Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 177

By | January 30, 2020

“Don’t talk about it any more,” Fu Jinyun rose lightly. “I won’t marry anyone, either. You and miss ye have an oral agreement. isn’t it good to regret marriage at this time?”

Patriarch Fu and his parents were also at a loss.

It’s absurd to say that. Who knows that the two people who have always been well water but never offended the river are making trouble for the Ye family today.

“It’s all up to the original decision,” said the patriarch Fu at last, “but it depends on the attitude of the Ye family.”

He looked at Fu Jinyun and sighed.

In this matter, neither he nor his mother can decide which one to help. One is their own son, the other is not their own but better than their own.

It’s the attitude of Ye family, but it helps Fu Weifeng in the end.

After all, as long as a normal brain, will not be willing to marry a dying man.

* *

Ye Shaohua and Ye Ming left Ye’s house early in the morning. Ningzhou is the capital today.

“Master Ye,” when he saw Ye Shaohua, Ningzhou was very excited, but it was strange, “eh, didn’t you come back with master Fu?”

“He is a master. Do you think they are as free as you?” Ye Ming patted Ningzhou on the shoulder.

Ningzhou heard that, too, but still refuted, “what is leisure like me? I was sent to the Beijing Branch by my father. “

When the three went to the restaurant for dinner, Ningzhou received a phone call.

I didn’t know what to say there. Ningzhou frowned. “Master ye, there seems to be something wrong with my cousin. I’ll have a look.”

Ye Shaohua nodded. She wanted to go with Ningzhou to have a look, but she didn’t expect to get a call from Uncle Ye.

Uncle Ye contacted Ye Shaohua, apparently for the sake of the Fu family.

When Fu Weifeng’s meaning was euphemistically transferred to the Ye family, the tea cup on Miss Ye Er’s hand fell directly to the ground.

I’ve prepared for Ye Shaohua to marry Fu Jinyun. There is a dying man over there. Their Ye family will certainly not send Miss Ye Er to the fire pit.

I didn’t expect that as soon as the phone call from Fu’s family came today, clan head Ye changed his tune.

Although Miss Ye’s second daughter was not angry, she didn’t say anything. She knew what was good for Ye’s family.

Now it seems that Ye Shaohua is also a person of fengshui, as if her strength is not low. Miss Ye Er complains about the fact that Ye Shaohua lied to them before.

“It was arranged for you to get married with the Fu family, but now it depends on your own choice,” said the patriarch Ye, who sat on the main seat and tried to soften his tone. He looked at Ye Shaohua. “When the Fu family was born in the early years, there was a rumor that he could not survive 22 years ago.”

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“Not twenty-two?” Ye Shaohua fingers a tight, she looked at Ye clan head, “who do you say?”

“It’s Fu Jinyun. You just came back. You should not have heard of him. He’s always living in seclusion, and there are too few people who can see him.” when the patriarch Ye mentioned Fu Jinyun, he couldn’t help sighing. “Just when the Fu family called, which one do you think is better for Fu Weifeng or Fu Jinyun? I heard that you met breeze on the way, and you can talk very well. “

Ye Shaohua was unable to recover for a long time because he said that Fu Jinyun could not live beyond twenty-two.

“I’m not familiar with Fu Weifeng,” she stood up directly. “If I want to be familiar, I’d better be familiar with Fu Jinyun.”

“Don’t be silly! Fu Jinyun can’t live more than twenty-two years, but only Weifeng has been cultivated as the patriarch of Fu family since he was a child. ” Hearing the meaning of Ye Shaohua’s subconscious, the clan leader Ye couldn’t help amplifying his voice.

He admits that Fu Jinyun is excellent, but everything depends on his health.

Now he can’t live for several months or so. Ye Shaohua and a dying man, who is more important, can’t understand that Ye Shaohua has a good hand of cards. Patriarch Ye doesn’t want her to break her own good hand of cards.

“I know for myself,” Ye Shaohua went straight to the door. “If it’s OK, I’ll go first.”

Miss yejiaer’s face turned black for a moment. She was the one she most hoped Ye Shaohua would refuse, but she pretended to care and said a lot of words to stay.

It was not until Ye Shaohua left the door of Ye’s house that she sighed.

But I don’t know that she is laughing at the bottom of her heart. Ye Shaohua is a big fool.

Ye Shaohua’s eyes are heavy. She has found out something in Ye’s house these days. The only thing she didn’t expect is Fu Jinyun’s affair.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” The head of the Ye clan said that he knew Ye Shaohua’s talent and that such a person would not be governed.

But can’t she understand such a simple thing as Fu family? Fu Jinyun has been regarded as a dying man since he was a child. Apart from his unique ability, where can he compare with Fu Weifeng?

After all, Fu’s family is still Fu Weifeng’s. what’s the matter with Fu Jinyun.

I think it’s because I grew up outside these years. If I grew up in Ye’s family, I can’t see the key.

Seeing that ye Shaohua didn’t listen to him, her back disappeared in front of her, and the good temper of Ye clan leader disappeared. He was so angry that his chest hurt when he sat on the stool: “I really don’t know what to do!”

“Don’t be angry, patriarch,” said Miss Ye Jiaer , relieved. “She’ll figure it out in a few days.”

Ye clan head looks very heavy. He didn’t pick up the words of Ye family’s second daughter.

At first, he wanted elder brother Ye and Shaohua to manage Ye’s family together. Now it seems that it’s over.

He didn’t think about Ye Shaohua’s future just now. He wanted her to know her way back. He pointed out the relationship network of Fu’s family. He didn’t even know that she was not in love at all. He thought he hurt her as much as he ran faster than a rabbit.

Clan leader Ye didn’t let anyone contact her again. She will suffer one day, and then cry with him.

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