Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 178

By | February 1, 2020

When ye Shaohua went out, Ye Ming was already in the car.

“Sister, let’s leave the capital.” He looked at Ye Shaohua and thought he could hide the anxiety in his eyes.

But who is Ye Shaohua? She can see it at a glance, but she didn’t point it out. She just asked quietly, “why?”

“I’m not used to staying here,” Ye Ming said with a smile. “I asked the professor about this. If I was an exchange student, I could go to S University. Besides, you are studying there, aren’t you? You haven’t been to school for a long time. “

Ye Shaohua squints at Ye Ming, who doubts whether he already knows something.

I didn’t expect Ye Shaohua to look away. “Ningzhou said something happened to S University. I really want to go back.”

Ye Ming is relieved to see that Ye Shaohua has started the car.

In the middle of the way, Ye Shaohua made a phone call to Fu Jinyun, but Fu Hengjie answered. The other side squeaked, and ye Shaohua directly hung up.

“What are you?” Ye Ming saw that Ye Shaohua put a piece of yellow paper on the front of the car and turned the topic.

This time, Ye Shaohua’s answer was much colder than before, “nothing.”

Ye Shaohua didn’t want to go back to S City, but this call is not only from ningzhou, but also from the mayor of S city.

If it’s not serious, those people will never ask for their own head.

When Ye Shaohua arrived at the airport, the mayor had sent someone for her.

She and Ye Ming go straight to the hotel on the edge of S city, where assistant Wang is waiting for her.

This is a large s international hotel. All the people who can go in have tea in the mall. When the car stops, someone will park it for them.

“Ye Shaohua?” As soon as Ye Shaohua got off, he heard an unexpected voice.

The appearance product beautiful man is holding an equally beautiful young girl, two people are from the beginning to the end is a luxurious dress.

It’s Cui Hao and Xu Yilin who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Ye Shaohua is in a bad mood. She just glances at them lightly, but her expression doesn’t change.

However, Cui Hao was stunned by the whole person, but he disappeared for a few months. Ye Shaohua seemed to be a different person, with no changes in his facial features, but the whole person was actually different, so it looked like a kaolin flower, which was unattainable.

Let Cui Hao think, is this Ye Shaohua?

Xu Yilin looks at Ye Shaohua. The other side is still in ordinary clothes. She takes back her eyes lightly. “Cui Hao, let’s go.”

The mayor waited for Ye Shaohua at the gate of the grand hotel not far away from S. he saw that she had not come yet because of the urgency of the matter. “I don’t know that master Ye came so fast.”

This move of him, the people who followed him moved naturally: “master Ye, thank you for coming back at this time.”

“The first time I saw master Ye, I didn’t expect you to be so young.”

There are many people who know ye Shaohua’s existence, but not everyone has seen her.

Ye Shaohua is not the original body after all. Although she has never been a feng shui master before, she is not defeated by anyone on the field for her young and mature calmness.

“Take me to the scene.” She gave a light command.

Cui Hao and Xu Yilin, who are still on one side, both stare at each other, especially Xu Yilin, who hasn’t put Ye Shaohua in her eyes before. Seeing this scene, the perfect face can’t help distorted.

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However, Xu Yilin did not know what to think of, and a smile came up from the corner of her mouth.

Especially Cui Hao, the memory of Ye Shaohua has always been in the hair nerve, never get to Ye Shaohua’s beauty.

Today, looking at the whole entertainment circle, it is difficult to find one who can compare with her in beauty.

This is Ye Shaohua? That Ye Shaohua he knows?

He wants to ask about it, but he doesn’t have the qualification to go forward. The people around Ye Shaohua weigh more than one.

Occasionally I can hear the words “feng shui master” and “master Ye”.

It’s not unknown to Cui Hao, but he and Ye Shaohua have known each other for a long time. She never said she was a feng shui master, so What she said before is not fake or nervous, but Really?

Thinking of this, Cui Hao felt a chill behind him.

He thought of the lake that night, and Ye Shaohua pointed to his back and said, “don’t look back, you have a face behind you.”

“Cui Hao, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Yilin frowned. “Really, I don’t know when she knew the mayor. It seems that she couldn’t get her jade…”

However, Cui Hao left her hand and hurried out while dialing the phone.

* *

“What happened?” Ye Shaohua took over the information that the headmaster had handed her, frowning and reading it.

The atmosphere in the car is very dull.

It happened in S big. S big had a lover lake. It was by this lake that I saw Cui Hao’s ghost.

However, this lake was sealed when she entered school because there were more than one homicide.

The first one was half a year ago, when a freshman went out on a date at night and accidentally fell into the dormitory. The only strange thing was that her boyfriend said that she went to the dormitory after the separation of the two people, and the surveillance also caught her returning to the dormitory but did not come back. The next day, she saw her body in the lake.

In addition to the first, seven were drowned in the lake.

All the drowned girls could not find a feng shui master, but the police found one thing in common. Every girl who died was in another place before her death. Some of them read books in the library and were found dead in the lake before they came out.

Some go home on holidays, even parents testify that people who were supposed to be on their way back to school don’t know why they died in the school lake.

All this happened so strangely that the investigators found that they could not intervene in it, so they found these masters.

The school is very secretive, but as a university in Nuo University, it can’t be suspended, can it?

Ye Shaohua closes the document, looks up, and before he opens his mouth, his cell phone rings first.

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