Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 181

By | February 6, 2020

“Shaohua, do you hear mom talking?” Lu Xiang looked at his daughter who was obviously in a daze, angry and amused.

Ye Shaohua just looked up and nodded to the mother of this world, “I heard you.”

She has always been in a high position, and her strength is not bad. She is young and frivolous. She is always proud and prickly. Even if she looks at people, she also has a bit of superior momentum.

But now, the face is still that face, but Lu Xiang always felt something different.

The eyes alone are much clearer than before. For the first time, Lu Xiang felt that her daughter couldn’t compare with any international superstar.

But looking at it, she sighed.

The planet Mo has been plagued by the Zerg, shrinking and shrinking safely. The planet’s army has negotiated many agreements with the Zerg, but they are of little use, and they have also lost many expensive mecha.

However, at this time, An Ting Yun, the youngest son of her family, was born. He won the first battle in history as soon as he went to the battlefield, which gave the people of the planet Mo a chance to breathe. He also became famous in First World War, and his face was not inferior to that of the hot male stars on the planet, so he became hot on the planet Mo.

Even the hottest star on planet Mo is not half as popular as him.

Even if he doesn’t pay attention to anyone on his social account, there is only one system Weibo, and there are tens of thousands of comments for marriage every day.

Everyone is thinking about what kind of woman can be matched with Major General An.

However, no one expected that the king directly dropped a bomb.

Let Ye Shaohua marry Major General An.

Although Lu family is the leading family of Mo planet, it has not lost its glory in the past century, especially after the emergence of Anting Yun.

In order to stabilize Anting Yun, the king decided to marry her sister’s daughter to Anting Yun, that is, Ye Shaohua. The king himself had only two sons, and there was no way to do this.

Ye Shaohua’s own qualification is good. Her B-level mental strength and physical quality have also reached B-level. She can go to the mecha department.

Compared with the ordinary people, it’s really a natural pride.

Unfortunately, the man she was going to marry was the first marshal of the stars. Everyone felt that a flower had been planted on the cow dung.

After the news came out, I heard that many young men and girls cried that day.

So people on STARNet are waiting for her to get divorced. Someone else on the Internet has opened a micro blog named — [did major general An and Ye Shaohua get divorced today? ]

There are already millions of fans.

If you really study it carefully, she really doesn’t deserve this magnificent major general An.

Even the parents who settled down were wronged for their son, but they didn’t say anything in plain sight. It’s not so happy that they were forced to marry Ye Shaohua.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiang felt even worse.

She knew that her daughter had a bad time in settling down. Otherwise, she was brought into the custody by someone who was rioting outside and drinking today, and no one came to pick her up. Or the caretaker contacted her as a mother.

They went out of the star guard house together, and Ye Shaohua looked at the aircraft in front of him, and saw a light in front of him.

This is a very advanced world. The ancient existence of cars is almost extinct except for those abandoned lost planets. In Mo planet, everyone is an aircraft when they go out.

The world has surpassed the civilization of modern society for hundreds of years.

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When Ye Shaohua was in the original world, she wanted to toss the fighter plane and other things. Unfortunately, she was human and had limited time. She didn’t have time to learn these things. Instead, she helped those people make a lot of flight systems.

At the thought of the original world, Ye Shaohua pursed her lips.

Lu Xiang’s driver swipes the screen, points to the automatic flying machine, and then looks at Ye Shaohua curiously. How can miss today be the same as her first flying machine?

When they arrived at the door, Lu Xiang wanted to go in with Ye Shaohua for a while. Unexpectedly, Lu Xiang’s light brain threw a message to Lu Xiang’s electronic communicator.

Seeing the news on guangnao, Lu Xiang saw his daughter’s happy face disappeared.

“Shaohua, stay at home and be nice.” In front of her daughter’s face, Lu Xiang’s expression was still relaxed. “Mom went back a bit in advance.”

After that, she turned to get on the aircraft. At the moment when the aircraft door was closed, her face was very heavy.

“Contact Ye En.”

Ye Shaohua stood at the gate of his home and watched Lu Xiang’s flying machine “brush” away from her sight. Although Lu Xiang didn’t say it, she also knew that Lu Xiang must know that ye Junyi’s S-Class spirit Power news.

“Welcome home, young lady.” The intelligent robot will open the door.

Although the lights are brilliant outside, it’s already more than eight o’clock in the evening. All the An’s family have returned home.

An’s mother had heard from the intelligent robot that Ye Shaohua was back. She came down ahead of time and saw that Ye Shaohua came in from the door. Before she got close to her body, she had a strong smell of wine.

She was so angry that her chest fluctuated. “I don’t know what bad habits you have in Ye’s family, but since you married and settled down with us, you must abide by the rules of our settlement. Do you know how much trouble you will cause to stop Yun when you go to the detention center like this? You don’t want to be our daughter-in-law. There are many people who want to be our daughter-in-law! “

She has been strict with herself for so many years and has never seen such a situation as Ye Shaohua.

Not to mention that she was laughed at for drinking and making trouble, but more importantly, she was put in detention today, and someone burst out on the Internet.

Now I don’t know how many people read her jokes with An Ting Yun.

At first, An’s mother thought that Ye Shaohua could match her son’s identity. She thought that the eldest lady from this family must be better than the ordinary people. However, she didn’t think that she had any ability. She was just arrogant.

No wonder Ye Shaohua’s popularity is not good.

“All right.” An’s father finally misbehaved as a stake. He spoke in time to stop it.

Ye Shaohua’s identity is there. In fact, no other young lady in Mo planet has a higher identity than her. “Shaohua must be tired after staying in the detention center for several hours. Let her go back to her room to have a rest first.”

Ye Shaohua followed the original way, glanced at them lightly, and said hello casually, which made the dissatisfaction and impatience at the bottom of an’s mother’s eyes more serious.

Her face is very cold, just turned around that second, the bottom of her eyes across a sharp light.

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