Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 179

By | February 2, 2020

It’s Fu Jinyun.

“Where are you?” His tone sounded smooth, but Ye Shaohua felt his inner uneasiness.

Ye Shaohua squints, “S city.”

There was a silence, and then he said, “You are back.”

This time, Ye Shaohua didn’t answer, Fu Jinyun seemed to sigh deeply, and then said: “master Zhou, just died, was in S city.”

His tone is very heavy. Ye Shaohua holds her cell phone tightly.

Master Zhou, who is also a teacher and friend of hers.

Fu Jinyun seemed to know that he couldn’t speak to her, and didn’t continue to persuade her, just hung up the phone in a hurry.

Ye Shaohua didn’t bother him either, but went directly to the school. The two disciples of master Zhou cried and couldn’t catch their breath. “Master Ye, this is what master asked me to give you before entering.”

Master Zhou died because of this task. He had a guess about the lake before he went in.

It’s also very clear to Ye Shaohua. It’s a seven Jue Yin lock array. Master Zhou wanted to go in and see what’s going on here, but he didn’t expect that the Fengshui array was too violent. He took his own life.

Ye Shaohua looks up and sees the dark air like ink over lover lake.

She knew the reason for master Zhou’s death. It was not only the Seven Magic Yin lock array, but also the extremely sinister transfer method. It was transferred to the person who distributed the array by the school’s luck.

Ye Shaohua took a deep breath. Instead of going in directly, she took the jade pendant off her neck and put it on a bunch of stones by the lake.

The headmaster and others only felt that the moment when she put down her jade plate, the spirit of yin and cold was much less.

“Install a monitor.” Ye Shaohua points to a position.

“Master Ye, what should I do next?” The principal agreed, trembling in his face.

Ye Shaohua’s expression was very calm. “The array is still one person away. Within two days, the students in the school will not be in danger. We will wait for the people behind us.”

The core of Fengshui array lies in that person. It’s easy to find that person, but before that, the person who should be solved should also be solved.

The school keeps secrets about the dead. More people focus on Ye Shaohua.

Most of them are Ye Shaohua who hasn’t been to school for several months. Have they been beaten or sent to a mental hospital.

Ye Shaohua lived in the dormitory arranged by the headmaster. The next morning, someone came to knock on the door.

It’s Fu Jinyun. She frowned, “Why are you here?”

As if Fu Jinyun didn’t see her expression, he walked towards the house and said, “let’s see how you die I just… Ye Shaohua, are you ok? “

Finally, he looked at Ye Shaohua and said earnestly.

He knew that Ye Shaohua and master Zhou had a good relationship.

“Very good,” Ye Shaohua’s expression is calm and a little scary. “You have heard about this, have you found any doubts?”

Hearing this, Fu Jinyun’s fingers tightened.

“I should have guessed that the eight dead girls are all the birthdays of the 15th day of the seventh lunar month,” Ye Shaohua said lightly. “Like my birthday, the Yin locking transfer array needs a lot of Yin Qi. Even if I don’t interfere, they can find me.”

“No way.” Fu Jinyun took a look at her and said, “this will not happen.”

Ye Shaohua chuckled. “I’m joking with you. How can I be easily calculated. Well, you two wait a moment. I’ll go downstairs and get some breakfast. “

When she opened the door and went downstairs, she didn’t expect to see Cui Hao, who was affectionate, just at the door.

“Shaohua, I was wrong before. I heard from other students that you live here,” he said, looking at Ye Shaohua’s expressionless face, with an injured look on the bottom of his eyes. “I don’t care if you are mentally ill…”

“Fu Heng, drive away.” Fu Jinyun glanced at Cui Hao and spoke directly.

Fu Heng is a trainer, just like carrying a chicken, he throws Cui Hao, who is still struggling, downstairs.

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“Shaohua, do you have to be like me? I know you hate me all the time, but I hope you can forgive me… “

Ye Shaohua said only one sentence, “again, please guard.”

Fu Jinyun heard that master Zhou’s loss is here. He knew that it was not easy. So he came to help Ye Shaohua. He didn’t care about Cui Hao at all.

Ye Shaohua went downstairs to pick up breakfast, and the two rushed to Zhou’s house to see Master Zhou. They came back one day later.

Ye Shaohua’s spirit was not very good all the way. Master Zhou even left like this.

“How are you?” She was so weak that Fu Jinyun could not help frowning.

At the same time, there are some doubts in my heart.

Ye Shaohua shook his head. “It’s OK, but I didn’t expect master Zhou.”

Thinking of her relationship with master Zhou, Fu Jinyun concealed his doubts.

But Ye Shaohua didn’t, so he was taken by the police to ask questions.

Cui Hao and Xu Yilin are missing.

No bodies were found and no surveillance.

Then suddenly Cui Hao’s video appeared on the Internet, the one he came to find Ye Shaohua that morning.

The person who sent this video apparently came to smear Ye Shaohua.

“If you are sick, you should be abandoned. I think she did it when the school grass disappeared with his current girlfriend!”

“It’s obvious that this crazy schoolgirl found a more powerful boyfriend and came back for revenge. Ha ha, this kind of woman, I don’t know what to say.”


Because of the disappearance of Cui Hao and Xu Yilin, several evidences point to Ye Shaohua. These talents ask Ye Shaohua for routine questions, “the last place where Cui Hao and Xu Yilin disappear is lover lake, and the last person in the monitoring is you.”

“I see the captain, take her back. If she doesn’t sleep for three days, she’ll explain everything.” A police officer has not seen such a case of sophistry and has given a suggestion.

However, Ye Shaohua did not enter the oil and salt market. Even the mayor and the president came to speak for her.

The chief of the division took a smoke. He looked at Ye Shaohua with bright eyes. “I don’t believe those feudalists. Ye Shaohua, even if you go out today, it’s useless. I will find evidence to catch you in person one day.”

Ye Shaohua leaned back in his chair and smiled calmly. “Are you still married?”

I don’t know why, there is always a magic in her words that people want to listen to.

The captain subconsciously said, “not yet…”

“But my family has already set a wedding date for you. On the eighth day of the first month next year,” Ye Shaohua said lightly, “don’t look at me. Your mother will call you in three seconds.”

The captain sneered, but before he could say that he was suspicious, the phone in his pocket rang. It was his mother’s phone.

When he finished, he looked at Ye Shaohua stupidly.

It was at this time that a guard came in from the door of the interrogation room with a mobile phone full of fear. “Captain, Cui Hao appears!”

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