shaohua holding her own Lighthead came to ask him questions.

Though strange, he replied as a teacher.

Qiaoxi is very smart to be a tutor in the Department of mecha architecture. A few years ago, someone on the Internet said that Qiaoxi is the smartest person in the whole star. His brain has been beyond the level of ordinary people.

“This system is used to drive, but 32 times of the computing driven core And this super digital engineering… ” Qiaoxi’s notes in his early years were posted in the minds of all the students, and Ye Shaohua pointed to his questions and began to ask them.

The development of science and technology in the world is too fast. Mathematics, network and other aspects are developing rapidly.

“You’ve taught yourself to be here? This is what a first-class architect can see. Here it is… ” Qiaoxi thought that the questions Ye Shaohua asked were very simple. After all, she had not graduated yet. Unexpectedly, some of the questions she asked had exceeded her due progress.

He said that he found that Ye Shaohua could follow his thinking. She could know what he mentioned casually.

And she can build her own super formula that he has never seen before.

Qiaoxi because of IQ very few people can talk with him, did not expect to talk to Ye Shaohua immediately.

What is it like when two super geniuses meet?

Other teachers in the office looked at each other. They were so jumpy that even their teachers couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. What’s Hodge’s conjecture? What are the geometric components of algebraic closed chains?

Although other teachers in the Department of mecha architecture can’t match Qiaoxi’s, their brains are not comparable to those of ordinary people. They found out that this is the ancient mathematical problem left by the ancient blue star from the light brain. It’s a theory used in the construction of mecha. They only used it, but they never proved anything.

Qiaoxi’s eyes brightened as he chatted with Ye Shaohua.

“Why do you come to mecha architecture department now?” Josh took a look at Ye Shaohua. “Otherwise, with your talent, you can go to machine armour to repair machine armour.”

It’s all the demons that can really become mecha architects, but even so, Qiaoxi thinks Ye Shaohua will be the best one.

He hasn’t seen such a talented person for a long time.

He has also seen many such evils, but looking at Ye Shaohua, he can’t help but marvel.

It’s good to think that Ye Shaohua didn’t come to mecha architecture department in the first three years, otherwise many people would have to live in her shadow.

He looked at Ye Shaohua and thought that if there was no accident, there might be another master of level five in the Department of mecha architects.

Thinking of this, when he went to the students for a walk, he said, “people who want to take part in the Mech Architect Contest this year, you should pay attention to that, you will have a very terrible opponent.”

“Better than Andrew on gamma?” A person asked curiously.

Qiaoxi smiled. “You’ll see in a few days.”

The competition is a symbol of honor and strength for the robot architects. It is held every year, and students who have not graduated can participate in it.

In a unified competition, the first prize will be awarded by the king himself.

It’s only one year since the first place came out. You can imagine the gold content of the first place. Everyone who gets the first place is at least a level 5 constructor.

When Ye Shaohua said goodbye to Qiaoxi, Qiaoxi gave her a lot of notes out of the heart of cherishing talents. These notes are different from those simple books, but they are written by a teacher whose IQ is very high. Ye Shaohua is like a treasure.

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Everyone in the school is the leader among millions of students, with strong teachers.

Mr. Qiaoxi is a consultant teacher in the Mecha Department of Architecture. Naturally, An Tingshuang, a genius in the Mecha Department, is naturally a consultant in the Mecha Department.

“Ye Junyi, what are you stupefied at?” An Tingshuang looks at ye Junyi, who is stunned and hit by a plastic bullet, and the mecha stops.

He could not help frowning.

Ye Junyi stares at the girl downstairs.

I still remember that the other side stood high at Ye’s house that day, sending their mother and daughter like beggars, and she was very unhappy.

Since knowing Ye Shaohua’s existence, ye Junyi has been competing with Ye Shaohua in heart everywhere. She also sees Ye en’s love for Ye Shaohua, which makes Ye Junyi feel that her own things have been robbed by others.

Now her mental strength has been detected as S-level, which is much higher than Ye Shaohua. She proves that she doesn’t need to be poor.

In the past, those who looked down on themselves only to ingratiate themselves with Ye Shaohua’s friends all came to show their kindness to her.

It seems that Ye Junyi is very funny to think of it here. She chuckled and went to the only way for Ye Shaohua. She felt very happy to think that Ye Shaohua is so jealous of herself now.

She wanted to see Ye Shaohua’s fear and jealousy. Unexpectedly, when she got closer, she found that Ye Shaohua didn’t have the expression she wanted.

“Wait, I heard you took your mother to diaphragms last night?” Ye Shaohua looks at Ye Junyi lightly.

Ye Junyi  smelt the words and smiled sarcastically. She approached Ye Shaohua and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “are you very jealous? Do you want to kill me? Unfortunately, I’m a first-class citizen of the Empire now. You can’t humiliate me any more. I’ll give you back a little of what happened to me and my mother… “

However, a word is not finished.

Bang –

Flop –

Things are developing very fast, and for a moment, even ye Junyi, who has a very fast reaction, can’t believe it. She kneels on the ground in embarrassment, her knees are shaking, but she can’t get up if she wants to climb.

The proud look on Ye Junyi’s face suddenly turned vicious. She looked at Ye Shaohua fiercely.

Ye Shaohua also smiled. She leaned over and patted Ye Junwen’s cheek. Her voice was still languid: “although I’m not a machine armour department, I’m not as energetic as you, but I’ve practiced for 20 years. You just want to start with me when you’ve been training in the machine armour Department for a few days? No, self, quantity, strength. “

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