Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 133

By | December 11, 2019

Countless pairs of eyes stare at Ye Shaohua, among which the sound of breathing is hard to hide.

It’s not that I haven’t heard about the relationship between Ye Shaohua and Qiu Zifan. Qiu Zifan, the arrogant son of Qiu’s family, married an unknown person, it really made a lot of jokes in the circle.

Although divorce is not glorious, Qiu Zifan’s divorce has long been expected by everyone.

Now see ye Shaohua, the heart is not a big “fog grass”!

Meng Yuchen was on the spot. She was still dressed in gorgeous engagement clothes, and her face was painted with delicate makeup. It was also beautiful when she looked alone. But in front of the bright color like the flame sweeping, she really had no point.

Not to mention the face, even if it’s temperament, the well-educated Meng Yuchen can’t compare with Ye Shaohua from the mountain village.

Ye Shaohua’s last world is a magician, similar to the existence of a demigod. Now it’s hard to avoid a bit of temperament. If you really want to use words to describe her, it is not to eat fireworks on earth.

For a while, everyone’s eyes turned to Qiu Zifan, so why did they divorce? A man whose beauty and talent can almost crush Meng Yuchen has no family ties. Isn’t Qiu Zifan stupid?

Meng Yuchen, standing beside Qiu Zifan, let people watch like a joke. Her face is green and red, and finally she leaves with shame and indignation.

Qiu Zifan stayed where he was.

“Lord Lu,” said Ye Shaohua, glancing slightly to the Lord Lu who had talked with her about cooperation, “let’s get here today. Tomorrow I’ll let Stefan find you.”

“Good.” Lu Laoye, who is always low-key but has a bad temper, agreed.

He is not easy to participate in other people’s private affairs, but when he left, he told ye Shaohua to ask for him if she was in trouble, so he left at ease.

“What do you think of Miss ye?” Mr. Lu really appreciates Ye Shaohua, a young man who can do great things with all her talents.

The housekeeper was shocked when he heard his inner meaning, but he said: “people who can make the old man look different are not vulgar.”

Lord Lu is more satisfied.

At the same time, the Yun family.

Yun father is looking at a piece of information. At the end of the day, his face is filled with anger. He “pops” the information onto the table, “so he just left his body for such a woman? Has he forgotten his identity? “

Yun hao is the captain of Yun Mo’s guard team. Wen Yan frowns at the same time. “Yes, Ye Shaohua is still on fire in Z League. I heard that she has contacts with Lu family.”

“Lu Jia?” Yun father sneers, “a defeated family is nothing but a hidden family. Yun Hao, please ask Miss ye to come here. I’d like to see which way she is. “

H”Yes.” Yun hao is ordered to leave.

Ye Shaohua has always been mysterious. Although he has the idea of establishing power, most of them give a stack of information to Shu’s family and they are half missing. Except for a few people, no one can contact her, let alone know what she is doing.

Fortunately, Yun Hao came at the right time, when she was in the new Yejia base, “the Yun family wants to see me?”

Schumann thought of Yun hao’s bullying appearance outside, and whispered: “Shaohua, let’s not go. The Yun family is not so easy to provoke. I’ve heard that the leader of Yun family is a ruthless person…”

Ye Shaohua inserted the cold silver needle into her sleeve. “No, I’ll have a look.”

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The Yun family is in the center of the Z alliance, not to mention the brilliance. Even in the solemn defense, Ye Shaohua can only be regarded as ordinary in her eyes. She glanced at the infrared light around the gate, inserted her hand into her pocket, and didn’t care.

Yun Hao has seen Ye Shaohua’s materials, and has not seen the look of surprise from his eyes. In this case, if he has not seen more meticulous defense than the Yun family, he has no insight.

If you are like Miss Xu or boss Yun, you may have seen more meticulous defense in other leagues, but for ye Shaohua, it is undoubtedly the latter.

Father Yun sat on the Lord’s seat, some of them were high and looked at Ye Shaohua with a very light eyes. “You are ye Shaohua?”

Ye Shaohua sat on the chair casually, as if he didn’t feel the pressure on Yun Father.

he has always been used to it. There are many people who want to control her, but the ones who can really subdue her still haven’t appeared.

Since the Yun family became famous, the person in Z Union has not respected him. There is no such thing as Ye Shaohua.

Yun fu had a bad impression on Ye Shaohua, but now he was even more dissatisfied with her.

He knew from the data that she was originally raised on an remote place, not to mention having no education. After coming to Z Union, she never stopped, making waves and waves of things.

Yunfu really thinks Ye Shaohua is stupid. Even if he has the ability, he shouldn’t offend the Meng family.

There are people who don’t even want to go to Qiu’s family. They are still divorced. What’s the qualification to enter their cloud family?

“Ye Shaohua, right? I heard that you and my son have been very close lately? ” The Yun father looks at Ye Shaohua, and his voice is extremely weak. “You also know what his identity is, what our Yun family’s identity is, and your identity is a little embarrassed. Of course, I know that you are ye’s only granddaughter and have inherited his doctor career, but you also know that you are not from the Qiu family. The whole z-league has come out. I hope you can keep a distance with him. If you agree, I will help you solve the Meng family’s affairs. “

Speaking of this, he wrote in a tone that he didn’t even realize, “don’t think it’s amazing that you make a little noise. The depth of Z alliance is beyond your imagination. Don’t think the Lu family can protect you. The Lu family is just a defeated family. It’s hard to protect itself. Don’t look down on the Meng family. They are doctors. Many forces are willing to sell face to them. You may not know which day you will disappear in the Z alliance. “

Ye Shaohua has been thinking about what Yun’s family wants to do with her. Maybe he wants to know about Yun Mo’s condition, or like others, he wants to know about the treatment of riot energy.

But the only thing she didn’t think of was that Yunfu said such a thing to her?


Isn’t she handsome enough?

“Wait a minute,” she said, taking out her tea hand and ears. “You’re talking to me, aren’t you?”

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