Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 182

By | February 10, 2020

When An Tingyun and Ye Shaohua registered, he was still directing a battle of machine armour.

I didn’t expect to get the news as soon as he came out of the Warframe.

It’s impossible to divorce for the time being, but An Tingyun has never been close to Ye Shaohua. Although they have been husband and wife for a month in name, they respect each other like ice.

“Why didn’t Mrs. ye come in?” When Ye Shaohua left, an’s mother looked at the housekeeper.

She heard that Lu Xiang had gone to pick up Ye Shaohua.

After hearing that, robot housekeeper uses electronic voice way: “Ye Junyi took the first place in the Mecha department.”

This is the first one. If we train well, we can open a class a machine armour in the future. It can be a person above the officer level.

Because of Ye Junyi’s identity as an illegitimate daughter, when the incident broke out, how many people looked down on her, but how could they know that she even went against the attack and was admitted to the mecha department as a civilian.

“These Ye families have a headache with the king.” Ann’s father shook his head.

If ordinary people don’t mind if Ye Junyi uses it, she will surely get the key cultivation of the state. Like her son, now she is not happy with the royal family, and she doesn’t know how it will develop.

After all, Ye Junyi can threaten the existence of Ye family. No wonder Mrs. Ye hurried back.

If you can’t fix those cracks, tut

It’s just that Ye Junyi can’t grow up. If you give her a chance to grow up, your majesty may have another enemy.

“You say, if ye Junyi is the lineage of Ye family…” The more she thinks about it, the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks about it, the more she feels about it. “People of the Lu family are always arrogant. I’ll take a moment to remind that one of them, and let her stop pointing at Ye Junyi’s nose and swearing.”

If Ye Shaohua is still Ye’s family, it doesn’t matter, but now she is an’s family, and an’s mother doesn’t want her to offend others all day.


Machine armour training ground of Mo planet.

“Caught in custody?” The speaker just jumped off the rack and completed a high-intensity integration training, “she can really make trouble.”

Always happy and angry not show the man, the first corner of the mouth smile some taunt.

But even so, his slightly raised eyebrows make it difficult to move his eyes.

“When you stand at the top,” An Tingshuang patted her brother on the shoulder and looked at him sympathetically, “no one can stop you any more. Her little movements are despised. Did you see the illegitimate daughter of Ye family today?”

An Tingyun lit a cigarette, smelled the words, casually opened his mouth, “I don’t know.”

“Two ears don’t hear you outside the window,” said An Tingshuang, “a person with spiritual strength of S level, the most important thing is that she grew up on a deserted planet and never contacted the maintenance warehouse and reagents since childhood. It’s a miracle that she can achieve this level. With a little training, we will have another general. No worse than the others… “

An Tingyun listened carelessly, because he took the matter of Ye’s daughter, and knew some of the bad things of Ye’s family.

However, my brother’s evaluation of Ye junyi is quite high.

He squinted at the thought.

“I’ll go home first. I’ll leave it to you here.” An Tingyun pinched the cigarette.

I don’t want to wait. Let’s go home first.

An Tingyun seldom goes back to settle down. He usually stays in the training center. This time, his parents suddenly don’t know. Instead of letting the robot inform his parents, he knocks on Ye Shaohua’s door.

The doors are all automatic, and Ye Shaohua will open them with one command.

This is also the first time for An Tingyun to enter his nominal wife’s door. Once inside, the luxurious decorations hurt his eyes. An Tingyun’s long fingers pressed his eyebrows.

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“What’s the king’s idea with Ye’s family? I know that you don’t like to settle down,” said An Tingyun, who didn’t see Ye Shaohua. There was only Ye Shaohua’s own life robot in it, but he knew that Ye Shaohua could hear what he said. “One year, one year, I will let the king see our loyalty. You can only settle down for one year at most. One year later, we will divorce peacefully.”

Ye Shaohua has just finished bathing. She is brushing her hair and pushing the door out. Her bathrobe is tightly wrapped.

“Yes.” Hearing An Tingyun’s words, Ye Shaohua couldn’t get it.

She reached for the robot to put the newly printed contract in her hand, then put down the towel in her hand and signed her name neatly.

This reaction simply let An Tingyun appreciate. He took the document, signed his name with a very old pen. After signing, he looked at Ye Shaohua, which was a very casual look.

But the pen in my hand is so heavy.

Ye Shaohua was wearing a bathrobe. Just after the bathrobe reached her knee, a small part of her leg was still covered with water drops. She slipped down the root of her leg. It was a bit dazzling white. An Tingyun made a stroke and felt that he should be able to cut it off with a pinch.

“Don’t go out yet?” Looking at each other with the document still standing here, Ye Shaohua light mouth.

That’s why she quit.

However, he did not leave immediately, but leaned against the door of Ye Shaohua, leaned against the corridor to light a cigarette for himself, and smoked slowly, with doubts between his eyebrows that he could not understand.

It’s not the first time to see ye Shaohua. How can I think she’s different from before this time.


The next day, Ye Shaohua got up to go to Imperial College.

She is also a student of Imperial College. Originally, her system and mental strength had a bright future in mecha department, but there were too few girls studying mecha. She originally chose a painless mecha architect.

Although it’s a mecha architect, she didn’t have a few formal classes. She just got a name and finally got a diploma.

The teacher didn’t fire her either, so she should have one eye open and one eye closed.

In addition to the mecha masters who control mecha, there are also mecha builders in this interstellar world, which is more rare than mecha masters.

Even if you are no longer powerful and have no machine armor, you are just an ordinary person.

There are a lot of people who can control mecha on the planet, but there are not many mecha, especially the advanced ones above level 5. Now there are only three. There are still worn mecha when fighting against the Zerg every year.

But it’s too difficult to build a robot. Even the system takes a lot of time to calculate, not to mention every part.

Every robot architect is a very abnormal existence. Their brain structure is different from that of ordinary people. Even the light brain can’t compare with these people’s brain. The original body feels that it’s an existence run by an intellectual disability in the robot system, so they seldom come here.

Ye Shaohua looks at the door of the mecha architect and suddenly chuckles. It’s a world destined to belong to her.

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