Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 136

By | December 14, 2019

Officer tel looked at the three Ye family as if they were the thunder of thunders. He didn’t say anything more and went back directly.

It’s just strange in the bottom of his heart that he has been following Yun Mo for such a long time and has never seen him know ye Shaohua. Why did he say that yesterday? He knew Ye Shaohua a long time ago?

General tel couldn’t figure it out. He just didn’t think about it.

On this side, after Yun Mo has solved the matter of Ye’s family, he goes straight to Yun father.

He was still wearing a dark combat suit and his deep eyes were colder than usual. The Yun family gathered to discuss family affairs.

The door of the conference hall was suddenly opened with a bang.

The person sitting on the stool looked out of the door and saw the tall figure step by step.

At the moment of seeing him, the cloud father’s eyes brightened, “the energy in your body has recovered?”

Other people are also excited, just want to talk, but was interrupted by Yun Mo.

“No intention to disturb,” Yun Mo glanced at all the people in the conference room, and finally stopped his eyes on Father Yun. He didn’t reply to Father Yun’s words, but said, “just say two things. First, no one of you is allowed to interfere with my private affairs. Second, I will take back the rights of the first army from this day on.”

“Yun…” Father Yun’s face changed a lot when he heard the words

This is clearly the right to hold him up!

“Father, what can you teach me?” Yun Mo looked at him, deep eyes squinting.

Even if you don’t want to believe it, Father Yun also knows that Yun family had today because of Yun Mo. He bit his teeth and said, “no problem.”

“Very well.” Yun Mo nods and leaves directly.

Yun Mo is the soul of the first regiment of Z League, but he has never been in charge of things for so many years, but people outside know that in fact, other leagues are looking at Yun Mo’s face.

The power of Ye Shaohua’s operating has also developed steadily in Z alliance. After the development of ancient medicine, there is really no doctor to deal with. Even the great figures of the foreign alliance rush to find her.

Let alone rush Ye Shaohua out of Z League, those in M ​​League are waiting to grab Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua didn’t deliberately suppress the Meng family and Qiu family, but the Meng family and Qiu family fell into a low tide just three months later.

Meng Yuchen takes the place of Ye Shaohua, thinking that it’s time for him to become famous in the world. At that time, his love career will have a good harvest. However, he didn’t expect that he would be slapped. Instead, he let Ye Shaohua step by step.

Once again, the Meng family and the Qiu family both fell down.

Meng Yuchen did marry Qiu Zifan, but her life after marriage was not as idle as she imagined.

Qiu Zifan was depressed all day because he was not successful. He had nothing to do but drink.

He can only wait for Ye Shaohua to fall from the cloud secretly, but this moment did not wait until the news that Yun Mo spent a lot of money to propose, which is absolutely a blow to Meng Yuchen.

She lived more and more failure, that can not be seen in her eyes, but more and more wonderful Ye Shaohua.

Although the Qiu family has declined, Qiu Ziting still doesn’t change her habit of playing card. She pretends to play cards with friends and owes a lot of money overnight.

A million alliance coins, which was only a drop in the bucket for the Qiu family before, but now the Qiu family cannot make ends meet in order to maintain the industry, where can they take out a million alliance coins.

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Qiu Zifan’s face is not the same as before.

It’s impossible not to repay the money, but who can I find?

His former friends have long blacklisted his communications. A few of them are waiting to see his jokes.

Rummaged through the phone book, only to find a phone number without a signature.

Although there was no signature, Qiu Zifan could read the number with his eyes closed. He knew who it was. Qiu Zifan did not know what psychology it was in. He dialed the number.

It’s not ye Shaohua who answers the phone, it’s stefan.

The civilian he once looked down upon is now at the top of the z-league.

Qiu Zifan wanted to hang up awkwardly for a moment, but he didn’t expect stefan to mock him at all. Instead, he replied, “you are really lucky. Miss Ye is in the lab today. Come here, but there are many people looking for her.”

Intellectually, Qiu Zifan is not allowed to go to find Ye Shaohua, but in fact, after searching in the wardrobe for a long time, he finally found a clothes that can be seen, shaved his face and went to find Ye Shaohua.

He even thought about how ye Shaohua could have come to z-league if it wasn’t for their Qiu family. How could it have been today?

Of course, he also thought about what it would have been like if he had not divorced Ye Shaohua.

“Qiu Zifan, didn’t you ask your grandfather why he asked you to marry me?” Hearing Qiu Zifan’s natural words, Ye Shaohua waved to Yun Mo and asked him to wait for a while.

Of course, Qiu Zifan didn’t ask. Looking at Ye Shaohua’s light expression, he felt uneasy subconsciously. Is there any inner feelings?

Instead of mentioning money, he rushed back to Qiu’s house and found grandpa Qiu.

Hearing this, Grandpa Qiu kept silent for a while. He didn’t want to say it at first, but he couldn’t bear Qiu Zifan’s hard work. Finally, he opened his mouth.

“A year ago, you came back from the battlefield and were seriously injured. Do you remember?”

Qiu Zifan frowned. “Of course, but it was better later.”

“How could it be? I was afraid that you would break down and didn’t tell you that your leg was almost broken. ” Grandpa Qiu thought of it, and his face was filled with remorse.

“Why? How can I stand here if I am disabled? ” Qiu Zifan doubted what his grandfather said.

“I heard that a rare medicinal material in the hands of Grandpa Ye, which can help you heal your legs. At that time, Grandpa Ye was running out of life and the medicine was in Ye Shaohua’s hands,” Grandpa Qiu sighed. “At that time, Grandpa ye asked if she would like to save you, and she nodded her head. There was only one medicinal material on the planet, and at the same time, she married you as a condition.”

Later, Mr. Qiu couldn’t go on.

He thought that Ye Shaohua was not worthy of his grandson. Who would have thought that she could have today’s fortune? If he had known earlier, he would have done well to his granddaughter-in-law, but he was smart enough to make a good game of chess was ruined by himself!

“So it’s not that she married me by any means, but that we forced them to take out the herb when she and Lord ye had no choice? In the end, we kicked her out? ” Qiu Zifan covers his heart and looks up at a loss.

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