Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 180

By | February 4, 2020

To be exact, Cui Hao and Xu Yilin both appeared in a live broadcast.

At midnight, the network of S city was hacked by a mysterious person. When ten countdown numbers appeared on each person’s computer, the faces of Cui Hao and Xu Yilin appeared.

They were at the water’s edge, very embarrassed.

Cui Hao stares at the direction of the void in horror, “no It’s not me. I didn’t kill you. Xu Yilin did everything! “

“What about Ye Shaohua? Why do you declare on the Internet that she has mental problems? ” That’s when a Zhilan figure appeared on the screen. It can only be seen from his angular side face that he looks good.

As if seeing the hope, Cui Hao opened his mouth in fear, “I said, I said everything! Xu Yilin and I are girlfriends. She is interested in Ye Shaohua’s jade pendant. I asked for Ye Shaohua once and wanted to buy it, but she didn’t want to sell it. I pretended to be her boyfriend, and then broke up with her after she liked me. Xu Yilin said that the jade pendant was ours after her mental breakdown! “

“Is what he said true?” Fu Jinyun looks at Xu Yilin lightly.

“I don’t want to die. Help me!” Xu Yilin looked around in horror. “I didn’t want to ask for her jade pendant. It was all that person. That person said that I was on the lunar month and said that as long as I got her jade pendant She can also die for me. I… I didn’t want to, but I was jealous of her. I grew up to be the school flower, but when she came, she completely occupied my seat. I didn’t want her to die, I just wanted to teach her a lesson… “

There is no live network behind.

But the police also found the location of the live broadcast, which was more strange than the live broadcast.

Xu Yilin is sitting on the ground. Her pants are wet with urine. When she sees the police, her eyes are shining.

At this time, her neck was askew, as if she was pinched by a pair of invisible hands, “no I… “

People with good eyes can see that she has several blue fingerprints on her neck.

The captain wanted to come forward to rescue, but they were still there no matter how they went.

Ye Shaohua directly took out a few runes and pasted them on Xu Yilin’s forehead. There were blue marks on Xu Yilin’s forehead.

One side of Fu Heng’s eyes widened, “Miss Ye’s pictorial ability is amazing.”

The captain who had previously vowed to Ye Shaohua not to believe in ghosts and gods now has a coolness behind him.

He felt that he regretted his three views.

Fu Jinyun bit his finger. When Ye Shaohua catches Xu Yilin, he drops blood on the seal script. Xu Yilin’s whole body seems to be evacuated and becomes a corpse in an instant.

It is obvious that the people behind Xu Yilin used her life as a medium to carry on the life of a young girl. They are both prosperous and harmful. Now Xu Yilin is dead, and the people behind her can’t live.

Fu Jinyun stared at Ye Shaohua for a while, then said, “what about your jade plate?”

Ye Shaohua put his hand in his pocket. “I don’t know.”

After the live broadcast, Xu Yilin died and Cui Hao did not, but the live broadcast made people realize his character.

Playing with the girl’s feelings even if, but also slander her, some people can’t help but think if they are that girl may not help such a guide suicide.

Some people who misunderstood Ye Shaohua before because of the video can’t help smashing Cui Hao with rotten eggs.

Cui Hao has become a street mouse. Cui’s family is bankrupt because of him. However, he is still crazy. He used to dislike Ye Shaohua as a mental illness, but now he has become his most disgusted mental illness.

Finally, there was no way to be sent to the mental hospital by Cui’s parents.

* *

On the day after Xu Yilin’s death, the news of Shen’s 150 year old ancestor’s death came from Fengshui circle.

And Xu Yilin is aimed at Ye Shaohua from the beginning.

Knowing this, Fu Jinyun began to stay with Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua also pretends not to know his previous deliberate alienation.

Fu Jinyun’s birthday is getting closer and closer. Fu Heng smiles reluctantly every day. They all return to Fu’s house, and Ye Shaohua follows them back to the capital.

“Why are you getting lazy recently?” Looking at the ride for a while, ye Shaohua fell asleep, and Fu Jinyun couldn’t help laughing.

Then there was a sigh.

Ye Shaohua seems very tired. She didn’t say anything to Fu Jinyun this time. She just smiled.

Fu’s family all know that Fu Jinyun can’t live his birthday, so this birthday has not been celebrated.

Miss Ye Er knew that ye Shaohua and Fu Jinyun had come back, and she also brushed a wave of faces with Fu Weifeng in front of them. “Shaohua, you’d better be sad.”

Fu Weifeng also looked at Ye Shaohua deeply. “Sooner or later, you will regret it.”

“Be careful.” Fu Jinyun almost fell when he watched Ye Shaohua go over the steps. He picked up the person and told him in a low voice. His voice was helpless.

Looking at the handsome man, who is not cast, who is so kind to a woman carefully, Miss Ye Er can’t say anything behind her.

Fu Weifeng has always been male chauvinism.

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The second miss who wanted to see Ye Shaohua regret at first, but at last she ate a lot of gas.

It doesn’t matter. He was a dead man the next day, Miss ye thought.

But all of us, even Fu Jinyun, who is ready, didn’t expect to get up alive the next day after his birthday.

Even the patriarch couldn’t believe it.

Miss Ye Jiaer and Fu Weifeng are still thinking that they can’t live for a few days.

However, Fu Jinyun has lived for several decades. Fu Jinyun is still alive. Where can Fu family have Fu Weifeng’s status? The position of Fu’s master mother that Miss Ye Jiaer wants is not available.

Ye Shaohua died within a few years, but she taught three of the best disciples, Ye Ming and two of master Zhou’s.

After her death, the ability of these three people is equal to that of Fu family.

Even those masters doubted that Fu Jinyun could live because of Ye Shaohua’s life changing.

Knowing this, ye clan leader regretted a mouthful of black blood and vomited it out. If he had died and left Ye Shaohua, Ye Shaohua would have saved Fu Jinyun’s life by means of supernatural and ghostly means

However, it’s no use regretting any more. The Ye family is still in decline.

* *

“Shaohua, listen to your mother, I won’t hurt you. How many people can’t marry major general An. Do you know how many people envy you? Don’t think about Allen any more, just be a little girl?” Ye Shaohua just opened her eyes, and the graceful woman looked at her with heartache and helplessness

Ye Shaohua looked at the woman’s undisguised heartache on her face, and was stunned for a moment.

Until 008 to send her the story.

This is a world of Starcraft.

The original body is also called Ye Shaohua. The original body is not poor in aptitude. Level B mental power is very rare among women. However, the protagonist of this world is not her, but Ye Junyi, the original half sister.

Her sister was born with an ordinary man when he was a soldier. However, when the ordinary daughter was enrolled in the mechatronics college, she was identified for her similar appearance with general Ye.

General Ye took Ye Junyi back without his mother’s knowledge and lied that he was the daughter of his comrades in arms, but it wasn’t long before he was found out.

The original mother is the child of the royal family who dominates the planet. No one thought that general Ye, the model husband, had cheated.

The king’s people were furious. They didn’t let Ye Junyi’s mother and daughter into Ye’s house. They only agreed to pay a living fee.

Ye Junyi’s mother and daughter left in humiliation, causing general Ye’s guilt.

After leaving Ye’s home, Ye Junyi was detected to have S-level mental power in the entrance of Mecha Academy, and her life seemed to be open.

After that, she went to the Mecha Department of Starcraft First Officer School, and then drove the airport to the battlefield to establish her meritorious service.

She broke the myth that women are weaker than men on the planet and became the first female general in history.

Although the original body has a good talent, but it has not reached the point where Ye Junyi is so outrageous. Ye Junyi always thinks that the original mother and daughter despise her and her mother, so she retaliates against Ye Shaohua’s mother and daughter after gaining the power.

She used her contacts in the military region to make Ye’s family go downhill, and even overturned the dynasty of the planet. Ye Shaohua’s mother clan all came down.

Because after Ye Junyi used it, without all the people of the dynasty, the mother and daughter of Ye family would not be enough.

She transformed the former body from a superior major general’s wife into a commoner overnight, while the former father found his true love and married Ye Junyi’s mother.

The original mother became the biggest joke, and because she felt that she had killed her mother, she was depressed and committed suicide.

It was a coincidence that Ye Shaohua passed through. Ye Junyi has just been detected as a talent of S level. People in the interstellar world all sympathize with Ye Junyi , a talented girl who is constantly striving for self-improvement.

And Ye Shaohua herself, she is marrying the star’s hot major general, and the world is waiting for her to divorce him.

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